Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 2 29th October 2016 Written Update

Khuda Mera Bhi Hai – Episode 2 29th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

The next morning, Zain comes to breakfast table ready for office. Hassan says they go to office at 9 and its 8 only, someone is in a hurry to go to office. Zain says his watch ticks 9.30 actually. Hassan asks Zain if he should speak about it, Zain says he needs to speak to Mahgul first, then confirms if she would agree. Hassan says it depends how he speaks to her, she isn’t a normal girl and not everyone can manage her. In love, a person overlook a number of practicalities of life; if he can come through her attitude he must go on. Mahgul is strong, sometimes men doesn’t like such strength. Hassan was ready to make up Arshi, she gets angry soon but loves him and would agree.

Mahgul gets a call about her feature for appreciation. In the meeting in office, Hassan appreciates Mahgul for this idea about feature. Hassan suggests about planning a dinner tomorrow. Zain asks her a dinner tonight.

At night, Zain comes to restaurant with flower bouqet hidden behind him. She asks where he left him, he presents her with flowers and chocolates. She asks how he knows she loves this chocolate. Zain says he saw its wrappers in her car. Mahgul suggests either he is keen observer or has kept an eye over her, Zain replies the latter one. She asks to order.

Mahgul was selecting her clothes, Saman come there. Mahgul fights with her that no one invited her, why she came over. Saman apologizes Mahgul as she can live with anything but not her. They make up. Saman asks how Zain is, and notices Mahgul blushing. Mahgul makes up to let it go and head towards deciding her clothes.

In the dinner, Zain was awaiting Mahgul. Hassan tells Mahgul’s mother that Zain likes Mahgul, she was really happy about it and left it over Mahgul. Arshi joins them, the ladies share some curt compliments. Mahgul arrive with Sanam and the slum girl. Arshi wonders why she brought this girl. Mahgul greets her mother who hugs her tight. Mahgul introduces her to Sona. Zain brings her towards Hassan, Arshi leaves their side. During the dinner, Mahgul takes the amplifier; she thanks H as her teacher and mentor, someone just said what it is about covering a single story and one must work for its improvisation. She announces she is adopting Sona today. Arshi stares at her curtly.

At home, Mahgul’s mother scolds her about taking such a huge decision. Mahgul says she isn’t bring Sona home, she would only take her expenses. Sanam seconds Mahgul but was scolded. Mahgul breaks into laughter, Sanam laughs back. Mahgul asks her mother to think for once if this decision is wrong? Her mother also laughs.

In the office, Mahgul comes to office where Zain was staring at a painting. He says the tides of sea are so restless. Arshi watch them stand together. Zain tells Mahgul he is really restless these days, and wants peace. He holds her hands asking her a right to call her Mahi instead of Mahgul. She smiles and leaves.

There, Arshi angry enraged that Zain proposed a girl she dislikes, it is impossible they go to ask for her proposal. Zain says this is his life, he respects her but he likes Mahgul. Arshi interrupts Hassan that today Zain is confronting her, tomorrow Zahid would. Zain tries to make her up, as he is requesting her. Arshi says this isn’t a toy, chocolate or sports car. Mahgul has even adopted a girl today; he won’t be able to live with her. Her confidence would become a problem for him in married life. She ends the discussion and leave.

Sanam was excited about dressing up. Mahgul was worried about Arshi’s reaction. Mahgul’s mother comes outside, asking if everything is fine and why is Sanam here so early. Sanam says she is just ill, they share some whispers. Mahgul tells her mother finally that Zain proposed her. Her mother questions Mahgul what she wants, Mahgul finally says she think she like him, he is a nice guy. Her mother had the same doubt about Arshi, and then asks her not to be as weak as to take it up as burden. One thing, they won’t put Arshi, and respect their self respect. She gives Mahgul one hour to reach the office

Mahgul arrives at office, Zain greets her saying he thought she won’t come today. Mahgul suggests he should have called. Zain requests to go outside as he needs to speak to her. She notices he was stressed, then sits there. Mahgul speaks first that Arshi dislikes her, Zain insists he likes her. Mahgul discuss she doesn’t want it to be forceful, then share its such a feeling for the first time so she is a bit nervous. Zain asks if she doesn’t trust her, Mahgul says it takes time and they haven’t spent much. Zain says she looks really confused for the first time, he would take care of Arshi.

At night, Hassan and Arshi discuss about Kamaal’s dinner. Arshi suggests about taking a proposal for his daughter. Hassan says Zain’s consent is important. Arshi says even Hassan didn’t want to marry her but his cousin. Hassan was annoyed, as she is dead now and later Arshi won his love. Arshi comes to apologizes Hassan; she explains he doesn’t understand so she got angry. Hassan says she can’t ruin her son’s life because of her ego issues. She replies she has no ego issues, but Hassan argues he know her since last 28 years. Arshi agrees to take that girl’s proposal, but she isn’t the one worth making homes. Hassan requests her to shed away all her insecurities.

Mahgul’s mother was conducting a seminar on women’s right, Arshi also sat as guest. Mahgul also arrive there and hugs her. At lunch, Mahgul assures her mother that she is fine. She tells her mother that she is practical and realizes marriages are between families. Her mother says she can’t see her sad. Later, Mahgul turns to leave the hostel when Sona comes and hug her. Mahgul assures this place is better than wandering on roads, she tells Sona she is keeping her here for stitching and studies, to give her a respectable life. She assures she would pick her up every fifteen days, then she may either stay with her or with her aunt.

Mahgul comes to office and find a box of cupcakes, she takes her mobile out to call Zain who was in gym. He questions if she liked cup cakes. She asks how he came to know she likes them, Zain says when he has loved her, he must know her likes. Mahgul was happy about his creativity, then wonders till when he would keep changing himself for her. He replies till he lives. Mahgul was insecure if he would be able to live with her. Zain says marriages are made with compromises, some from her and some from him. Mahgul says next time he should bring more cupcakes, he promises to come to their place tomorrow.

Mahgul returns home, her mother was receiving Arshi’s call and invites her for tea the next day. Mahgul smiles sitting beside her. Her mother asks why she is smiling, Mahgul asks why is she? Her mother asks her to go and change, Mahgul finally asks whose call it was. Her mother asks why is she asking when she know already. Mahgul confirms if she is happy, her mother replies every mother is happy with their daughter. Mahgul requests her for some shopping.

The next morning, Zahid arrives and gives Arshi a surprise. She was pleased, Zahid explains there was a reason behind Hassan getting late for office. Arshi denies going with Hassan now, as she has to spend some time with boys. Zahid was happy about Zain’s proposal. Arshi says Zain has created a tension.

NEXT EPISODE: Mahgul and Zain’s wedding.

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