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Sobia brings Zarbab to a mental asylum. Arif sat speaking to himself, he is with Rania. Sobia tells Zarbab he is here till three years, she got to know about it when she returned. He is much better. Zarbab says he was quite well when he had left, Sobia says she has a single name for his condition that is a mother’s curse. She cries silently. At night, Sobia tells Zarbab he was always jealous. Ammi loved Zarbab, and Arif was always envious of him. Zarbab says he always considered Sobia and Arif as his own children, Sobia says Arif always found ways to downtrodden Elma in front of him and ammi. His doctors’ say whenever he is conscious he apologizes Elma. Zarbab considers Arif responsible for ruining his life. Javeria tells Zarbab he himself is responsible, he suspected Elma because of Javeria; Elma was pious and belonged to him but he always remained a stranger for her. Zarbab comes to meet Arif again. Zarbab walked alone on streets, recalling his family’s behavior towards Elma, and Elma’s devotion towards them.

Seema was sitting beside Elma when Elma begins to struggle with breathing. Neha hurries towards her and calls the nurse, then goes to call Ramish to take her to hospital. In the ambulance, they all sat silently. Zarbab watches an ambulance passing on the way, Ramish watches Zarbab standing on the way. In the hospital, doctors inspect Elma. Zarbab comes to the door, Neha informs Ramish about Zarbab’s arrival and asks him to let him meet Elma, and she has been waiting Zarbab for all these years. She opens the door for Zarbab. Zarbab calls Elma’s name, asking if he is worth her forgiveness. Then replies himself that he lost this right a long time ago, she has a huge heart, he know she would forgive him; he has no words to say today. Ramish leaves the room. He says he is here leaving his world, she must return for him and their Afnan. Neha speaks to Elma that Zarbab has returned, she cries for Elma to open her eyes. Elma begins to breathe heavily, Neha rushes outside to call the doctors. They send them all out of the room. Zarbab calls from outside that Elma can’t leave without forgiving him, he cries loud. Ramish also comes towards the door.

The doctors leave hopeless and apologize for not being able to save Elma. Neha and Seema run towards Elma, mourning. Ramish stood broken.

Ramish stood at Elma’s grave when Zarbab arrives. Ramish says Zarbab didn’t reply once when she was waiting for him; now she doesn’t need him. Zarbab replies he needs Elma, she must have forgiven him. He then apologizes Ramish joining his hands, he has been repenting. Ramish tells him to go, as he has forgiven him, only because Elma must have forgiven him. Zarbab asks about his son, Ramish forbids him take his name even. He could forgive Zarbab for Elma but not for Afnan, he isn’t worth being forgiven by a son and leaves.

In the evening, Zarbab cries watching a photo of Elma. Neha comes questioning why he has these tears, Elma is smiling. There is a difference between the court of world and time; when he announced his verdict Elma’s eyes had tears and today time has done justice, these tears are in Zarbab’s eyes. Zarbab says he came to apologize them. Neha says his matters were with Elma, she can never forgive him. It’s time’s verdict that he would never get peace. Afnan comes to the room with Ramish, he comes to Zarbab forbidding him to cry and be strong. Neha says this is his son, Afnan. Zarbab cries hugging Afnan tightly.

Neha sat in the lawn, crying when Ramish joins her. She asks why Elma got the punishment. Ramish says Zarbab got punished, he would not get peace until he lives; Elma would be happy up there and assures Neha that Elma is really happy. He wipes her tears, demanding her not to cry. He holds her hand, and asks her that they must learn to smile as well; Elma also wished so, and then hugs Neha.

In the office, Zarbab comes to meet Ramish. Ramish asks why he came here. Zarbab states he wants to take his son. Ramish questions if he knows what he is saying. Zarbab says Afnan is his blood, he wants to fulfill his duties as a father. Ramish asks if he hasn’t forgotten, this is the same son he disowned and left Elma for this. Zarbab accepts he never fulfilled his duties towards Elma, Afnan is his son and he wants to give his rights. Ramish says Elma gave Afnan’s hands to him. Zarbab insists he would take his son along; he stands up and warns to go to court against Ramish. Ramish says alright, he would see him in the court.

At night, Neha decisively tells Ramish she won’t hand Afnan to Zarbab. Ramish fears if Zarbab goes to court, court would give Afnan’s custody to Zarbab. Neha doesn’t understand, but Ramish says they can’t keep Afnan after Zarbab’s demand. Neha cries that she holds Afnan dear as a son, they were tied in this relation only because of Afnan; where would they stand in this relation. Ramish agrees to Neha, but their emotions have no value in court. Its better they let Zarbab take Afnan with him.

Zarbab comes to meet Ramish, Neha brings Afnan. Ramish sends Afnan to shake hand with Zarbab as he is his Baba. He tells Afnan that he must go with Zarbab, and promises to meet him weekly. He also advices him to abide by what his Baba says. Zarbab asks Afnan if he would go with him. Afnan runs back to Ramish, and cries he isn’t his Baba. He runs inside, denying living with him. Ramish comes to Afnan, Zarbab requests Afnan to listen to him but Afnan hugs Ramish and says I love you Baba and will never leave you. Ramish questions Zarbab, if he still wants to take Afnan with him. Zarbab requests Afnan to listen to him, Afnan denies accepting any of Zarbab’s demands. Zarbab says may be he is right, he must leave; he rejected Afnan’s mother, her love, trust and loyalty; its his punishment that his own son rejected him today. Zarbab takes their permission to meet Afnan sometime, Ramish allows. Zarbab leaves. Elma appears on a side, smiling towards Ramish’s family.

This was the last episode

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