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Tahir comes to sit beside Zara. Zara complains him about saying he has no objection, if he has forgotten all the times only he was there for her; he made her realize he would always be there. Zara asks if he compelled his parents to ask, Tahir says he wished, but they spoke about it first. Zara says she would never be ready to marry him, for the sake of his sympathy.

The next morning, Tahir tells Shehnaz that Mehwish’s reports aren’t good. They must take her to hospital in emergency.

In the car, Faisal asks Faizan about the ongoing situation. Faizan asks if he is really unaware of everything, Zara denied marrying him and Mehwish got blood cancer. Faisal was shocked.

In the hospital, Mehwish was restless and wanted to go back. Faisal comes to hospital and asks Jamil about Mehwish. Jamil tells him to leave, Zara comes to accuse Faisal responsible for Mehwish’s condition. Her mother is in this condition only because of him. Faisal insists he would meet her at any cost, she is his wife. Jamil warns to slap him if he creates a drama here. Faisal turns to leave. Tahir calms Jamil down.

Amber was restlessly calling Faisal. She was worried why Faisal didn’t even receive her call, and was sure he would call her soon. Faisal was in hospital, watching Mehwish go with Zara and inquires doctor if there is another option than chemotherapy. The doctor gives him hope to try their best.

Zara and Shehnaz bring Mehwish home. Tahir brings juice for her, they all insist on her to have it. Mehwish says she can’t bear anymore of it. Shehnaz assures she would be perfectly fine, and asks her to take rest.

At home, Amber asks Faisal what happened, why is he crying. Faisal tells her Mehwish has cancer. Amber was shocked to hear that too, and tries to console Faisal. At night, Faisal still sat upset recalling about his care for Mehwish, his talks with Kashif, his gifts for Mehwish.

At home, Jamil tells Tahir that he his savings have ended, they need to use deposits now. Zara comes worried as Mehwish isn’t home. They all calm her down. Mehwish sat beside Kashif and Farooq’s graves, crying for Kashif. She wishes Kashif had given her a chance to let her explain, but he died so soon.

At home, Mehwish was in her bed when Zara asks where she went. Mehwish says she went to graveyard to look for Kashif, she cries about where to find Kashif as she wants to go to him.

Faisal stood in the balcony when Amber comes to him. She asks if he wants to go to Mehwish. Faisal cries that she is really ill, what would that help now. Tahir speaks to doctor that they are ready for bone marrow transplant, the doctor asks him to bring her blood relation for consent and pay the bills. Jamil comes to Zara and Shehnaz, Jamil says this is curable. Zara was ready to sacrifice her life for her as well. Tahir comes with a bill of 30 lacs, Zara was sure she would arrange. Mehwish overhears while her sleep. Zara was ready to sell the house. Mehwish wakes up, saying neither they would get her tested, not they would sell the house. She must accept her illness and lack of life. Zara cries, Mehwish wasn’t ready to let her put in some testimony. She asks Zara to make it easy for her, and marry Tahir. Zara was ready, but Mehwish won’t stop her from getting her treated. Shehnaz asks if she is happy about Zara and Tahir. Mehwish requests her to make Zara understand, she has lived her life. Shehnaz promises not to leave Mehwish alone.

Tahir comes downstairs to find Zara sitting with the papers of house. He wish he had enough money, he would never have let her sale this house and assures Mehwish would be fine. He would get them a new house. Zara was sure he would be with her.

In the hospital, Faisal cries that he wanted to hug her and meet her. Shehnaz says she never wanted to meet him, what he did to Mehwish would never make her forgive him for Mehwish. Faisal was apologetic, Shehnaz cries that he has really been selfish and unjust, can’t he see Mehwish’s face who doesn’t want to live anymore. Faisal wants to speak to Mehwish, and requests her. Shehnaz leaves. Faisal sits beside Mehwish, wiping his tears requests her to open her eyes and see he has come to her. He promises nothing would happen to Mehwish, as he is here now. Mehwish says no one can change the fate. Faisal holds himself responsible for her condition, and understands he did wrong to her. He apologizes. Mehwish says she stopped him, forbid him to move towards her. Faisal agrees. Mehwish holds herself responsible for falling weak, and becoming selfish; she had no right to decide for herself when they live in a society where woman has no will of her own. She is always chained. Her decision changed everyone lives. Faisal stops her, and assures his side with her till her last breathes. Mehwish sends him away, but he says he needs her. Mehwish looks towards him, and demands to spend this last moment of her life alone. Faisal denies accepting any such decision.

At home, Zara and Tahir silently stood. Tahir says they would make the final payment only till property transfer. This might take 4 to 5 days, and till then they should get Mehwish’s operation. He takes Zara along.

Shehnaz forgives Faisal if Mehwish did. Shehnaz asks him to leave, before Jamil, Tahir and Zara arrive. Faisal wasn’t ready to leave. Shehnaz says they are arranging for money, Zara is selling the house. Faisal insists to arrange, and asks Shehnaz to keep her phone with her.

Zara stood at the door of hospital; she informs Mehwish that she would get her test done. Their bone marrow will match and Mehwish would get operated. Mehwish forbids her. Zara was hopeful that Mehwish would be fine, and Tahir will get them a new home. Zara says her life is precious, they will get another house. At night, Mehwish wonders what she should do to make Zara’s life easy; she has already bear a lot. She prays to die before morning.

The next morning, Shehnaz wakes up on the couch and was shocked as Mehwish wasn’t in the room. Tahir was shocked to hear Mehwish’s absence. Zara cries in the hospital. They look for Mehwish all around. Shehnaz informs Faisal about Mehwish. Faisal assures he has arranged for all money, but was shocked to hear about Mehwish’s absence. Zara cries at home, as she couldn’t take care of Mehwish. Tahir comes to take Zara, as they have found Mehwish. In the hospital, they all stood beside Mehwish. Zara comes towards her, Mehwish opens her eyes weakly. Zara removes her mask; Mehwish was thankful as she wanted to see Zara and apologizes her. Zara says it’s not needed, Faisal cries while Zara assures Mehwish she has complete right to live her life. She is sorry not to support her. Faisal watches Mehwish turn her face and lose her life. Zara tries to wake her up, everyone breaks into tears. Faisal hugs Tahir.

The show has ended.

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