Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 14 19th November 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 14 19th November 2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Mansoor looks at a boy,he asks him to take up the crime of Shafaq ,he also agrees saying that he will do whatever he will,Mansoor says that he is his true servant and he will do whatever he can. Sohail says that he, must bring Shafaq home but Mansoor says that he cannot bring her home because could do something reckless that will harm his image.

Shella is having a meeting with the principal who says that there is an annual function and this time it must be memorable one and she requests Shella to take the matters into her own hands and do everything by herself.
Shafaq is in the bed when a lady comes with breakfast asking her to eat it as she has not eaten anything for the past day and the she herself makes her eat it, Shafaq says that she is a good mother and not everyone is lucky to have such a nice mother.

Shella is sitting in her room when a fellow colleague comes with the invitation cards asking her to fill the today so she can send them to the recipients, she advises her to seek the help of some of the students so that she may be able to do it quickly and efficiently.

Shafaq is sitting when the lady comes crying and upo being questioned she says that a boy from the neighour read the newspaper and Sohail has murdered a man and is in the jail. Shafaq gets shocked upon hearing this and quickly leaves.

William gets a call from the Father Jhonson who says that god is waiting for him and then asks for his decision to which he says that he is busy in his exams but hearing this the father gets angry saying that he did not answer his calls and what is his decision but William says that he is busy hearing this the father gets angry and says that this means he is not interested in carrying the mission of Jesus and forcefully makes him say yes and also gives him some instructions.

Afaq is walking with his wife who stops at a dress shop for a dress which she likes but he says that he will not buy it for her then she starts to cry and he buys for her then after seeing her happy he thinks of what his father di to his mother.

Mansor is talking on the phone when his wife comes and asks for the whereabouts of Shafaq and he says that she is fine and she does not have to worry about anything, she then asks him and he gets angry asking her to leave.

He gets a call from the inspector who says that his daughter is here and is confessing Mansoor asks him to keep her there as he is coming.

Shella is in the function and the colleague introduces her to Shella haider who says that she recognizes her from somewhere but cannot remember and also says that she did amazing work on the speeches.

Mansoor goes to the police station saying to Shafaq that she did it and he must let Sohail go but he turns and then shoots her, when he leaves the police officer takes her home.

Mansoor is sitting thinking of Shafaq and the moments spent with her when Shiza comes I and asks about Shafaqs whereabouts to which he says that she doesnot have to worry about her or do anything of the sort, she says that she is his daughter and is a young girl and they must protect her but he says that she is only the daughter of Shella and leaves.

The police worker asks his friends to treat Shafaq but he says that this is a police case but the worker says that they,must do it and keep it quiet.
Shella brings coffee to Haider who begins to ask her about her day to which she says that it was good and she even promised the principal that she will bring her father,he says that if she went there then what is the point of him going there but she insists and he agrees.

The worker is checking the situation of Shafaq when she wakes up saying that her father shot her to which he also says that he tried to kill her but Allah saved her, she says that he tried to kill but the man says that she must go to a person who she trusts and she must go to him.

Sohail is in his cell when the guard says that his mother is here and when she meets her he asks her as to why did she let Shafaq go to which she says s that after hearing his news of arrest she decided to go somewhere but has not come back, he asks her to call his friend who is a worker in the newspaper.
The man asks Shafaq is she decided someone she could go to which she says that she as a relative whose name is Hader and he is very popular and he says that there is a man named Haier who is a political person and he will get his number for her.

Saher asks Afaq as to where he was the whole night but he gets angry and asks her to go as he wants to sleep which leaves her heartbroken.

Shaer comes and sits with Shiza who says that she must control Afaq but she gives her the same answers as her question and then they start to fight which leaves Shiza speechless.

William is packing his clothes when his worker says that he must take decision carefully because his exams are coming but he gets confused and doesnot understand what to do.

HAider is in the collage when the principal calls Shella to tell her of him and they both are amazed to see each other and then he sits down asking her as to how long she has been here and she says about sixteen or seventeen years.
Sohail is sitting in his cell when Mansoor comes and blackmails him and also says that he killed Shafaq and soon Soahil will also die.

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