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Sara finds a note in Fatima’s book and scolds her about hiding it. Sara gets upset with her.
The next morning in school, Sara explains to the principal that Fatima is really upset because of her shifting to Pakistan. The principal says neither Fatima gave good result, nor is she behaving well with the children. Sara says she is a single parent, the principal says they should have thought before accepting Fatima’s admission had she known about it.

At home, Sara brings food for Fatima. Fatima was talking to someone on phone and misbehaves with Sara upon inquiry. Sara scolds Fatima, and cries that it is her mistake to marry her father and give birth to Fatima. Fatima takes her phone and runs upstairs, slapping the door shut over Sara’s mouth. Aan was in her office, Fatima calls her crying. Aan says she was missing her, then didn’t call because Fatima must be busy with studies. Fatima asks Aan to come over to her place, There Sara was calling Fatima from outside. Aan was concerned about Fatima’s cries, and promises to visit her after office. Sara keeps on apologizing Fatima from outside. In the evening, Sara opens the door to Aan. Aan comes in with the food tray, Sara asks how Aan came here. Aan says she came to meet Fatima. Sara says Fatima and she were sleeping. Aan apologizes for waking her up. Aan explains she wanted to talk to Fatima and hands her the dish. Sara snatches it roughly, Aan turns to leave.

Haarib notices Aan was upset. Aan says she went to meet Fatima, she had called in bank but Sara didn’t let her meet saying she is sleeping. She asks Haarib to call her. Sara gets Haarib’s call, she complains Haarib is ignoring her. Sara says Aan must have complained that she didn’t invite her inside. Haarib asks to speak to Fatima, Sara says she is still angry and they will be fine. Haarib clarifies what Sara is speaking about is impossible. Sara begins to cry badly. Aan suggests Haarib to go and meet her.

At Sara’s place, Sara cries in front of Haarib about meeting with Fatima’s principal. Haarib says he would talk to Fatima, her situation is really unique. Sara was upset that she ignored her child in her tensions. Haarib asks her to stick to decision to take separation from her husband firmly, she has huge responsibility of Fatima over her shoulders. Fatima opens the door to Haarib, she comes out complaining that she called Aan and invited her. Sara argues that she sent away. Haarib says Aan sent him to bring her, Fatima says she wants to speak to Aan about a lot of matters. Haarib promise that Aan is waiting for her downstairs and takes Fatima along.

Ayla was sitting in her room when her mother brings milk for her. She assures Ayla that she must be thankful that she got rid of such a person soon, she must try to forget everything and come with them. Ayla says she has to face and confront everyone by staying here, she would hurt him.

Aan sits with Fatima in the park and says it doesn’t matter if Sara scolds her, her mother dearly loves her. Sara watches them sit together from the balcony. Aan narrates a story of a friend who had pet birds, but one day she forbid her play with the birds so she went to her home and freed her birds. Aan says her mother scolded and beat her badly. Now, if Fatima hurt her friends it was her mistake as well. Fatima wish Aan was her mother, but Aan tells Fatima she got the best mother and explains the misery of the children whose parents have left the world. She tells Fatima to go and apologize Sara. Haarib comes from behind.

The next morning, Shabnam feeds Fatima and asks to be friends. Shabnam was ready to teach Fatima how to cook Kheer. Aan joins them and takes Fatima’s promise not to tease her mother. At home, Sara was curt what’s so good in Aan that everyone is her fan. Haarib also come at Aan’s place. Sara first call Aan, then comes at Aan’s place. Shabnam invites her inside and complain she was alone and Fatima has a school tomorrow. Haarib comes out saying he is also there, and angrily says its their own house. Shabnam takes Sara inside, when Fatima comes outside with Aan. Fatima says she is sorry, Aan and Nani are so nice. Sara drags Fatima away, taunting on Haarib to pick his call.

In the club, Sara comes’s to Haarib and asks if he is still angry. Haarib says her behavior with Aan wasn’t good, why Haarib is feeling bad. Haarib wonders if he shouldn’t even mind. Sara asks who is Aan to him, Haarib says they are a lot to him even when not related. Sara questions what she means to him. Sara accepts she shouldn’t have listened to her father and was mistaken. Haarib tells Sara he has forgiven him but they have this conversation for so many times. He sometimes wonders if she had wanted to enter his life, even if he was that old Haarib with a job of few thousands only. Sara says she and her father are both regretting their decisions and cry. Haarib forbids her get emotional. Sara tells him he is repeating the decision she had done. Haarib warns her not to show these emotions to Fatima, and save her tears for something good. He hints at her and her husband’s patch up. Sara insists that’s not possible.

Ayla was doing yoga outside in the lawn, and informs her mother about her return. Her mother insists they would spend summer holidays here. Ayla says there’s nothing to do here; no one can fill the injury of her heat in anyway. They come out together. Haarib meets Shehroze at the outside door, Sara was shocked and compliments he hasn’t changed at all. Haarib asks Shehroze about his Islamabad trip. Shehroze thinks this means Ayla was right, he is still in touch with Sara. Sara offers Shehroze coffee. At home, Sara tells Shehroze that she insisted on Haarib to marry Ayla because she told him she was really happy; Haarib still loved her. Shehroze wonders why Haarib didn’t share everything with her. Sara says her relationship worsened, she filed for separation and came back to Pakistan; after than Haarib couldn’t settle with Ayla. Shehroze felt bad for Ayla, who was innocent. Sara says she and Haarib want to spend their life together; Haarib doesn’t want to share this with anyone and not even Shehroze. Shehroze leaves fuming.

Shehroze drives at Ayla’s place to inform her what Haarib had done to her. Ayla’s behavior was dry, and considers it some plan of Haarib. Shehroze agrees that Haarib has really used them all. Ayla calls it a drama, and considers Shehroze as Haarib’s puppet. Shehroze was ready to bear any punishment. Ayla says her parents have worked really hard for her to forget that all. Shehroze insists on her to sit for a while, and tells her that Sara and Haarib are still together. Ayla was determined to spoilt Haarib and Sara’s relationship now. Shehroze was upset that he also didn’t get a clue. Ayla planned to disgrace Haarib now.

Haarib was in the office when Ayla comes in. He asks her to wait outside, as he is in a meeting. Ayla sits there, as she isn’t a stranger in the office. Haarib requests her to sit outside, Ayla suggests about speaking in front of everyone and begins that he used her. He married her when Sara asked him to, and then left when she said. Haarib takes an excuse from his clients. Ayla shouts at Haarib to tell everyone that he divorced her twenty five days after their marriage. Shehroze comes there and seconds Ayla. Haarib didn’t’ understand, Shehroze and Ayla leave. Haarib stops Shehroze, but he was angry and informs Haarib about his resignation, they have no relation with each other. Haarib asks Shehroze for a chance to explain, he would never lie to Shehroze. He has no intention to marry Sara and will never do.

NEXT EPISODE: Ayla tells Shehroze that best way to punish Haarib is stay close to him. She would also shift where Haarib lives. Sara brings a proposal for Aan, and insists on Shabnam to agree to it.

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