Choti Si Zindagi – Episode 3 25th October 2016 Written Update

Choti Si Zindagi – Episode 3 25th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Urwa calls Furqan to take his permission for a study trip to Multan. Furqan was happy he took his consent, and instructs Urwa to meet his uncle Irfan in Multan. Urwa notes the address. They have fun on the way. Urwa comes to meet Irfan in Multan. He recognizes Fari and asks about Zubaida, Fari says she has gone to a Milad. He then asks about Amena, Fari says she is on the roof to spread clothes and come inside. Fari stands in front of him, Urwa wonders if Amena is drying clothes of whole neighborhood. Fari and Amena both laugh. Amena walks downstairs cautiously; Fari wasn’t ready to leave as Amena signals her. Amena at once drop the bucket, Urwa stands up at once. Amena breaks into laughter watching Fari while Urwa gets concious. She then runs inside the room, wondering if this is Urwa. She wonders what she must do. Fari comes to call her outside, Amena asks what if he scolds her? She asks what she must reply Urwa? Outside, Urwa was waiting for Amena, frustrated and calls Amena as he is getting late. Amena sends Fari to tell him she is preparing tea. Urwa scolds Fari to go inside and call Amena outside, as he needs to meet her and is getting late. Fari begins to cry, Amena wonders if he still misbehaves. Urwa joins hands to Fari, Amena again breaks into laughter. There is a knock at the door, Zubeda was shocked to see Urwa and pleasantly receives him. She goes to call Irfan in neghbourhood, Irfan arrives then asking if Urwa came. Irfan says Furqan called him already. Zubeda goes to get tea.

Naghma asks Sohail why he is avoiding her, he flirted him till yesterday. Sohail clarifies that his choices have changed. A man may please his friends by complimenting them. Naghma was weepy that she considers him as everything for her. Her heart is a witness that he would only complete her life, she would die if she doesn’t get him. Sohail leaves the decision to her, and takes a leave from her.

Amena stood lost in her thoughts in kitchen. Zubaida asks why is she boiling so much water, as if to bath someone. She then instructs her to pour samosa and jalebi. She then forbids Amena to come in front of him, as he is her fiancé. During tea, Irfan was happy to meet Urwa. Zubaida serves him with tea, while Imra offers him samosas.

In the evening, Sohail avoided the sounds of nausea. He asks Urwa why he doesn’t spit everything that would relieve his stomach pain. Sohail asks Urwa how Amena is, did he see her? Urwa was lost in the glance of her, and says Amena has grown up. He gets stomach ache again. Sohail suggests about going to doctor.

Amena was studying in kitchen when she smells the burning curry. Zubeda comes to scold her about burning the tea, and snatches her magazine. She hits Amena for being careless and irresponsible. Amena denies marrying him. Zubeda instructs her to prepare tea again.

Azra comes to inquire Urwa’s health with a bouquet for him. Sohail claps in a taunting way. Azra asks what had he taken, and was annoyed at Sohail for speaking so much. Sohail was about to tell Azra what he ate, but Urwa interferes. Sohail then makes up his father is ill and he took a tension. Azra suggests a doctor, but Urwa makes up he is fine now. Azra demands Urwa to let her meet his father whenever he comes here. Sohail replies his father would specially come to meet her.

Amena returns from school, Zubeda comes to scold her about eating turmarind. Amena complains that Zubeda objects everything. Zubeda says Sakina called her today to ask if Amena works at home. Amena says she doesn’t want to marry? Zubeda assures they would marry her after four or five years, Amena cheers and requests to let her eat turmarind. Zubeda leaves.

In the room, Urwa asks why Sohail told Azra about his health. Sohail forbids him to think much about his life, his situations would not take time to change.

Amena comes to Fari to appreciate her doll’s dresses. She sits to stitch it with her. Zubeda comes to scold her for playing with doll, and instead takes her to knead the flour. Amena was unable to make bread; Fari comes to call Amena for doll’s wedding play. Zubeda scolds Amena not to go there; the sisters share a teasing smile and leave. Amena fights with the groom doll’s owner about not giving her doll.

In a restaurant, Azra asks Urwa how he feels while being with her. Urwa says it feels nice. Azra shares she likes being in this place. He was silent. Azra asks if he miss someone whom he dearly loves and he isn’t with him. Urwa replies sometimes, he miss Sohail in hostel room; sometimes his mother. Azra laughs. Urwa asks her to leave, it’s really late. Azra asks about finishing her tea.

In the campus, Sohail brings a flower for a girl flirting with her. Naghma awaits Sohail on staircase, and was ready to shout at him. Sohail puts the flower in the hair of the girl, and behind her he flirts with another girl. A girl reaches Naghma and tells her about Sohail flirting with Fouzia, Naghma goes towards him. Sohail and Urwa were together; Azra joins them and asks about Urwa. Urwa replies he is fine, Azra hands him Khichdi and qualifies her cook prepared it for him. Sohail advices her to learn cook something, may be her future husband isn’t able to afford a cook. They head towards canteen.

In the mess, Sohail was eating Khichdi. Urwa was worried that Azra is much concerned about him. Sohail suggests him to enjoy the fruit, but Urwa sense something wrong. Sohail tells him to go and inform Azra about his engagement in village. Sohail tells Urwa to break his engagement, as it never takes time. Urwa smiles that Sohail gets him rid of all tensions. Naghma comes to hold Sohail’s collar and shouts at him for flirting Fouzia. Sohail tries to make her up, Naghma warns him about suiciding if he again speaks to Fouzia. Sohail forbids her, and offers to kill her. Naghma warns he would regret about it. Sohail tries to calm the environment, while Urwa was tensed.

NEXT EPISODE: Zubeda asks Irfan what they would think if they demand marriage at once. Azra tells Urwa she wants him to meet her father. Urwa was fascinated by her huge house. He gets Furqan’s letter about being ill.

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