Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 12 4th November 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 12 4th November 2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Shella is sitting with the principal who says that she cannot give her three days leave but the principal says that she is the only maths teacher in the collage and she cannot let Shella go but she insists saying that she has to go to meet her son after which the teacher also agrees saying that it is because she is her favourite teachers makes her way to Murree and then she remembers what Peter said to her regarding children that he does not want any children but Shella says that she wants a child and will have child no matter the cost.

Shella sees a van coming and goes to Willam’s hostel where the guard says that he has gone to church at which She also leaves and then surprises him at which he is left speechless and says that he cannot believe that she is standing in front of him to which she says that how could she not come when he called her, he says that he called her the day before but she says that she went to the hostel but the visiting hours were finished and so she had to go back.

He takes her and says that he wants to talk with her as much as he can, in the room William Is sleeping when she comes and sees the cross sign and remembers when peter divorces her and doesnot listen and asks her to leave and does not even listen to her request, she asks him for a name and he suggests the name William that was of his Grandfather.

She further remembers the time when he asked her if he was a Catholic and she said that he did not have any religion, then he wakes up and asks her as to what the matter is and why is she worried but she says that she is not worried and he must go back to sleep.

In the house a car comes in and Shafaq is sitting in the back and there is a boy sitting in the front and she asks him to come back early as she has to go somewhere.

A woman brings Coffee and asks Shella as to what the matter is and she says that her son is not the man she thought he would become.

Afaq and everyone is having dinner when Mansoor gets a call from someone and after which says that he has become the leader of a great party and is congrulate by Shiza but Afaq says that the man who was not able to become a good father or husband how can such a person be a good leader, Mansoor gets angry saying that this is because of their mother but Afaq says that it is because of him and leaves, Shafaq also follows him.

Shella gets a call from her son who says that he is very happy and is soon coming to meet her, she asks the reason to which he says that Christmas holidays are coming and so this year they will celebrate Christmas together.

Shafaq comes into the room and asks Afaq as to why did he do this as these are the things of an abnormal person, he replies that if someone’s father is like this then how can the children be normal. He says that their mother also said this and she left without thinking of anything or anyone. She asks him to focus on his studies to which he says that what will he do with the studies as he has nothing to do in his life then she asks him to go and rest, taking a photo of her with her siblings and starts to cry.

Afaq is restingon his bed when he asks the servant to go to the tour of paris with him but she refuses after which he starts to annoy her, when Shafaq comes and stops him also calming the servant who is very shaken by the attitude of Afaq.

Mansoor is getting dressed when Shiza says that she feels sorry for Shafaq and Afaq but he is still the same cold hearted man who doesnot feel anything for anyone.

Shafaq is sitting in the car when Sohail asks her as to why is she going to Zoyas house to which she says that why is he concerned but he says that he is concerned and he likes her. Shafaq enters the house and starts calling her friend but her brother comes and asks about the reason and who she is but then Zoya comes and they both stat talking.

Willam is with a Father who is trying to convince him that he should become a father and preach the massage of god but he is amazed and then the father asks him if he is going to come to Karachi and he says yes.

Afaq is on the road waiting for the servant who comes and he stops her asking if she changed her mind but she says that she will not go with him as she is not made that way then he slaps her but she also slaps him and leaves, resulting in him being left speechless.

Afaq is on the balcony talking to someone very rudely, Shafaq comes and asks him as to why is he talking like this and that it is not good to which he says that he doesnot want her interfering in his matters and he will do what he likes.

Willam is sitting with the Father who asks him that he should be the one to carry the massage of jesus forward and must preach to different people who may be off different background, he says that her mother’s dream will be over but he says that if her mother is a true Christian the she will have no objection, saying this he leaves.

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