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Safeer calls his mother that he is missing her, Samia wakes up and comes to him. She taunts it’s a must for him to speak twice. Safeer says ammi is really punctual in this regard, today she called because she was missing him else he calls her. He is her son, and its her right; she spent her life in much hardships. His father had died only after 7 months of marriage, when he was about to be born. Samia says it must be a difficult time for her. Safeer tells her she never married, though she was only 25. Samia suggests she must be very strong. Safeer says he can never see her in pain, then asks her about breakfast. Samia replies his favorite spicy omelette, but he must prepare coffee himself.

Saba comes to ask Saman why she didn’t wake her up upon Irtiza’s call. Saman says she was asleep and looked really cute, then asks if she would take brownies. Saba abruptly replies no, and leaves. Amma asks Saba why she is so silent, Saba replies they all like Saman so she is practicing to be with her. She was jealous that Saman is better than her in everything; she is good at studies, cooks well and has good ethics. Amma interrupts why she is being so curt, Saman is her sister and loves her dearly. Saba says since her arrival they all like her, mama always want her to be like Saman. Today Irtiza called, he spoke to Saman only and disconnected. Amma says he wanted to inquire about family’s well being; Saman was coincidently near to phone. Saba leaves complaining they always side Saman. Amma stops her saying sisters have no comparisons, she would ask her mother not to scold her much. Saba wish Ansar and Talat hadn’t died, Saman would have stayed there.

Saba was working on computer; Saman brings her a tray full of food as midnight fiest. She says Saba doesn’t like vegetables, so she thought about making this all. Saba looks down and thanks her, while eating French fries. Saman asks how is it, Saba replies its really good and feels bad about herself.

Maliha asks Shafique when will Irtiza return. Malika asks him to marry Irtiza now, he would be 35 soon. Shafique says he only wants to look after business for a while now; still they would speak to him. Saba runs downstairs to watch her gifts excited. She cheers watching perfume, Irtiza says it’s for Saman as he didn’t know about her choices. Saman thanks him formally. Saba lay in her bed thinking about Irtiza and Saman’s stare. Saman complains it’s so hot, she can’t concentrate on her studies. Saba sits up at once saying she wants to take her perfume, and in return she can take her sun glasses. Saman says she can always share her perfume, she would love this; there is no possessiveness in sisters. Saba comes behind her apologetic, as she was only testing her love. Saman says it was a petty thing to test her love.

In the kitchen, Saman tells Saba every girl looked at Irtiza in university, he is such a heartthrob. Saba says he is aware of everything and is the reason he goes to university. Saman minds, Saba asks why she felt bad for him. Saman scolds her to jerk the thought. At night, Saba lay in bed when Saman wakes her up, she shares that when in US Irtiza was just like a cousin but since she came here Irtiza has taken great care of her. She confirms if Saba thinks he loves her. Saba says she is always in front of Irtiza, still she is asking. Saman confirms again? Saba holds her hand assuring anyone can like her. Saman says Irtiza is really handsome, charming, intelligent and a loveable person; she can’t believe such people exist. Saba turns around, thinking his eyes are filled with happiness and life. Saba thinks she knows much more than Saman can tell her.

Saba brings coffee for Irtiza. He thanks her saying he was just missing this. Saba complains why he didn’t bring perfume for her. Irtiza assures he would get one next time. She offers him the coffee. Saman comes to the room, and suggests Saba to gift him something jointly on his birthday. She has known about everyone’s choice except Irtiza. Saba lay motionless until Saman sleeps. She then sits up thinking Irtiza loves tulips, white roses as white is his favorite, Ghalib’s poetry and rain; she has opted everything he likes. Saman can never love him like hers, Saman can’t love him equal to hers even in many lives.

The next morning, Saman comes to kitchen asking Saba if she thought about any gift for Irtiza. Saba says she already bought one for him, Saman says she didn’t share. Saba boasts she has been gifting him since childhood. At night, Irtiza comes to Saba asking if she is sleepless, did she fell in love. Saba inquires why he is awake. Irtiza straightens up saying he has seriously fallen in love; he wanted to tell her since so long. He wonders why is he telling her about it, does she know whom he is talking about? Saba was lost, and then smiles nodding. Irtiza hugs her and hurries inside; he then return in excitement. Saba tries to control her happiness.

Saba was dressed in white, she writes a letter for Irtiza and takes the bunch of tulips to go to him. She hears Saman was already in Irtiza’s room wishing him, Irtiza says he didn’t even remember; every year Saba reminded him but this time she did. Saman asks what he needs as gift, Irtiza asks what if he asks her from herself. He likes her lot is half the truth, complete truth is that he loves her. Saba was taken aback and walks back to her room. Irtiza tells Saman he never got someone like her in his life, he wants to spend his whole life with her; would she be with him? Saman nods smiling. Saba cries beside a wall, recalling her moments with Irtiza.

Saba cries in front of her friend that only she can sacrifice her life for Irtiza. She would die without Irtiza. Shiza asks her to control herself, she doesn’t understand whom she is talking about. Saba says she would die if she doesn’t get Irtiza. Shiza assures no one can snatch Irtiza from her, and asks whom she is talking about. While Saba was getting in the car, Shiza says Saba can’t change the reality that Irtiza likes Saman; its better she accepts this bitter truth.

At tea time, Irtiza shares with elders that he wants to get married to Saman. Malika and Shafique were happy, while Amma was intrigued. Maliha was sure Saman won’t have any objection. Irtiza says if Saman has no problem, he wants to marry at once. Saba hears Maliha speak to Saman about the proposal; Saman says she would be happy at Maliha and Shafique’s decision. Maliha blesses her, and shares her happiness that Saman would stay with her always. Later Maliha was upset that Saba has fever, she wonders how she would take Saman and Irtiza for shopping. She selects the dress with Amma. Maliha confirms if Saman seems happy, Amma says both are. Maliha leaves for shopping.

In Saba’s room, Amma asks if she has ever thought how much they have suffered. Saba only speaks she has loved Irtiza dearly, she can read his face, his eyes and mind. She cries her heart wants an uprising, Amma says love is taken as a reward, a gift. Saba cries hugging Amma that she only wants Irtiza. Amma tells Saba that Saman is her sister, is her Saba jealous of her sister’s happiness? Saba denies. Amma advises her to congratulate Saman and hug her.

During the function, Saba tells a friend she is with both Saman and Irtiza’s side. Saba fakes a smile. Amma offers Saba a seat near Saman. Saman tells Saba she is really happy, Saba prays she always stay happy. Saman was in disbelief that getting love is so easy; Saba says only a few in this world get their love. Saman says she has begun to speak like elders, Saba says she has grown up.

Saba performs in wedding, a stranger notices her tears. During the wedding, Saba comes to the room throwing her jewelry off. Amma comes to her concerned.

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