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Bin Roye – Episode 4 23rd October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Saman was reading a book when Shafique joins her; he says she must be missing Saba. Saman says Irtiza has gone to get her from Shiza’s home. Saman says she has been a good friend with Saba, and the credit goes to Saba. Shafique gets serious, and shares he wonders if his decision to give her to Ansar and Talat was a right one or not. He and Maliha always thought they sacrificed a lot, but now they feel they lost their daughter. Shafique tells her she was never far away from them, they spent a lot of nights in tears for her. Sanam assures she trust their love. Shafique wanted to bring her all the happiness in the world. Sanam gets emotional, as Shafique hugs her.

Next day, Saba returns from college and hurries towards the dining table. Amma sends her to wash her hands first.
A lady returns home asking if Safeer called, and considers him really irresponsible. She gets Safeer’s call who says he was unwell for a few days. The lady was worried about his health, and says she only bears him away from herself because he is happy with his job in US.

At night, Saba discuss with Saman that Irtiza is a nice man. Saman tells her he used to give her a lift whenever she had to return from university, he never complained. She tells her they were fast friends when in US, and used to talk to each other for hours. He is really nice. Saba calls her to sleep.

The next morning, Saba scolds Yasmeen for not waking her up, Irtiza must be late. Saman comes there saying she would take Sheerman and Kheer from last night. Saba laughs it seems she hasn’t come from US but Lucknow. Both sisters laugh. At the breakfast table, Saba and Saman come to breakfast table. Irtiza also laughs about Saman’s choice of combination. Saba was sure Irtiza won’t eat a heavy breakfast. Irtiza takes a bite saying Saman must also get a chance. Saba denies tasting.

Saman calls Saba from kitchen. Saba tells her Irtiza’s cousins are here, his uncles live in oint family. Saman joins them outside for badminton. Saman was Zafar’s side, while he played against Irtiza. Saba was upset as Irtiza loses, while he asks if Saman is happy that her brother won. Saba runs inside in a sad mood and locks herself in the room. Irtiza comes to her, and ask what happened. He insists it’s a game. Saba questions why he lost today. Irtiza says he has always won, and promises to win the next time as well. He says Saman was happy with his loss, they all need to keep her happy and calls her downstairs.

Safeer was having lunch with a lady, he suggested her to marry someone with whom she doesn’t need to do a job. He proposes her only if she accepts Islam. The lady wasn’t ready to change her religion, just for him. Safeer eats silently, and agrees to Samia that they must be practical. Samia asks to marry each other being in their own religions. Safeer says his religion doesn’t allow this, and his mother would also not be able to handle this. Samia says he must not have loved her. Safeer says he had no control over himself.

At night, Saman says Zafar is right; she is always on Irtiza’s side. Had she cried over Saman’s victory, she must be angry. Saba wanted to sleep, while Saman was in a mood to discuss about Irtiza’s cousins. She narrates a girl saying Saba would be a sister in law to Irtiza’s wife. Saman finally sleeps. Saba thinks Irtiza always won for her; today he lost for Saman without caring about herself. This was what pierced her heart for a lot of days, this reality is bitter that Irtiza loves Saman and not her. She lay upset.

The next morning, Irtiza gets into the car when Saba comes to take him upstairs in pottery. Irtiza instructs her about making a pot. Saman comes there, Saba says it’s her friend’s nephew’s birthday. Irtiza laughs that she has broken as many as she made. Saba notices Saman and Irtiza smiling, Saman says she has a test tomorrow and needs to go to a friend. Irtiza hurries to drop her, leaving Saba disturbed. A maid comes to ask if Saba is done with her pots, Saba leaves instructing her to clean the mess. In the way, Saman and Irtiza have an intense discussion. At home, Maliha scolds Saba that she is always asking about Irtiza’s time without giving him any personal life.

At night, Saman tells Saba about her visit to friend. Saba interrupts that she has a test tomorrow, and Saman is disturbing her. The next morning, Saman comes to dining table asking about driver, as she has a test. Irtiza offers to drop her, as the university lies in his way to office. On the way, Irtiza offers Saman to drop her daily, as they leave in same time. Saman discuss she realizes everyone here belongs to her. Irtiza tells her to call him anytime if she has a problem on her way back as well.

Saba was studying outdoor; Saman comes out to ask why she is studying outside. Saba replies she can do anything in her own house. Saman asks her to come along her, as she has cooked her favorite sandwiches and tea. Saba replies she isn’t hungry. Saman asks if she should bring them here. Saba was offensive that Saman is pushing her, then tells her not to disturb her as she has a test. Saman leaves silently.

Shafique and Maliha were happy about friendship between Saman and Saba.

In the room, Saba was hiding looks with Saman. Saman was worried. Saman asks if she is angry with her, and was upset Saba didn’t speak to her well in lawn and eat the sandwiches, what has she done. Saba sits up and apologizes; her mood has been off for no reason. It’s not Saman’s problem. Saman says Saba is really sweet, she thought she was alone in this world when she came here. It was Saba who let go of her negative feelings and self pity, she is greatful to her. Saba finally holds her hand, saying I love you too and they hug.

The next morning, Saba was sitting on swing when Irtiza comes to her. Saba complains no one cares for her, Irtiza suggests about going for lunch and asks her to tell Saman as well. Saba says Saman has an assignment, she was also not ready to go for lunch.

In the room, Saba scolds her friend as well, wondering why everyone treats her as child.

In the office, Irtiza suggests Shafique to start a manufacturing plant in Lahore, and shares about his homework. Shafique was happy that Irtiza wants to grow this business.

Saman was studying outdoor when Irtiza returns. He comes straight to her, Saman says she is writing a poem. He sits beside her, and wants to hear it. Saman promises to read it for him, when it’s done.

Maliha comes to announce Saman is cooking today, and has forbidden her to enter the kitchen. Amma was happy about Saman’s brought up, Saba was curt about Saman’s perfection. She watches Saman and Irtiza sitting in the lawn together, and goes to swing. She thinks Saman must return, and shouldn’t snatch from her what was always hers. At night, Saba comes to terrace where Saman was watching the moon. She says full moon looks so beautiful. Irtiza comes to inform he is going to Singapore, and asks about some demands. Saba turns her back, and says whatever he likes. Irtiza promises to bring something of his choice for Saman as well.

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