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Fatima asks Aan to come to balcony soon as she has to show something to her. She shows Aan her monthly test report card, all with ‘As’ and ‘A stars’. She gives the credit to Aan for preparations; Aan asks if she told mama. Fatima replies not yet. Aan thinks for a while, and then asks her to follow her instructions. Fatima goes to her room and prepares a ‘Sorry’ card for Sara. Sara calls Fatima downstairs for food when she finds the sorry card with her report card on table, and was elated. She hugs Fatima being so proud of her. Fatima promises to never tease her ever, then goes to call Papa and Mamu. She calls Aan a super teacher and runs to show her result to everyone. Sara was furious. She comes out to see Haarib and Aan leaving together, somewhere.

On their way, Aan asks why Haarib is upset. Haarib asks to stay silent, Aan leaves it to him. Haarib says he wanted to come with her to sea shore, and find peace here; thank you as once again she is there when he is upset. He has only two people in life with whom he can be himself that is she and her mother. Aan says Amma always call him courageous. She tells him to get his mood freshen up till tomorrow to meet the children.

Sara comes to Shabnam who was happy and serves tea to Sara. Shabnam prays for Haarib’s wedding, as she wants a daughter in law before Aan is married. Sara says she and Haarib want her prayers only. Sara asks Shabnam about Aan’s proposal, and says she has a first cousin. The only problem with them is that they want a hurried marriage. Sara suggests about bringing them tomorrow. Shabnam was ready at once. Sara takes a leave from Shabnam, and forbids her to discuss about this proposal to Haarib. It seems Haarib doesn’t like Aan’s proposals, maybe he has his friend for her in mind. She takes a leave.

In the evening, Shehroze brings pain killers for Ayla to get better. He says she shouldn’t have gone to Haarib in office, he has a reputation there. Ayla wonders what about her reputation, now she would ruin Haarib’s reputation. Shehroze says he only wanted to show her that she was right, but he won’t let her hurt Haarib. Ayla says the best way to punish Haarib is to live close to him. Shehroze wonders if her family would accept, Ayla replies she is a divorcee now, not an immature. Shehroze takes a leave.

At night, Aan was shocked to hear about Sara’s cousin’s proposal. Shabnam was happy that Aan has a conference tomorrow, and she would speak to the well. She would only let her meet them when the matters are done. Aan asks if she won’t take her consent, Shabnam was ready to confirm the proposal. Aan warns her to be careful, Shabnam assures she would take care.

Khurram and Shama were ready to leave for Aan’s house. She was sure, Shabnam would serve them with tea and will hand them Aan’s proposal as well while Khurram’s father still warns them. They come out, Shama asks her elder brother to come along but he wasn’t ready and tells her to go. She points at Khurram to make her brother up. Mamu tells Khurram if he goes there, he would speak straight. They should go and speak to Shabnam to keep in touch.
Shabnam was ready for the guests and hurries to open the door for guests. Shama enters with Khurram and her daughter. Shabnam wasn’t happy to see them, while they walk inside appreciating the setting of their house. Shabnam shuts Shama up, and complains she didn’t inform her before coming over. Shama and others come to drawing room, and was ready to help her with her guests. Shabnam sweats. Shama says she has come to take Aan’s proposal from her today; as its her son’s childhood love. Shabnam reminds Shama they had forbidden this proposal the first day it was discussed. Shama clarifies she has come to stay here. There is a bell at door, Shabnam pushes Shama and children inside the room with their luggage and lock them inside.

She goes to open the door for Sara and the guests. Sara introduces her with her aunt Nyla and her son. Shabnam brings them to the drawing room, and clears the stuff. She prays for her grace. There, Khurram was massaging Shabnam’s legs and was restless towards Aan.

Nyla narrates her story; Farhan was young when her husband died. Her priority was to bring him up well. Shabnam says her daughter has done an MBA, her husband left a lot for them but her daughter is also hard working. Sara appreciates Aan’s looks and intelligence. Farhan watches Aan’s photos. Nyla asks for Aan’s proposal, confirming if she liked Farhan. Shabnam was impressed by Farhan. Sara asks her to say a yes at once. Shabnam wanted to ask Aan first. Sara was sure Aan would never counter her wish. Nyla also insists Shabnam to say a yes. Shabnam asks about Farhan’s consent, Farhan leaves it over them both. They were disturbed by knock of door. Farhan accepts the proposal, Sara insists on Shabnam to accept it too. Sara was relived to say Shabnam’s acceptance.

Khurram and Shama keep on knocking, Shabnam opens the door, Shama asks who the guests were. Shabnam says they were Aan’s in laws. Shama and Khurram get offensive. Shabnam counters if she should marry her MBA daughter to a matric passed. Shama gets furious and asks her children to leave. Shabnam pushes Khurram away with Shama.

At home, Sara congratulates Nyla that this idle man got such a nice girl. She was now determined to renovate her house, else they would run away. Sara wish Farhan didn’t have the issue, now they must marry him soon and forbids her discuss this with anyone. Aan was doubtful; Shabnam assures they are nice people. Haarib complains she didn’t ask for his consent, why is she hurried for her marriage. Shabnam says that is Sara’s cousin, doesn’t Haarib know Sara’s family well? She then complains Haarib didn’t share his relation with Sara with her as well. Haarib clarifies he has no such intentions; Shabnam was thoughtful why Sara said this. Aan asks her about their number as she has to share their truth with them. Shabnam wasn’t ready. Haarib leaves upset.

Haarib goes to Sara’s house. Ayla was getting her luggage unpacked in an apartment and comes to balcony. She recalls her wedding with Haarib, their times on the balcony together. Shehroze comes from behind and asks for a cup of coffee. Ayla minds she makes bad coffee, Shehroze agrees she only makes good idiots.

NEXT EPISODE: Sara attends Aan and Farhan’s engagement. Sara tells Haarib about their engagement, Haarib confesses his love for Aan in front of her.

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