Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 5 20th November 2016 Written Update

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Arshi takes condolences on call. Savera comes from behind and was shocked to hear about the death. Arshi says they had to tell some lie, Mahi and Zain have left them to his alikes. Hassan says they gave him on their way back from hospital, no one forced her. Arshi says Mahgul is in her room, she is worried and they understands she must be tensed; but its better to bear this pain for once. Hassan seconds Arshi. Savera was disgusted about Arshi telling people he is dead.

Zain sat with Mahgul who was asleep. He holds her hand when she wakes up, and turns her face away.
There, Bubbly took care of the crying baby. Mahgul could hear the cries at night. She leaves the bed and runs outside. Zain follows her to the gardens, she cries that he is crying and is calling her. She can hear the cries, and needs to go. Zain hugs to console her. She faints in his arms.

The next morning, Zain comes to room asking Mahgul about breakfast, everyone waited for her on table. Mahgul replies she isn’t hungry. Zain asks to take care of herself after break up. Zain gets a call for condolence. Mahgul was shocked to hear this, he asks why she is staring at him. Zain explains this would atleast save their respect.

Bubbly and Sonam cheered with the baby. Sonam says she would go to meet Mahgul, Bubbly says she is worried right now. Other transgenders come to greet Bubbly for his son, they demand Bubbly to celebrate and dance. Bubbly invites the in the evening. They ask Bubbly for a name, they all decide his name as Shehzadi. They all sing.

At night, Savera cries wondering what happened to her daughter and prays for a way for her daughter. She cries upset about her daughter. Hassan comes to the hall, Arshi confirms if the guests have left and was worried if Mahgul begins her drama again. Zain interrupts. Arshi asks what happened to her practicality now? Zahir tries to explain Mahgul is also a mother. Arshi asks if she now understood the pain of other mothers. Arshi was furious that it was first child of her eldest son, Hassan forbids her to discuss this matter again. Arshi complains Hassan always want to prove her wrong. Zain shouts at Arshi to stop it, his mother who must hug him right now is arguing continuously. He leaves enraged. Zahir also considers Arshi as wrong, she says alright she is wrong and everyone’e enemy. Hassan was left helpless.

Mahgul comes to baby’s room and rocks an empty cradle, playing with rattles by herself. Zain stood on the terrace alone. Magul fakes cradling the baby in her arms. Zain was devastated, as he sat in the terrace crying.

The next morning, there was a knock at Arshi’s door. It was Savera, Arshi notices if she hasn’t slept the whole night. Savera wonders how she can face such a catastrophe with her daughter. Arshi taunts this also happened with her son, she didn’t fell weak. What happened to Savera and Mahgul’s practicality now? Savera says she can reply Arshi more rudely, but she won’t; her silence is her power.

Savera comes to wake Mahgul up, Mahgul asks if she didn’t go to office. Mahgul says vacation isn’t possible in any case. She then asks Mahgul how she would spend her life this way. She advices her to gain courage, Allah would give it to her. Mahgul cries how she would courage when she handed her alive child to someone else; he is alive and she can feel it. His grave is a fake one. Savera advices to get away with this thought. Mahgul cries how she can do so with her alive child.

Hina brings Zahir inside, and asks him for tea or coffee. Zahir asks for a cup of tea. Hina goes to get it, and leaves him with Sanam. Zahir tells Sanam Mahgul isn’t fine, he wonders how can she be. He complains Sanam for not visiting Mahgul even once; Sanam says she doesn’t get a courage. Zahir says no one has the courage, but Mahgul is really alone because of this. Zain himself is going through a tough situation; Hassan is trying for everything to get well but… He was upset that Arshi is getting difficult day by day. Sanam considers her difficult in any situation. Zahir agrees. Sanam promises to come to meet Mahgul, Zahir offers to take her along at this time. Sanam says he shouldn’t increase the problems of his mother, his wishes won’t end up in anything good. Its better for them to take their own ways and leaves. Hina comes with tea, and explains Sanam got curt because of her situations. She explains to Zahir that Sanam is really upset of his mother. Zahir takes a leave, requesting her to send Sanam.

At night, Bubbly and others were celebrating and dancing in the party. There, Zain comes to see Mahgul burying all the toys in the corner of garden. Zain asks what she is doing; she doesn’t respond and then hushes him up. Mahgul says her baby is sleeping, he shouldn’t wake him up, and she has made his grave. She keeps on crying traumatically, Zain asks her to stop it but Mahgul cries for being a bad mother. Zain give her hope for another child, she asks if the next one? She grabs his collar asking if he would guarantee that their next child won’t be like this. Zain says no one can guarantee, and its not her own pain; they all are suffering. Mahgul pushes him away to leave her with her child, he takes her in his lap. Later, Zain was crying in the terrace alone when Zahir and Hassan come there. Hassan asks him to cry as much as he wants, this would make his heart lighter and mind would be able to think. Zain says he wants to move on, but what about Mahgul. Hassan qualifies she is a mother, it matter huge for her. Zahir also says no matter how strong a woman is, this is her reaction as a mother. Hassan advices him to be gentleman, he has been curt already. He needs to understand her, as she needs love, care and emotions. Zahir assures, for Zain they are there for him to pour his frustration, but he shouldn’t behave this way with Mahgul. Zain cries hugging Hassan.

The next morning, Zain comes to Mahgul and apologizes her. She replies its ok, Zain accepts he shouldn’t have spoken this way. He know this is a difficult time, but they would spend it together. She nods. He was happy she is ready for office, but Mahgul says she wants to go to her mother. Zain offers to drop her, she agrees. Zain asks when she would return, Mahgul replies; in a few days. They leave together.

Savera was delighted to see Mahgul, she asks her for breakfast. Mahgul replies she isn’t hungry, she tells Savera to go to office. Savera says she won’t go.

In the car, Arshi complains Hassan that Mahgul is really irresponsible and never informs about leaving. Hassan complains Arshi is never home; her cell phone was also off. He calls Arshi unjust, and asks her to discuss something else. Arshi says he is really relaxed in this matter. Hassan taunts she is also attending parties, it isn’t easy to ignore such a huge matter so easily. He asks Arshi to support Zain right now, and get rid of the bitterness of her tongue. It’s the poison that leaves relations dead.

Mahgul asks Savera to question clearly why she came here. Mahgul says nothing is fine for her. Savera asks what she wants to say. Mahgul says her pain is never ending for her. Savera qualifies this way she won’t be able to move on. Mahgul says she won’t be able to move on leaving her child behind. Savera says there is a huge difference, Mahgul agrees there is a difference but. Savera explains she isn’t stopping her to find an answer for this But, but if she is unable to find the answer she should move on else the life would stop.

NEXT EPISODE: Mahgul comes to special children’s home. Zain shares with family that Mahgul wants to adopt the child, and want him to give his name. Sanam tells Zahir Mahgul won’t back up, no matter Zain supports her or not. Sanam and Mahgul come to take the child from Bubbly.

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