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Haarib and Aan were shopping for toys for the orphans.

There, Ayla’s parents arrive at Shehroze’s apartment restlessly. Ayla opens the door, Ayesha shows her worry for her daughter while Salman angrily questions whom her daughter put in trouble, she herself ruined her life. He scolds if Ayla never thought about them, not even her mother. Ayesha wasn’t ready to let her live there. Salman asks if this is their brought up that Ayla left her home within a week, he goes downstairs to car and asks Ayesha to bring her down. Ayla finally hugs her mother.

In the orphanage, Aan plays with the kids. One of the girl recognizes him again as a prince. She guess Haarib has brought a magic sword for her, which he used to save Aan from.

A property dealer show Aan’s house to Khurram. There, Aan and Haarib have fun with the kids. In the evening, Haarib was excited at dinner. Aan says she didn’t know Haarib plays good cricket. Shehroze sat there upset, Aan tells Haarib that her mother sent this food, she will continue to until he brings a bride for himself. They notice Shehroze lost, Aan teases he must be thinking about someone. Shehroze says her thoughts can’t be beautiful, Haarib laughs sarcastically that he must be thinking about Ayla. Shehroze agrees, Aan inquires the matter. Shehroze says she is repenting, Haarib decisively announces she doesn’t matter to him anymore. Shehroze feels bad about not being able to do anything for them. Haarib says he has moved on, Shehroze tells him her parents took her. Haarib says she didn’t give him a chance, else he thought about getting her normal and cured. Shehroze says he would shift to his apartment, and would miss Aan’s mother’s food. Aan says he can come over anytime he wish for.

Khurram returns home and sings with his mother he found Aan’s house. They live in a huge house. He goes to inform Mamu, so that they can go there. He comes to inform Shaukat’s brother that Shabnam has brought a beautiful house in defence. Its rich’s neighborhood. Khurram was ready to move there, and then even Aan won’t have a problem marrying him. His mamu advices him to be realistic, he shouldn’t dream about something that may shatter one day. Khurram was ready to make his dreams a reality one day.

Shabnam was cleaning the house, and was hopeful that this proposal would be done this time. She forbids Aan discuss about her family. She should tell them they lived abroad, and asks her to go and get ready. They lady was happy with Aan, Shabnam boasts that their family is all educated. She then asks Aan to serve them with some snacks. The lady says she can now assure her family she is marrying her son in an educated family; she liked them and is impressed. Shabnam takes her to show her house. Rehan asks Aan about her hobbies. Aan says she works as relations manager in bank. Rehan suggests she must keep great care of personal relations then. Aan tells him all the truth about her family and belongings. Rehan was shocked to hear. Aan says it depends on him, either to make this relation up or break it. Rehan leaves with his mother at once.

Aan asks Haarib what he has brought, it were some snacks for guests. Aan says the guests have left; the guy had some important task to do. She tells Haarib she even spoke to him. Haarib asks what she told him. Aan replies she can’t lie to anyone. Shabnam comes there, narrating the whole story to Haarib. Haarib points at Aan that this seems to be mischievousness. Shabnam runs behind her with a shoe, Haarib enjoys her getting beaten up.

The next morning, Sara was hurrying Fatima towards her school van. Fatima wanted to go back to London; Sara assures she would love it. Haarib was jogging and comes across her. Sara recalls he was always a morning person. Haarib asks if she also turned to be a morning person. Sara says she is insomniac now. Haarib remembers she was a stress free person, demanding an easy free life. Sara says she complicated her life, in with for easy life; and it brought anxiety with it. She wish she had erased this ‘easy’ word from her life, maybe she is paying off for rejecting Haarib. She shouldn’t have listened to his father. Aan’s van was passing by; Haarib stops her and introduces her to Sara. Aan says it’s nice to meet her, and takes a leave. She informs Haarib about his breakfast served, and invites Sara home as well. Sara takes a leave. Haarib invites her home in the evening, as it’s his half day. Sara wanted to know about his family, wife and kids. Haarib promises to share it with him.

At home, Fatima says she would ask Papa to call them back. Sara assures everything would get well, but Fatima insists on going back to her Papa. She runs upstairs, and shuts the door behind. Sara keeps on calling her from outside.

Aan smiles watching Shabnam angry, and asks why is she silent. Is she worried because of Phuppo and Taya’s call? She asks if Shabnam doesn’t miss the neighborhood she was born in; is she happy here. Shabnam says she is really happy. Aan says people here are only cunning and proud; they only met one good man that is Haarib. She asks her to go back to their old neighborhood, atleast there was peace. Shabnam wasn’t ready to go back.

In the park, Sara felt bad about listening to his divorce. Haarib asks if she is happy marrying a well established man, settled in England. Sara says he had everything, a typical rich boy who was gifted everything in his plate. Haarib asks if her family was happy. Sara says she got everyone, except the man she married. A girl’s parents only marry her for money; they forget their daughter would have to bear this man. Her husband also married under family pressure, he wasn’t interested in any woman in life for more than two months. They only shared a relation for two months, Allah blessed her with a beautiful daughter but she was staying in that house as only Fatima’s mother. She never wanted Fatima to be parted away from her father, but now she wants to live. She got shifted here. He has bought this apartment; her papa’s business was spoiled. After shifting here and meeting him, there is positivity in life. She is glad to have got a chance to apologize him; maybe she could never stay happy for hurting him. Fatima comes to terrace and calls Sara inside. Haarib gives his card to Sara. Sara says it’s really difficult to handle Fatima sometimes. Haarib felt sorry for everything that happened to her.

In the room, Fatima threw everything around. She shouts at Sara that she doesn’t like her and questions who the uncle she was sitting with. She wanted to speak to her father, and complain about Sara. She asks if she would be with her friends, while Fatima left her friends. Sara was left speechless.

Shabnam gets a call from Shama, and taunts she tried her best still Khurram has found her house. Shabnam asks why Khurram didn’t come inside. Shama assures they would all come to her. Shabnam says alright, they must call her before coming. She warns them not to speak about the matter she doesn’t want to discuss. Shama comes out, her husband was sarcastic and asks her to leave them alone. Shama wasn’t ready to leave them, would keep an eye over them. Khurram comes to stop their argument. Shama tells Khurram that Shabnam invited them to her place, and this time she would immediately ask for his proposal for Aan.

Sara was sitting in her room and calls Haarib. She tells him that Fatima is really angry, she disliked her being with him. Haarib asks to meet her, he would handle her; how she even thought about it. He asks for some time to think about a solution.

NEXT EPISODE: Sara shouts at her husband to be thoughtful of himself only. Haarib asks Aan to go to Sara’s place together. In the restaurant, Sara complains Haarib for bringing a stranger home. Aan tells Haarib that Sara still feels for him. Haarib clarifies to Sara his feelings have changed over time, Sara insists she needs him.

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