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At night, Sara was upset and wish not to be disgraced in the eyes of her only child. She wonders what she should do. She brings noodles for herself, and hear Fatima talking to her father on call that she wants to return and doesn’t want to stay here. Sara comes in with noodles and feeds Fatima. Sara asks why she is sharing everything with her papa. Fatima says he is her father, and he would call them soon; she deters to tell everything to her papa if she is staying because of that boy. Sara scolds Fatima about discussing the matter, Fatima leaves the room angrily.

Sara receives a call from her husband, who inquires about Haarib. Sara counters she never asked him about any affairs. Faisal says he is only concerned about his daughter, who went with her and is crying now. Sara counters she is her daughter as well, he must stop filling Fatima’s ears and let her be a child. Faisal says alright, if Sara wants to live her life she should stop taking thousands of pounds from him. Sara forbids him always be proud of his money.

Aan returns from office, Haarib was waiting on the terrace and calls her to meet him outdoor. Aan goes to inform her mother and make tea for them. Later in the park, Haarib discuss Sara and Fatima’s issue with Aan. Aan says Fatima is innocent and assures she would handle Fatima. Haarib suggests about going to Sara’s house together, may be… Fatima accepts them as close friends. He was upset about Sara and was sure Aan won’t take it wrong. Aan assures they are friends and have to be with each other in times of need.

At night, Haarib comes to Sara’s place with Aan. Sara wasn’t happy to see Aan. Haarib asks about Fatima, Sara replies she is in her room. Haarib says they wanted to meet Fatima and be friends with her, and if there is some misunderstanding. Sara denies any such thing. Haarib says Aan is aware of everything, she always know about his problems and asks Sara to take them to Fatima’s room. Sara stares at Aan, and tells them to stay as she would speak to Fatima first. Haarib assures they can handle, Sara takes them upstairs.

Fatima opens the door, Haarib asks how she is. Fatima clearly asks why he came here? Haarib politely says they wanted to meet her, Haarib introduces her to Aan who is a close friend of Haarib. Aan presents her with gifts, and makes her excited about partying well. Fatima cheers about hearing to go for pizza party and goes to get ready. Haarib asks Sara to come along, she says ok. In the pizza parlor, Fatima was excited to order the pizza. Aan was ready to have Fatima’s favorite pizza, Sara says not everyone might like cheese pizza. Fatima replies curtly that she and her papa only like Cheese pizza and would only have it. Aan forbids Fatima to speak this way, then takes her for ice cream after pizza. Aan notices Sara to be upset, and asks why she is sad. Sara says she never wanted Aan’s help who is strange. He must have discussed with her, before sharing her family issues. Haarib says he couldn’t have removed Fatima’s doubt alone. Sara was curt whom he brought for her help. Haarib insists Aan is family and doesn’t want to hear anything bad about him. Sara says its visible Aan is really close, then wipes her tears. Haarib tells her that he has changed, so has everything; she must not forget they are meeting after six years. Sara says they are same, just fate wasn’t good to them; a husband like Faisal and a wife like Ayla.
Fatima stares at Sara, Aan asks why is she looking this way. Fatima says her mama doesn’t love her and her papa; she had to forget everything and come here. Aan says parents have some minor problems but she always love Fatima, if Fatima respects her mother she would return with her soon.

In the way back, Sara sat back upset that she is no more important for Haarib. Aan allows Fatima to call her anytime. Fatima says the next time they go out, they shouldn’t bring Sara as she is always unhappy. Aan forbids Fatima speak this way to her mother. Sara hugs Fatima saying she can handle her little daughter herself.
Khurram was lying on his bed, he wish Aan returns to them.

After dropping Sara and Fatima, Aan asks Haarib if he wants to say something. Haarib compliments she really understands him. Sara notices them go towards park together. In the park, Haarib tells Aan he saw Ayla in Sara today, the Sara he knew has lost somewhere. Aan asks if really? Haarib clarifies Sara didn’t like Aan’s involvement in the matter today. Aan says may be she still feels the same for Haarib. Haarib asks why this is so, she is married already and a mother as well. Aan says Haarib has lost his feelings but she still has. After Ayla, he became practical but not everyone is practical. Haarib asks how she can say so. Aan replies she can understand another woman’s feelings, she felt Sara was uncomfortable watching her with Haarib; it seems she still loves him. Haarib sits beside Aan saying its jealousy, love demands sacrifices but after Ayla he never wants to get married. Aan smiles while looking towards him. Haarib hopes she doesn’t become as practical as he got, because of his experiences. Aan reminds he is thinking too much. Sara was upset on terrace, and wonders why she can’t get Haarib. She can’t see him with someone else.

Shabnam comes with lunch for Haarib, worried he must not have eaten something. She rings the bell, Haarib apologizes for being late for opening the door. Shabnam says its Daal Chawal and Kabab. Haarib thanks her for taking care of his likes and dislikes. Shabnam says he doesn’t take care of himself, so she has to. Haarib was ashamed that she is always in trouble because of him. Shabnam assures he is to her, as Aan is; she wish Haarib marries again and asks about his liking. Haarib says he is running away from the concept of marriage right now, because if he marries he would lose her cookings. Shabnam says he must bring a wife to take care of her, and promises to train his wife well in cooking. Haarib assures he would only get married so that his wife respects her, calling her Amma. Shabnam was touched, and says he would only call her Amma now. Shabnam hurries back, wondering if the stove is still on. Haarib calls Aan, she says she has reached home. Haarib says he was having lunch made by amma. Sara greets Aan on Haarib’s gate, Aan compliments the aroma. Sara says she used to cook for Haarib in university, he really likes her cookings. Aan wish her enjoy the food. Sara asks if Aan doesn’t mind she didn’t invite her. Aan instead invites her to her home.

Sara comes in, Haarib tells Sara he has already eaten. Sara says she thought about cooking for him, he doesn’t have food from maids. Haarib asks her not to worry about him, and give time to her daughter. He eats food from Aan’s mother, who considers him as her own son. He tells Sara if she had met his mother, she would have felt the same as meeting Aan’s mother. He tells her to go and give time to Fatima. Sara was annoyed that she knows well what to do, then come to sit closer to Haarib complaining he didn’t even taste. Haarib instead offers her cold drink or coffee.

Sara apologizes Haarib for being rude about Aan. She wanted to be sweet, as she couldn’t afford his anger. Haarib says she is expecting a lot from him. She shouldn’t mind, but his feelings have changed in time and after the recent accident he can’t afford any relationship. Sara says she needs him, Haarib insists she must need her husband and daughter. Sara tells Haarib they were so after each other some time back, and today he has nothing to say to her. Haarib says when Sara left, he immersed in his work that is the reason he succeeded. Sara says people shouldn’t change, because it hurts. Haarib curtly counters people change because of people. Sara demands why is he punishing her. Haarib asks Sara if she has forgotten the point they left this relationship, she rejected him; left him without repentence in front of her parents. Sara says this is the biggest regret of her life, but Haarib had left.

NEXT EPISODE: Haarib tells Sara their relation isn’t possible. Ayla was determined to hurt Haarib. Shehroze tells Ayla that Haarib and Sara have always been in contact, and are about to get married.

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