Teri Chah Mein – Episode 14 26th October 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 14 26th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Amber and Zara speak in the room, Amber was sure Mehwish won’t let her stay here but Zara assures Faisal would speak to her. Amber thinks why Zara is being on her side, instead of being with her mother. Fatima comes to Zara, Zara apologizes as there are guests at home but Fatima had come to invite her for her birthday in the evening. Zara brings juice for Mehwish, Mehwish cries shouting at her to go away. Zara replies everyone gets what’s in one’s luck, Mehwish must accept the reality as she did earlier. Mehwish scolds her to go away, and tells Faisal she did a lot for him, lost her husband, her young son, and disgrace of the world. Faisal accuses Mehwish of not trusting him about Zara, but she suspected his love. Mehwish asks Faisal to decide, either to leave me or her. Faisal decisively says he would neither leave her, not Amber.

At home, Fatima hurries the preparations and waits for Zara. Zara sat in her room recalling Kashif and her father, then Mehwish’s reaction over Faisal’s marriage with Amber. Amber comes to Mehwish in the hall and explains she never wanted to come here. Mehwish says its not about being here, but in Faisal’s life; she has been unjust with her in marrying Faisal and snatched her husband. She asks Amber to leave Faisal’s life; Amber asks where she would go? Mehwish says what she is considering as love is only an emotional decision. Faisal comes to clarify it wasn’t an emotional decision, and he isn’t weak at his decisions. For him, marrying Mehwish wasn’t easy still he did, now he has married Amber and this decision would also not change; its better Mehwish accepts this decision. Mehwish cries alone.

Zara arrives for Fatima’s birthday, and asks about other guests. Fatima says she celebrated with friends in school; Faizan gives a cap for Zara.

At night, Mehwish was still crying when Faisal comes to her. He asks why she is hurting herself by crying. Mehwish says he has given her these tears, its not easy for her that she stays in front of her. Faisal accuses Mehwish of sending him away from here, he won’t leave Amber and its better she accept this truth. He takes her hand to bring her to dinner table. On the table, Zara serves Amber and asks what she can cook. Mehwish turns away from door watching Amber there.

Late at night, Amber asks Zara if she really didn’t like her marriage with Faisal. Zara asks why she would. Amber explains it was all because of conditions. Zara says couples are made in heavens, and they had to marry. Amber agrees there has been some injustice with Mehwish in all this. Zara was sure Mehwish would adjust in time. She asks Amber to stay happy and not overthink, then takes a leave to sleep.

Faizan narrates a story to Fatima at bed time. Fatima finally feels sleepy, Faizan kiss her forehead and tells her to sleep.

Mehwish sat in her room, thinking about Faisal’s accusations over her. There, Amber was sitting confused. Faisal asks if she isn’t sleepy, she says she is really uncomfortable. She shares with Faisal that Zara is calm with her even when Mehwish wasn’t fine. Faisal says Zara is really sensible, she understands the situation. Amber asks if Zara didn’t react about Mehwish and his marriage. Faisal says she didn’t even speak to Mehwish for so many days, then accepted their relation and takes care of them.

Late at night, Mehwish knocks at the door calling Faisal then comes to push Amber out of the house. She insists on Faisal to decide, either she would stay here or Amber would. Faisal says alright, in the morning Amber will leave this house but he would also go. Mehwish questions how he will leave her, he can’t leave her alone. Faisal takes Mehwish outside, leaving Amber stunned. In the room, Faisal tells Mehwish to speak to him; her behavior isn’t good with Amber as she is his wife. Mehwish asks him not to repeat it in front of him. He tells Mehwish to take her medicines and sleep. Mehwish asks Faisal to leave, she won’t take any medicines.

The next morning, Mehwish wakes up at once. Zara informs Mehwish that Faisal and Amber have left for office, and offers her breakfast. Zara says she was hungry; still she won’t eat as well. Zara asks why she is hurting herself. Mehwish accuses Zara of keeping Amber in her house, and asks why she doesn’t throw her out. She considers Zara as her biggest enemy. In a restaurant, Amber asks Faisal to find an apartment. Faisal says he can’t leave, because of Zara. Amber complains she is suffocating there. Faisal asks her to give him some time, he loved her and held her an ideal and married her; but there was always a vacant space that Amber has fulfilled. Amber asks if it was his mistake to marry Mehwish, Faisal doesn’t want to discuss this but promises Amber not to leave her.

Mehwish watches Zara playing with Fatima. She asks who this is, Fatima tells her about her name. Zara says she is a neighbor and a friend. She asks if she has a problem with Fatima as well. Mehwish says she has a problem with her pride, if she has forgotten about all the sacrifices she has given for them? Zara replies she has ruined them. Mehwish asks about Faisal, Zara tells her to call Faisal herself. Mehwish thinks she won’t call Faisal, then thinks about speaking to him else she would lose Zara and Faisal as well.

At home, Faisal returns tired while Mehwish was getting ready. She asks Faisal to go out for dinner. Zara brings tea for Faisal and compliments Mehwish. Faisal says they are planning a dinner, and tells Mehwish they would go after he change.

Amber tells Zara she was really afraid to return home out of Mehwish’s fear but Mehwish appears to be calm. Zara says she already told her that Mehwish would adjust. Amber discuss about her proposal. Zara says she idealized someone since childhood, so she can’t like someone so easily. Amber asks whom she idealized. Zara tells Amber she was engaged with Faisal since childhood, she will now only marry when she get someone like Faisal. Amber was left stunned.

In the restaurant, Mehwish asks Faisal to leave Amber. Faisal says he won’t, and doesn’t want to discuss this.
At home, Amber feels bad for Zara for whatever Mehwish did.

Amber opens the door to Faizan, they were pleased to see each other. Zara calls Faizan inside. Amber and Faizan were older colleagues; Zara brings Fatima’s toys to him. Faizan takes a leave. Zara asks about his wife’s death, Amber says his wife got cancer that couldn’t be treated. He loved her wife dearly; he might have died if his daughter wasn’t there. He is really a nice man.

Zara was excited to hear from Tahir about his arrival. He asks her to come here. Zara says she has huge responsibilities; she also wants to give him a surprise but doesn’t disclose. Mehwish thinks about taking a leave from college. Faisal says if she is tired, she must. Mehwish again discuss him about leaving Amber. Faisal insists on her to understand her husband, but she isn’t getting over it.

Faisal comes to Amber, and confirms if she disliked him being with Mehwish. Amber says she would never dislike, Mehwish is his first love and she must understand him. This must all be very difficult for Mehwish. Faisal says in a trance, he wants the time to stay here. Amber wants this time to fly over, so that everything get well.

NEXT EPISODE: Faizan gets Fatima ready. Zara comes to take Fatima. Zara asks Mehwish why she has a problem with everyone, Mehwish was upset that everyone has a problem with her. Faizan discuss with Amber that no one can be a mother to Fatima, Amber suggests Zara’s proposal. Faisal was happy with this. Mehwish insults Faizan for being too old for Zara and asks him to leave, Zara stops him from behind Mehwish.

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