1st Episode – Seeta Bagri 17th November 2016 Written Update

Seeta Bagri – 1st Episode 17th November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

In the morning at Karachi the lives go on for every religion and in the house of a Batrinak Hindu a wedding is going on and there is an incredible dance. Seeta is running Ratan comes and stops her asking her as to who is she running from but she says that she will not be with him unless he does his graduation and establishes his business.

In another art of the city a woman comes at her workshop where they are preparing bangles and she asks them to work quickly as they have to send the order. A man comes in with his guards and then asks Nandhani to marry her but she says that she will not marry him as he is not the man of her hearts but he insists saying that he will kill her if she marries anyone else but she is not afraid and will do what she likes.

Setta is in her room thinking of what happened when the sister of Ratan comes and asks her t quickly marry her brother so that she can also marry someone who she likes but then Seeta says that does she not like their house to be peaceful but she says that she only wants them to be happy and then they both starts to have fun.

Ratan is holding Seeta’s bangles that wore off when she ran which are not letting him sleep so he goes to the house of Seeta and opens the window of her room where he sees hat she is praying and he asks her to pray for him as well but she asks him t g back to his room because if her father saw them then it will not be good for both of them but Ratan gets Romantic saying that her love was not letting him sleep and that these bangles still had the fragrance of her hands hearing this she snatches the bangles from his hand and shuts the window where she also feels his love and she also cherishes it.
Seeta is trying to cut the ribbon from which she sewed her clothes when Ratan comes and says good morning, suddenly her father comes back with her books and Ratan hides after which when he comes out her father asks her to bring breakfast for both of them and she agrees. Ratan says to him that he cannot give the money but then the father says that he should also get married and then this would help him.

Nandhani is with a women who is asking for her decision but she says that if she would sell it then she would get a hefty profit but Nandhani gets confused if Sian sent her and after confirming that it is not him she says that she cannot understand if should go or not.

Ratan is working when Haji Sahb comes and asks him to go to Hyderabad and takes the order of Zafar but Ratan knows very well that he will make him do the estimate but will give the order to someone else so hearing this Haji sahib says that he should not worry and if it was meant for them then they will get it.

Seeta is in her house preparing from her books when Ratan’s sister comes and asks her as to where she was but she says that she was here and then says that her brother is confused and asks for her advice to support her business but she says that her if she wants to become something then she should study but she says that she can do anything even she has not studied, they both talk rubbish then she runs away leaving Seeta speechless.

Badri with his friend comes to a tea shop and they both sit down where Badri asks for his advice to which he says that he should stop her study and marry her but he says that he cannot force her and then Ratan comes and sits down but when he hears of Seeta’s proposal he gets shocked and leaves at which Badri friend says that he should not look elsewhere when there is a proposal in his own house.

Sian is sitting in Nandhani’s warehouse where he asks as to why she is not selling her warehouse to him to which she replies that she will not sell it to him as he does not understand its vale and she doesn’t want to sell it someone who will not run it like she has. She asks him to leave but he says that he will kill anyone who she tries to marry and will always find her.
Tahamoor says to a girl that he cannot help her in this matter but the girl says that he is going to be married to a sugar king but he says that he doesnot want to marry in that house but he says that he will do anything with her and also gets angry but then also comes back.

Badri asks Seeta to be ready whenever she likes and he will then marry her because he wants to see her in her own house and he will not stop her from studying but she must not stop from telling her of a good boy wen there is.
Ratan is in the station asking for tea, Nandhani also comes with a girl to the station which leads o Punjab and then when she fools the girl into thinking that she has gone to Lahore she quickly changes her route and leaves for Karachi in the same bus in which Ratan is sitting.

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