Teri Chah Mein – Episode 12 2nd November 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 12 2nd November 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

At night, Mehwish was walking in her room.

The next morning, Amber comes out of the room. Zara and Faisal were arguing about pressing his shirt. Zara’s vow about only marrying someone similar to Faisal echo in her mind. On the breakfast table, Mehwish comes to ask Faisal drop her to college, and pick her up as well.

Zara comes to Faizan’s house, Bua comes to inform Faizan and Fatima about her. Zara tells Faizan she came to ask about Fatima, she hadn’t come for a long time. Zara says she came to take Fatima, Fatima makes up that she has homework to do, then sleep and has to take lunch as well. Faizan sends Fatima inside, and explains Zara that her mother was angry. Zara was apologetic, Faizan assures to speak to her. Zara says he must be angry, as he left her to her. Faizan says he isn’t a child, her mother has a right over her but Fatima never saw such rage.
In the restaurant, Amber and Faisal plan for a trip. Faisal suggests about going somewhere, Amber offers Kashmir but Faisal says Mauritius. He gets Mehwish’s call and tells her he isn’t free right now. Amber was upset they are getting distant because of her, Faisal forbids her repeat this again.

In the taxi, Mehwish thought about herself and Faisal.

At home, Zara was waiting for Mehwish. She complains Zara that Fatima is afraid of Mehwish, she is angry at her and isn’t speaking to her anymore. She questions why Mehwish has a problem with her, Mehwish replies everyone has a problem with her, but now she won’t interfere with anyone.

Faisal was happy meeting Faizan, Amber asks about Fatima. Faizan says Zara took Fatima along. At home, Mehwish watches Zara playing with Fatima. In the room, Faisal discuss about Faizan’s tragedy and incomplete life. Amber suggests about marrying a nice girl to Faizan. Faisal says its their personal matter, he might not be thinking about it. Amber says there isn’t anyone to think about him actually. Faisal agrees about suggestion only if there is someone who can take care of his daughter.

Zara stood outside, Faisal comes to ask Zara why she is worried. Zara discuss about Mehwish’s sadness since she returned from college. Faisal says Mehwish has nothing to speak to him but to leave Amber. Zara says its not easy to understand Mehwish. Faisal says he didn’t want to hurt Mehwish by bringing Amber here. Zara wish he hadn’t married Mehwish, neither abbu nor Kashif must have died; she wish Amber was the first woman in his life. Faisal apologizes to hurt Zara, and promises to be with Mehwish. Amber was worried hearing this all.

The next day, Amber discuss about Zara’s proposal with Faizan. Bua was happy as Fatima is really attached to Zara. Faizan and Bua both smile watching Zara and Fatima spends time together, later. At night, Fatima discusses with Faizan how Zara takes care of her.

Faisal asks Faizan and Bua why they brought sweets. Bua says she came for a proposal of Zara for Faizan. Faisal looks quizzical, Zara stood stoned. Later, Mehwish scolds Amber for bringing such a proposal for Faizan. Faisal forbids Amber strictly not to interfere in this matter, Zara isn’t a burden and they will take care of her proposal.

Faizan stood lost at his home when Bua comes there; she assures they asked for her proposal out of respect. Faizan regrets about not considering their age difference. Zara must have some ideals and dreams. He was tensed what Zara must be thinking about her. There, Zara recalls Faisal denying to marry her, later she had forbidden to marry Faisal. Amber comes to sit beside her, and says she must also be thinking she did wrong to her. She tells Zara she is different from girls of her age, her situations have made her really matured. If she marries someone immature, he won’t understand her. Faizan is a nice and sensible man, he would respect her. She asks if she can’t see Faisal in Faizan. Zara considers is impossible, and asks her to end this matter right here.

Amber questions Faisal why even Amber dared to think about match between Faizan and Zara. Faisal assures he would ask Amber why she did this. Mehwish wasn’t ready to let Amber do this, Faisal agrees. Mehwish was determined to marry Zara to someone nice, Faisal asks her to give Zara sometime to come to normal.
Zara sat in her room, recalling her proposals.

Fatima comes to ask Faizan to go to Zara, she has promised to come to her. Faizan reminds her about a plan to go to park, Fatima insists on taking Zara. Faizan makes her up to go with him only.

Amber speaks to Faisal about Zara, Zara has objections with a few people and a few ones won’t take her proposal because of situations. Faisal says it’s unjust with her to marry her to a father of a child. Amber tries to explain, but Faisal leaves without wanting to speak about the matter Zara stood in her room, recalling about Faisal’s promise to stand beside her. In the room, Mehwish had a head ache. Faisal offers about a medicine but she denies.

The next morning, Fatima comes to meet Zara and discuss about her rides. Mehwish comes asking why she came here. Zara forbids her speak in front of Fatima and takes her inside. There, Bua tells Faizan Fatima wanted to meet Zara. Faizan complains her about doing wrong; she should have understood the situation. Later, Faizan rings the bell to Zara’s home and ask about Fatima. Mehwish had opened the door, she says she know he deliberately sent Fatima here. Faizan sends Fatima outsides, and then explains it’s a misunderstanding. Mehwish considers his proposal a planning with Amber; Zara has no fault that she must marry him. Faizan turns to leave; Zara stops him saying she is ready to marry him. Mehwish was offensive, but Zara goes inside.

Mehwish accuses Amber to blackmail Zara and get her ready to marry Faizan. She questions why she is playing with Zara’s life. Faisal goes to speak to Zara.

Bua was happy that Zara agreed to marry. Faizan says Zara isn’t ready, it seems she is angry and being stubborn with her mother. Bua wonders how is Zara’s mother related to Faisal. Faizan had no idea.

Zara replies Faisal she has no reason to say a no to this proposal. Faisal says he is really older than her, Zara says Mehwish was also older than him. Mehwish comes to shout at Zara, she deters about court marriage and leave. Mehwish panics, Faisal stood calm and asks Mehwish to stay calm as well. He comes to speak to Zara and says she doesn’t understand the matters of life; he won’t let her do this. Zara says he did what he wanted, she will now marry Faizan.

Faisal speaks to Amber why she pressurized Zara. Amber denies speaking to Zara about the matter. Faisal holds Amber responsible for the matter. Amber begins to explain, but was about to faint. Faisal takes her to doctor.

At Faizan’s home, he speaks to Zara that this decision has created tension at her home. Zara says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission for her life’s decision. Faizan asks about her relation among Faisal and Mehwish. Zara says may be after this he himself would deny marrying her.

The doctor informs Faisal and Amber about the good news.

Faizan tells Zara there is no reason to say a no for this proposal; she hasn’t taken this decision under pressure. He is with her in all of her decisions.

NEXT EPISODE: Mehwish was about to curse Faisal and Amber’s child for Zara, Faisal interrupts her. Later, Zara tells Mehwish she left nothing like mother daughter relation between them. Mehwish says she would finish herself.

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