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Aan comes to a special children school with Haarib. She mingles with the children there, and promise to bring their gifts on Sunday. She introduces them all to Haarib. The children ask if he is the prince Aan narrated a story about, who freed her from a castle. Aan takes the children to class room to narrate a story. A girl tells Haarib Aan taught them never to lose hope. Aan makes the children close their eyes to thank Allah again. While walking outside, Haarib thanks Aan to teach him not take his life for granted. Aan says she doesn’t do anything, she just visit here for hours; the people actually working here are really dedicated, they haven’t married to serve these children. She introduces him to a lady who didn’t marry only to be here with these children.

On their way back, Haarib tells Aan he is really relaxed. Aan was happy watching him smile. Haarib gives the credit to her, they then discuss about the blind girl Shiza. Haarib then asks where he would find a sword, Aan laughs. He explains he doesn’t have much idea about children’s things. Haarib requests to eat something there first, Aan says she is also hungry and they head for a good lunch. Aan compliments the restaurant; Haarib says her mother cooks so well. Aan accepts in families like hers there is no concept of hoteling. Haarib stares at her, complimenting her to be straight forward. She tells Aan about him about neighborhood and family. Her mother shifted to find a good proposal for her. She smiles that she made go of some good proposals only because she used to tell about her neighborhood and family. She gets a call from Shabnam, and assures to return soon. She says they didn’t go to Ayla, and wonders how she forgot to inform her. She tells Haarib she is really guilty that because of her…. Haarib interferes not to spoil her mood, as her mother must be worried. On their way out, Haarib meets Ayla’s family. They ask about Ayla, Haarib introduces Aan as their neighbor. Ayla’s mother was concerned why Ayla isn’t picking her calls.

They return silently, Aan wonders what would happen. Now Ayla’s parents would also consider them wrong. Haarib says Ayla has hidden the truth from her parents; he didn’t want anyone to point at her character only. He was guilty that such respectable people had to bear this because of him. Ayla’s parents had to know about the reality one day, he asks Aan not to worry and tell Amma he would eat dinner made from her hand. He requests her to take him to orphanage on weekend, and thanks her for opening his eyes. Aan leaves.

Salman and Ayesha were worried about Ayla at home. Ayesha says she was really ashamed of watching her son in law with some other girl. Salman suggests may be he was on some business meeting. Ayesha discuss that Ayla told her three days ago that Haarib was going to Islamabad. She asks him to speak to Haarib. He makes a call to Haarib and agrees to wait for him. They both get worried. At Ayla’s home, Shehroze and Haarib explain to Salman and Ayesha that Ayla herself wanted to break the relation. He tried his best to save this wedding. Ayesha complains that she has been excusing people for dinners even now. Haarib says Ayla wasn’t happy with him since day one, and Ayla needs professional help and psychologist. They question Haarib about Aan. Shehroze explains they are also misunderstanding Haarib; they tried their best to save this relation. Ayesha questions why they didn’t share this with him; Ayla is really rich and has been brought up in a delicate environment. Haarib confess he was mistaken in marrying Ayla, their daughter is a psychologist. If a woman hit her head on walls on wedding night… she has behaved really abnormal. Ayesha was enraged now, and sends them away. She insists she doesn’t accept this divorce deed, and ask about her daughter. Shehroze says they are unaware of her whereabouts. Haarib replies she left his home one week after wedding, they must ask her friends. Salman calms Ayesha down, as she well knows her daughter.

In the way, Shehroze discuss with Haarib that they can’t hide Ayla is his place. Haarib suggests him to inform them as soon as possible, he was silent because neither Ayla left with his permission nor he is concerned with that psychopath.

Haarib returns home and was shocked to see a girl getting her house set. He was in disbelief, Sara gets a call when she gets a call with demand for ice cream. He recall, Sara broke their relation because of his financial instability. He calls her while she passes his house towards a mart. Both were pleased to see each other, Sara exclaims he hasn’t changed in eight years. Haarib says she changed a lot. Sara asks if she doesn’t appear good now, she confess she is shocked to see him as he looks really good. Haarib compliments being rich suits her, its always suitable. Sara asks if it’s satirical. Sara accepts she has still been bearing to reject him. Sara gets a call from her daughter Fatima to get ice cream, then apologizes Haarib and take his permission to keep meeting him.

Khurram comes home to inform his mother and uncle that he has found Shabnam’s house. They were determined to go there the next day.

Haarib thinks the girl Ayla left his house for, has returned. He wishes Ayla must be taking care of herself. He remember tomorrow is Sunday, and then calls Aan to meet the kids. Aan says she was thinking about not reminding him. Haarib says it wasn’t worth forgetting, and then says he wanted to discuss another important matter but tomorrow.

In the restaurant, Aan was shocked to hear Sara shifted here, he can now tell Ayla who Sara is. Haarib wonders what good that is? Aan asks if their past love was refreshed, then laughs. She suggests him to meet Sara now; they commit mistakes in front of Allah then apologizes Him. There is always another chance. Haarib wasn’t ready to repeat his mistakes. Aan asks him to meet Sara; it would be good for him. Haarib changes the discussion to Shabnam, Aan says she is really happy these days because she has found a new proposal. Haarib asks when they are coming; Aan was happy and was ready to say a yes. Haarib asks if she has seen the guy, she laughs replying no.
Ayla gets a call from her mother that she rejects. Ayesha suggests Salman to involve police. Salman was concerned not to involve police. Ayla calls Shehroze calling him a betrayer, and asks where he is. Shehroze considers it an accusation, as she would cry now. He can’t be an idiot, to betray his own friends. She must think about her parents, he didn’t tell them about her whereabouts to save them seeing her condition. Ayla instructs him to reach here soon, she needs his help. Shehroze questions if he should help her to be disloyal to his friend, who kept him at his house. Ayla questions if he is at Haarib’s place, leaving his own house. Shehroze says that is rented house, and after two months non-payment landlord would get it vacant. Shehroze was worried, and then calls Ayesha to inform her that Ayla is living at his flat, while he is staying at Haarib’s house. Ayesha takes the address of his flat.

NEXT EPISODE: Aan requests Shabnam to return to the peace of their own neighbourhood. Sara apologizes Haarib for having left him after all those promises. Haarib tells Shehroze to ask Ayla move forward in life, as he has. Sara and Haarib were together in a garden, Fatima calls Sara home.

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