Teri Chah Mein – Episode 17 16th November 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 17 16th November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mehwish tries to speak to Zara that Faizan isn’t a right proposal for her, she wish her father was alive. Zara says all else should also not have happened them. Faisal comes there, Zara asks if he didn’t promise to be with her always. Faisal says Zara is an adult, Mehwish complains that Faisal is taking revenge from her, she accuses Faisal and was about to curse Faisal’s child. Faisal counters he always felt pity for Zara and tried to cover up everything for Zara but he won’t stay here anymore. Zara comes to ask Mehwish not think much about him.

At night, Mehwish cries thinking about Faisal’s proposal; Kashif’s reaction about her marriage wth Faisal and cries that Faisal spoilt her life, and says she has no relation to him, he is selfish and destroyed her life. She comes to Zara’s room, and requests her not to marry Faizan. Zara curtly calls it selfishness of Mehwish as well. Mehwish pleads this marriage won’t end in good, doesn’t she feel pity of her. Zara denies, as Mehwish didn’t took pity over her father, Kashif or her.

Faisal and Amber look for an apartment.

Zara tells Mehwish she can never decide about her good or bad. She says she would marry Faizan as soon as possible and leave, what can Mehwish do about it? Mehwish threatens to end herself. Zara leaves saying she may, just as Kashif did. Mehwish was upset about how to stop her.

In the apartment, Faisal was relieved. Amber likes terrace view; Faisal plans to have tea there. Amber says she liked their house, especially it is completely furnished. Faisal assures to bring all other luggage, and then asks for grocery to make dinner. Faisal tells her to take rest; he would get something from market.

Mehwish looks around the room, and then makes a call to Faisal’s father. He happily greets to speak to Zara, but Mehwish says it’s her. He disconnects the call angrily. She thinks about speaking to Zara herself, and prays for her.
Shehnaz comes to Jamil asking why is Zara calling. She was worried about Faisal’s well being, while Jamil didn’t want to receive Mehwish’s call.

Faizan wasn’t ready to marry Zara in court, Zara says she won’t regret her decision as she has already cried a lot. Faizan requests her to let him speak to Zara. Shehnaz was worried and asks Jamil to call Zara once. Jamil insists everyone else there has died for him, if she is worried for the son who never inquired about them. Shehnaz cries for Faisal, while Jamil tries to convince him that her son didn’t bother to ask if they are dead or alive. The phone bell rings again, Mehwish pleads on him to listen to her. Jamil warns her not to cry and call him. Mehwish says she is going to a suicide; she pleads on Jamil to speak to Zara and tells him about the whole matter.

Amber sings on terrace while having tea with Faisal. Faisal says Amber seems to be really happy here. He confesses he wants to forget his life with Mehwish, like a nightmare. He wishes to have listened to his parents, and wonder if they would forgive him. Amber says if he apologizes, they will surely forgive him.

That night, Zara was upset as a lot was going into her mind. Mehwish sat upset outside, thinking about Zara. Zara brings tea to Jamil and Shehnaz and asks how they came so immediately. Jamil says they wanted to meet her, and assures Tahir would also come with the next ticket. She tells them that Faisal doesn’t stay here, he married. Jamil was shocked to hear this.

In the apartment, Faisal insists on Amber to take rest and not to cook. Amber says she isn’t ill, doctor also didn’t forbid her. Faisal asks her to keep a maid, and promises to bring their luggage on his return. Amber was worried what if Mehwish fights, Faisal says she can’t do anything else.

Jamil and Shehnaz sat upset, Jamil says Faisal didn’t listen to them while marrying Mehwish. Shehnaz asks if they would leave without meeting Faisal, Jamil angrily says he came to take Zara. He asks her to get Zara ready and come with them.

In the room, Zara asks Mehwish if she called them. Mehwish denies, saying she wonder how they came; she sends Zara to attend them well. Mehwish was sure Zara won’t neglect Jamil’s advice. In the evening, Jamil opens the door to Faizan. Mehwish tells Jamil this is the man, Amber compelled him. Faizan denies being involved in any such act. Jamil tells Faizan to leave. Zara stops Faizan, Jamil scolds Zara not to involve an outsider in their internal matter and asks Faizan to leave. He asks Zara to get ready and come along with them, but Zara denies. Mehwish complains Jamil that she is really stubborn, Jamil tries to speak to Zara. Zara counters Mehwish she is compelling her to misbehave. Mehwish accepts she called Jamil. Jamil tells Zara she can’t counter his consent, Zara joins her hand saying she can’t change her decision but Jamil sends Zara to her room.

Jamil says to Shehnaz that a person reaps what they sow. Parents are a role model for their children. Mehwish was ready to accept any of her mistakes, but they should stop Zara. Jamil assures they won’t let Zara ruin her life. Faisal comes there. Jamil forbids him come inside the house. Faisal asks if he won’t forgive him and is staying with Mehwish. Jamil asks Faisal if Amber married him on a condition, that Zara should marry Faizan. He shouts at Faisal to leave. Shehnaz looks towards Mehwish, and calls her name.

While driving back home, Faisal thinks about taking Amber to his parents, they might forgive him. He wonders what if they scold Amber and she gets worried.

There, Zara sat with Mehwish, she and Shehnaz insists on Mehwish to have soup. Faisal returns home, Amber asks about luggage but he makes up about a busy day. He then offers her to go to buy some new clothes for themselves. Amber goes to get tea for her.

Shehnaz comes to Mehwish who murmured Zara’s name, and didn’t listen to Shehnaz’s call. Shehnaz was worried and thinks they need to stop Zara anyway. She calls Tahir and asks about his arrival, Tahir assures he would come here soon and asks why she is worried. Shehnaz asks him to reach with first available flight.

In the restaurant, Amber smiles watching a mother play with her child. Faisal turns to leave while Amber keeps on stopping him. He goes to hold the child, and asks him to wave Amber upstairs.

Tahir was upset that Zara didn’t let him know about anything. Jamil was upset that he has nothng to do with Faisal, but is really worried for Zara. Shehnaz asks Tahir to find a way for Zara, she joined her hands to Jamil that she won’t take her decision back. Tahir asks them to wake Zara and Mehwish up, but Jamil tells him to let them sleep. Zara might be sleepless for many nights. Tahir says Zara didn’t tell him about herself, but she was happy about Faisal’s marriage. He miss Zara’s father, Kashif and his past with Zara.

Zara sat in the room while Mehwish was asleep. Zara thinks Mehwish is in this condition only because of herself, its her ego not her love.

Faisal was excited about their baby’s shopping. Amber comes there, saying she doesn’t feel well. Faisal takes her inside.

Tahir speaks to Zara about her proposal. He wasn’t ready to let her do this, then asks about Mehwish and suggests about taking her to some other doctor. Zara says her reports would come by tomorrow.
Faisal sat in the terrace, thinking Jamil had hatred for him; he committed a mistake not sin. He thinks Jamil would forgive him when he would take his child to him. He was hopeful that everything would get well.

NEXT EPISODE: Faisal was upset that Jamil doesn’t want to meet him, Amber assures to talk to her but Faisal forbids her. Zara tells Faizan her mother got blood cancer, and goes to hug Mehwish.

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