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Tiddu tries to make Shehrnaz up for picnic but she wasn’t ready to go for so long. Tiddu suggests her to lie to her father that she has to go to her friend’s (Ainee’s)mehndi. Shehrnaz wasn’t ready to go, as what would she do there with his friends and only get bored. Sherry makes her up as she won’t get bored in his presence.
Shehrnaz brings tea for her father and complains he never takes rest even on holidays. Shehrnaz says she won’t let him work when she becomes an actress once. Shehrnaz asks his permission for going to picnic with friends, she informs him to be very late. He allows her openly, then advices her to take care of herself as time and luck never remains the same. Shehrnaz cheers.

In the farmhouse, Shehrnaz notices Sherry’s attention over her. He asks Shehrnaz to come along with him, she was reluctant but he drags her inside. Hina notices them. Sherry asks her to take a seat on swing on the backyard. He says this night and celebration is all for her only, these silences are only for her. Shehrnaz wonders what happened to him, he replies he has got lost in her heart. She might find him somewhere in some corner, and asks her to look at him only; can’t she see her face there. He holds her hands, saying they are made for each other. Shehrnaz was nervous, Sherry clear states he is crazy after her, she is attracting him towards herself; she is really beautiful just like sunshine, or a cold breeze. Shehrnaz smiles in shyness. Sherry confesses he was wrong in their first meeting and regret it. Shehrnaz wonders if he still remembers them, both apologize each other. Sherry says he had decided in that first meeting, to live with her always. He presents her a ring, then warns her not to slap him and put the finger on. He says I love you to her, she smiles.

In the college, Ainee calls her lucky. Shehrnaz boasts that he is lucky to have her. Ainee tells her about Hina, Sherry’s cousin; they have a family business of garments and Shehryar Mughal is their eldest child. Shernaz expects to get this all one day by herself. Ainee says girls dream about such handsome men, but Shehrnaz boasts that she deserves everything. Ainee wonders where she gets such attitude and courage. Shehrnaz says they are her dreams, they are seen through open eyes and determination.

Laila speaks to Dilawar on phone about Shehrnaz. Dilawar tries to make up Laila that she was an anonymous girl, who might not come to him again. Laila fix another shoot with him, and tells him to make sure her shoot is the first.
Hina comes to cafeteria and hear Sherry’s friend teasing him for having an affair with Shehrnaz.

In the waiting room, Hina comes to Shehrnaz and asks why she came to picnic with them, if it was her plan. Shehrnaz replies Sherry invited her there. Hina says she shouldn’t have gone there without any relation. Shehrnaz clarifies Sherry gifted her a ring and proposed her. Hina was upset watching the ring.
In the car, Sherry forbids Hina to discuss about Shehrnaz at home.

Early in the morning, Shehrnaz gets a call about her selection as heroine. She sits up, holding back her scream and thanks the caller. She brings Baba outside, and cheers she is about to become a heroine soon. She boasts she is going to be a huge actress, as they liked her audition and now they are going to be rich.

Hina takes a leave from her mother and aunt, as she is going to Sitara’s place with Minhas. They show her an album of girl’s pictures for Sherry. Hina suggests them to ask Sherry first, and was in a hurry to leave.

On a street café, Hina was in disbelief that Shehrnaz got selected; after all she is a super girl. She notices the ring, and asks if she is wearing such expensive ring so openly; what if someone robs it. Shehrnaz replies if they have to die, they will die with a filled stomach. Hina asks Shehrnaz what she would wear tomorrow, she gets confused at once.

Baba comes to a tailoring complex and looks around for dresses in an empty shop, then carefully hides it inside a bag. At home, Shehrnaz cheerfully danced with the dress and wonders how Ismail gave this dress. Baba sat upset, tells her that he has to return it so Shehrnaz must take care of it. She must think this dress owe his respect.
In the auditions, Shehrnaz wonders if she is much dressed up and these girls are in normal dresses. She then thinks she is Shehrnaz, and must look this way. A man comes to call her inside. The producer turns to look at her, both were shocked to see each other. Shehrnaz tries to be polite, the man introduces himself as KK – Kamran Khan. Shehrnaz introduces herself. She replies she is ready. KK gives her five minutes to perform. Shehrnaz repeats her lines, intensely.

In the college, Sherry comes to Ainee asking about Shehrnaz. Ainee tells him it’s her final audition today, is she crazy? Ainee says she is really crazy about acting. Shehrnaz asks her to make her understand; acting isn’t a respectable field and has no future. Ainee was serious, but Sherry laughs that it was a joke and he honestly supports Shehrnaz.

In the studio, Shehrnaz continues with her dialogues. Shehrnaz was done, and asks KK how it was. He replies coldly, its fine and asks about other’s consent. Director says these lines needed force and abit of emotions. KK explains she couldn’t bring the right expressions. KK tells her to take some other situation, for example she has to hire a taxi on road. Shehrnaz thinks he is taking revenge from her, and screams for stopping the taxi on road. KK says it was a bit loud. He then demands her to be a beggar and ask for five rupees. Shehrnaz challenges him to show this to her, KK agrees and stands up and pleads for five rupees. He asks her to show something convincing. Shehrnaz argues a heroine would never be a beggar, and laughs this never happens in reality. KK says this beggar can be really pretty, even prettier than her. Shehrnaz says this is impossible. KK asks to try about a last thing, this time she is a wife and her husband sits idle at home. Shehrnaz argues with him to perform this act by himself, they can’t force her into anything. Shehrnaz fumes, then begins the shoot.

Laila shouts at her manager for losing a dress. Shehrnaz’s father comes out of her office, the manager brings a dress. Laila shouts at her for losing her best dress of this Pret Line.

At night, Shehrnaz was asleep when there was a knock at her door. It was Ainee, who asks why she didn’t come to university and her number was also off. She notices Shehrnaz was suffering with fever, she tells Ainee she did a mistake.

KK was moved by watching Shehrnaz’s shoot on laptop with his secretary. Shehrnaz’s dialogue delivery wanders in front of his eyes.

Shehrnaz tells Ainee that she got rude with him, but he took revenge from her and gave her tough situations. Ainee asks who it was, Shehrnaz says it was KK. Ainee was shocked, if it was the owner of KK productions. She advices Shehrnaz to come into real life, and calm her anger down. Shehrnaz was worried.

NEXT EPISODE: Shehrnaz’s father brings the dress to Laila, saying he found this in store room. Laila was happy. Shehrnaz gets a call for final selection and contract signing of the film. She cheers while signing the papers, KK says he isn’t as nice as she thinks. Its simple, Shehrnaz needs this film and he needs her.

Update Credit to: Niki

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