Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 4 12th November 2016 Written Update

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The doctor comes out to inform the family something that shocks them all. Zain sat outside the hospital room when Hassan comes to speak to him, he asks Zain to go to Mahgul. Zain wonders what should he tell her, that their child is neither boy nor girl but a transgender. Hassan accepts but they must share the reality with Mahgul. Zain questions why this happened to him only and cries badly while hugging Hassan. Hassan asks him to be patient.
In the room, Mahgul asks Savera about Zain and her baby, she asks if it’s a boy or a girl. Arshi comes in with Zahir. Arshi asks Savera if she isn’t telling Mahgul what she has done, Savera interrupts Arshi but Arshi tells Mahgul she gave birth to an amazing child. A different child of a mother with different thinking, she has given birth to a transgender child. Zahir interrupts Arshi, Savera tells Zahir to take his mother away. Mahgul cries wondering what she just said. Savera hugs her, while trying to calm her down.

At night, Arshi asks Hassan about Zain, why he is there in the hospital. She insists why he left Zain in the hospital, she wonders what they would reply to their family. Hassan says its time to relieve their son and daughter in law. Arshi says she never liked Mahgul, she now has given them a transgender to take his name forward. She thinks neither Zain had married her, not this had happened. Hassan considers her to be narrow thinker, and illiterate; they would reply to people that not only Mahgul but Zain also gave birth to a transgender.

In the hospital, Mahgul asks Sanam about her baby. Sanam says he is in nursery, he would stay there because he has some breathing issues. Mahgul wonders if her baby won’t go home with her, Sanam assures he would go only in a few days with her. Mahgul then asks if Zain is angry with her and didn’t come inside. Sanam says men are only weak and need some time.

At home, Sanam combs Mahgul’s hair when Zain comes in. Sanam goes to knock her get her dress. Zain asks Mahgul where she wants to go. Mahgul in return asks where he wants to take her. Zain says he is ready to leave her at her mother’s, Mahgul stares at him asking what if she wants to go with him. He says he never denied. She questions why he didn’t come to meet her, Zain says he couldn’t gather courage. Mahgul asks about the child, Zain says he didn’t have courage for it too. Mahgul confirms if he would ever gather courage, is he hating him. Zain holds her hand, saying he can do anything but not hate him ever.

At the hostel, Zona prepares the clothes of baby with excitement.

Mahgul stands in the baby’s room, recalling they painted half of room as pink and other half as blue upon Hassan’s suggestion, who was ready to accept either boy or girl equally. Mahgul cries badly.

Zahir comes to Arshi’s room, he asks why she didn’t meet Zain and Mahgul. Arshi replies she would meet Zain when she wants to, and forbids him take Mahgul’s name. Zahir insists its none of her mistake, they can’t leave her alone. Arshi says they are all with Mahgul, only she stands alone. She scolds Zahir, Zahir wonders why is she so impossible. Arshi scolds her to get to his room. Zahir leaves.

Mahgul was watching the baby’s clothes. Zain comes to ask her have some breakfast. Mahgul tells Zain that Savera brought all clothes in neutral colors, Hassan got both colors in the room; they were given hints by God. She insists on him to bring her baby, Zain tells her to calm down as they would decide something when he comes. He assures he is with her, but right now he isn’t in a state to think clearly.
Arshi stood outside the room when Zain comes out.

In the hospital, Zain hears nurses speak about the child, they felt pity over the couple. Arshi was leaving home when Zahir comes across, she tells Zahir to inform Hassan she would return after dinner. She says she is already tensed, and needs to spend time with friends. Sanam comes home and greets Zahir, Arshi curtly murmurs people have got way to this home because of Mahgul. Sanam clarifies Zain invited her by himself. Zahir explains Arshi didn’t mean it, but Arshi clarifies she exactly mean this and this is her house. Sanam was curt and goes inside, Zahir tries to explain but she denies listening.

At night, the nurse’s words echo in Zain’s mind who wasn’t unable to sleep. Arshi comes to him. Zain says Mahgul has slept, so he came here. Arshi asks to speak to him, she won’t seem good but she would never want something bad for him. She tells Zain when he was born they were elated, she understands his pain and insecurities. She has always generously accepted his life’s decision; he went abroad and married with his own will. Zain asks what he should do now, he is his blood but his heart… Arshi suggests him to do what his heart says, he is his blood but not like him. It’s difficult to accept but he can’t stay here. Zain was disturbed. Arshi insists this decision would be difficult, but dying daily would be difficult. He must leave him where he belongs to. Zain was not ready to do it, for himself and for Mahgul. Arshi insists she understands about Mahgul’s pain, but doesn’t he care about his father’s respect. She asks Zain if he is ready to accept him? Zain wonders how to make Mahgul up. Arshi tells him not to get Mahgul’s association build with the child, he must take the decision right now. They will be blessed with another child. Zain couldn’t understand. Arshi says the society won’t grace him and his child at all, else he is sensible.

Savera sat with Hina, upset. Hina says its God’s will, but Savera cries it was worst with her Mahgul. Allah must be angry with her, Hina advices her to have courage.

Zain wakes up on terrace the next morning. In the hospital, Mahgul brings the child. She hands him to Zain but he withdraws his hand. Mahgul stares towards him, Zain goes to get the car. On the breakfast table, Arshi gets Savera’s call and taunts if she has forgotten her daughter. She says they have gone to bring him, its time for everyone to get disturbed and welcomes her dryly to come to her daughter’s house. Hassan asks if she can ever get sweet, then asks what she was talking to Zain about. Arshi asks if he was spying, Hassan says he saw them sitting together but didn’t disturb. Arshi says it’s her duty to explain to Zain he must leave his child where he belongs to. Hassan was shocked. Arshi says Zain didn’t accept, he only abides by Mahgul. Hassan asks her to let them come home; Arshi says it would be easy to tell people that the child is dead. Hassan wonders if they would lie to people. Arshi leaves her breakfast, and leaves wishing him to celebrate.

On their way back, Zain thinks about Arshi’s advices. Mahgul was tensed about where they were going. Zain stops the car and asks her to come out, this is his place. Zona’s aunt is transgender, as she told. He says they can’t bring him up, and hide him; their family would always be disgraced because of him. He takes Mahgul inside; Bubbly welcomes them and recognizes them as Zain and Mahgul. He calls all the others, as someone has come for prayers. Zain says they came to hand this child over. Bubbly was shocked, Mahgul stood still. Bubbly takes the child and says alright, it’s theirs now. Mahgul turns to get in the car. Zain goes to help her. Bubbly and others caress the child.

At night, Hassan was restlessly waiting; Hassan was concerned why they got so late. Zain tells Arshi he is where he belongs to, they have handed him away and they should tell everyone he was dead. Mahgul faints there.

NEXT EPISODE: Mahgul cries and was angry at Zain. Bubbly celebrates about getting a son. Arshi informs everyone they buried the child already, Savera was shocked to hear this. Later, Mahgul tells Savera that he is alive and she can feel his breathe. She runs out of the house hysterically, while Zain gets hold of her.

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