Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 3 5th November 2016 Written Update

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 3 5th November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Arshi hopes Zain and Zahir stay the same; she says Zahir has created a tension as they will now have to marry Zain. Hassan suggests about deciding a date and informs Savera then. Zahir reveals he isn’t any intentions of returning anytime soon.

Mahgul was getting ready, Sanam comes with a boquet. Mahgul was angry at Sanam, but Sanam says she was celebrating depression, as Ahmed is getting married. She was at the verge of crying, Sanam warns her not to cry else she would also break into a cry and her makeup would be spoilt. Mahgul goes to check her mother in kitchen. Arshi and Hassan arrive at Mahgul’s house with Zain and Sahir. Savera asks about any cold drink or tea, Hassan asks for coffee. Arshi stares and Hassan explains Mahgul keeps discussing about her coffee. Mahgul comes to greet Arshi, she invites her to sit beside her. Arshi tells Savera that kids have decided everything; still they need to formally ask about the proposal. Arshi demands the want the wedding on 25th of this month. Savera was concerned about the preparations, but Arshi says everything is ready made these days. Savera agrees; Sanam serves the sweets.

In the morning, Mahgul comes to bouquets on her table. Mahgul comes to Zain’s office, saying the surprise was predictable, he is creative. She then asks for a coffee and discuss about Arshi’s behavior. Zain says they just got engaged. Mahgul reminds it wasn’t an engagement, as there was no ring. Zain leaves his chair, and comes towards Mahgul; he kneels in front of her. Mahgul begin to laugh at once as a colleague had brought coffee. Zain orders him to leave, then puts the ring in her hand and asks for a permission to call her Mahi now. She nods.
Zahir and Zain were swimming together. They discuss about Sanam, Zahir calls her sweet. Zain says Arshi won’t like her because Sanam just got divorced. Zahir says he isn’t in a hurry to marry anytime soon, then inquires about divorce issue. Zain says her husband hit her, but he was Arshi’s friend’s son. He forbids Zahir to flirt with her, Zahir denies having flirt whole of his life.

Mahgul and Sanam come to restaurant for Zain and Zahir. Zahir asks Sanam if olive green, Sanam says she doesn’t like it. Zahir nods. Mahgul and Zain make an order, Zahir asks Sanam for fries which she denies again. Mahgul notices and indulge him with conversation. She forbids him call her Bhabi, and allows her to call Mahi. Zahir says he is going to be friends with Mahi and Sanam both. Sanam was irritated, and asks about his problem. She then turns to leave, Zahir goes to make her up. Sanam warns him not to disgrace her, Zahir makes up he would feel really bad if she leaves and he is really hungry. Sanam returns to her seat.

The next morning, Arshi asks Hassan about being late. She then confirms if Mahgul has taken an off. Hassan says she would take leave from today. Arshi shows him a diamond set, as the world should know she is their daughter in law. Hassan taunts, had she considered her children’s happiness its shine must have increased. Arshi wonders which planet this man resides on, as everyone does this for show off only.

During the function, Mahgul asks Zahir what he is doing here. Zahir compliments her, and then takes a selfie with the bride. His eyes catches Sanam, he walks towards her asking about dance practice. She replies they are fine, he asks why she is angry. Sanam asks why she would be, they aren’t related anyway. Zahir asks to be her friend; she was offended and tells him to go. Zahir only smiles watching her.

On the call, Zain compliments Mahgul. Mahgul asks why he didn’t come by himself, Zain reminds her of some remaining rituals even in 21st century. She then takes a leave from him; she has to give time to mama. They have a celebrated wedding. Zahir wanders close around Sanam, who was irritated.

The next morning, Zain brings breakfast and wakes Mahi up. She wonders what this craziness is, Zain calls himself creative. She was excited to try the perfectly round fried egg, and says she hasn’t ever tasted better fried egg. On the breakfast table, Arshi complains to Hassan that Zain set a tray and took it in the room for Mahgul. Hassan asks why she thinks like this, even being so educated. Arshi strictly says she will always be a woman, then warns Zahir to stay away from Sanam. Hassan asks Arshi not to ruin the environment. Arshi complains that everyone considers her to be wrong. Hassan forbids her not to spread poison in Zahir’s life, he won’t tolerate her. She takes a leave for office, and tells her to leave for a friend’s house as well. Arshi says she would only leave if she thinks so. Zahir also leave the table.

Savera was watching wedding photos when Sanam comes silently, and shuts her eyes from behind. Savera at once recognize her as Sanam, then asks how she came as Mahgul no more lives here. Savera asks what she would do now; she was only concerned about Mahgul always; now what she would do. Sanam urges about playing with Mahgul’s kids soon but Savera replies she won’t take care of their kids. Sanam gets sensitive; Savera assures she would soon get happiness in her life as well.

Mahgul and Zain return from dinner, Arshi was waiting. Zain tells Arshi they went for a dinner, Zahir and Sanam were also with them. Arshi asks Mahgul to sit beside her, and warns her not to dream about bringing Sanam here. Mahgul considers Arshi as shallow minded, and assures she isn’t snatching her children from her. Mahgul clarifies she has no issues with Arshi, if Arshi has she must clarify them today; else they would be in pain later on.
In the office, Mahgul scolds a colleague. Zain comes to the office with a glass of water. He takes her aside, and gives her medicine first. He takes her inside the room. Later, he took care of her food while she expected a child. He informs Mahgul he has already ordered all the baby stuff, they argue. Hassan and Zahir come teasing that they are arguing on a serious matter.

Arshi was getting ready, Hassan compliments her. She was angry and says she is already much disturbed. Hassan asks about the matter. Arshi says Mrs Ali brought her daughter to a party, she wish if Zain had married… Hassan interrupts as Zain is going to be a father. Arshi says Mahgul is really cunning, she rushed everything to make her position strong. Zahir hears Arshi speaking curtly about Mahgul. Hassan tries to make her up, as her son is going to be blessed with a child now. Arshi leaves angrily, Hassan cheers Zahir.

In the hospital, Zain calls Savera that Mahgul has been admitted, and asks her to pack a bag as well. Hassan and Arshi arrive, Zain tells them doctors suggested an operation and seemed to be tensed. A nurse comes to take his consent, Hassan asks him to sign it as it’s a formality. The doctor comes out of operation theatre; she informs the mother and child both are fine, but…. They were all shocked.

NEXT EPISODE: Zain cries why only he was to be given such a child. Arshi taunts Mahgul to be different and giving birth to a different child. Later, she argues with Hassan hadn’t Zain married Mahgul, nor they had been given such a child.

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