Bin Roye – Episode 6 6th November 2016 Written Update

Bin Roye – Episode 6 6th November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Saba discuss with her friend that her obsession about Irtiza was craze. She has accepted Irtiza and Saman’s proposal.

Safeer was sitting with his mother and ask who is getting married at Shafique’s place. She says its Irtiza and Saman’s wedding, and insists on Safeer to come with her this time as she likes Saba for her. Safeer tells his mother he likes a girl, she has come from India and is Hindu by religion. His mother was angry and hurt at him, she sacrificed her life for him but now it seems her decision was a wrong one. The next morning, Safeer comes to his mother concerned for her health. Her mother says his words are meaningless, if he really respected her he should have been obedient. Safeer thinks for a while, and tells his mother that he loves Samia. Her mother asks him to decide whom he loves more, her or Samia. Safeer was silent. She says she got her answers and leaves the table.

At home, Maliha asks about Amma’s consent over their shopping. Saman was also there. Irtiza joins them, saying these dresses aren’t better than Saman. At the Mayun function, Saba participates well. Later, Saman was sitting alone in the backyard. Saba comes to bring her inside, as its really late. Saman asks if Saba isn’t sad? Saba sits with her head in Saman’s lap, Saman says its their last night together. She had never seen a sister all her life, and never realized what sharing of feelings mean. After her parent’s death, Saba became her support. Saba wipes her tears, then calls Saman a drama queen. She makes her realize Saman would be near to them. Saman cries that she would miss her dearly. Saba replies she too would.

Saba was crying behind a curtain during Mehndi function. A stranger comes (Adeel Hussain) comes to compliment, there is going to be huge tear shed. Saba replies at such occasions there are always tears in eyes, and smile over face. Saba asks him to be her partner in a lot of fun coming up. She dances on the song ‘Balle Balle Nache Hai Yeh Bawra Jiya’.

The next day, Saba enters the hall at the time of Nikah. She hears the couple taking vows. Safeer enters the hall from behind Saba. Saba backs up, hits Safeer and run upstairs. Amma follows Saba to her room. Saba was in a trauma, she takes her jewelry off and cries for Irtiza, shouting that she hates Saman and wants to kill her, why she didn’t die with her parents in the crash.
On their way, Safeer tells his mother he is ready to marry Saba upon her will. His mother assures she has chosen a precious bride for her.

Saman sat on the bed in bridal attire when Irtiza comes in. Irtiza says when he first saw her he thought she was an angel who forgot her way to earth. Saman asks then? Irtiza confesses he had learnt a number of lines, but forgot. Saman asks to say something? She says when she first saw him, it felt the world has stopped; does he mean what it means? Irtiza says she remember all the lines, because she looks beautiful. Saman asks if only that’s the reason, Irtiza says he is in disbelief that she belongs to him. Saman assures she belongs to him. Irtiza requests her to be his forever, else his heart beat would stop. He finally holds her hand.

There, Amma wakes Saba up the next morning as she slept on her lap. Saba goes to freshen up. She returns to Amma and requests her not to speak about last night, she wonder what she said at that time. She didn’t realize what happened to her, and has lost her senses. She turns to leave, Amma warns her never to repeat it again in life, no matter if in senses or not. A girl’s character is precious, and she has a whole life to look upon. She must also mind one thing, she only has a single relation with Irtiza that he is her brother in law. She has to accept this relation.

Saba comes out of her room to see Irtiza standing there. She greets him. Irtiza taunts she shed quite many litters of water during Saman’s wedding, if she loves Saman more than him? Saba replies she is her sister, and he is only a friend. Irtiza says no matter she loves him or Saman, it’s the same. Saba asks for his permission to go inside. Irtiza says Saman is waiting for her.

In the room, Saba compliments Saman to be looking as a princess. Saman notices and asks Saba if she cried, and assures Saba she is right here. Saman then notices the scratches on her hand, Saba makes up it was while taking the bangles off. Saman sends Saba to go and put ointment over it.

A few days later, Shafique informs Amma that Irtiza and Saman have reached, they are planning about visit to Scotland as well. Maliha and Amma discuss the house is really empty. In the room, Amma calls Saba to scold her about not talking to Saman. Saba was annoyed, as she isn’t free all day long, nor is she celebrating her honeymoon. Saba agrees to speak to Saman and takes a leave.
Saman and Irtiza enjoy their honeymoon.

Amma sat with Safeer’s mother, who was discussing about Saba’s proposal for Safeer. She tells Amma she has never searched for a proposal for Safeer. Amma tells Salma that Saba is a bit young right now, she needs a few years. Salma confirms if she is denying? Amma says she isn’t denying this proposal. Salma was ready to wait for 2 and a half year. Amma assures they all like Safeer, but if it’s in their fate they would get married for sure.

NEXT EPISODE: Samia tells Safeer she is pregnant. Safeer was shocked. Irtiza notices either Saba is trying to be formal, or angry. Irtiza asks Saman why is she so happy, Saman asks him to guess. Irtiza asks if Saba is coming? Saman says someone is coming but not Saba.

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