1st Episode – Khuda Mera Bhi Hai 22nd October 2016 Written Update

1st Episode – Khuda Mera Bhi Hai 22nd October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

A lady opens the door and drags another lady upstairs into a room. A man inside angrily inquires what’s this all. The lady asks who gave him a right to abuse his wife so badly. The man tells Mahgul this is their personal matter. Mahgul asks how is it personal, they were friends and Aamir even proposed Sanam through her. Mahgul says he didn’t even care about his child to be. Aamir says he didn’t kill his child, she fall down by herself; he only slapped because he was angry. Mahgul questions what would he do, if someone slaps him. She is ashamed to call him a friend, Aamir was ready to break their relationship. Mahgul turns to leave with Sanam, Aamir warns Sanam that these doors would always be closed for her if she leaves today. Mahgul says Sanam would get a lot of doors opened for herself in life.

At the airport, an old man welcomes his son.

At home, Mahgul discuss with her mother that this is ridiculous, she didn’t ever think Aamir would be such rude. Her mother says in families like theirs too there is domestic violence. But Mahgul got impulsive by taking a huge decision for Sanam, it must have been her mothers and Sanam’s only. Mahgul wasn’t ready to accept Sanam should have covered this violence up. Her mother says creating relations is an art, only woman can understand this and not men. Her mother laughs that not normal man can live with someone like Mahgul, Mahgul discuss this is why her mother didn’t compromise with daddy. Her mother asks her to take her to Sanam’s place when Aamir’s family comes there. Mahgul was sure, he would only bring that silly Mrs. Arshi.

Walking out of the airport, the old man gifts an expensive car to his son. They cheerfully leave the airport. The son asks if he must go to office, daddy says they have a dinner with his mother in the evening. In the evening, he comes to greet his mother and complains he was at home, only she was in the party. The mother asks why is he being sarcastic, and holds her husband responsible to ruin both their sons. The son tells her not to blame Zahid as he isn’t even here and informs his parents he has permanently returned. The lady tells her husband that Sonia’s daughter in law has again left home, and his favorite employee and Sonia’s friend Mahgul has a role in that. He was sure it must be Aamir’s fault, as Mahgul doesn’t bear something wrong.

The next morning in office, Mahgul comes to the office and Zain Hassan’s father introduces him them. He then introduces him with Mahgul as photojournalist, very attractive and charming. He then requests Mahgul to show Pakistan to Zain. Mahgul fix a time for tomorrow. Later, father and son discuss that Zain’s mother’s tension is going to increase about Mahgul and laugh.

Mahgul comes to Sanam who sat at home lost, she was crying that she doesn’t want to live anymore. Mahgul speaks to Sanam that she is a psychologist, and fixes others problems. Sanam wonders why he did this to her? Mahgul asks if she is angry with her for forcefully bringing her, Sanam says relations aren’t broken so easily, then people and their talks. Mahgul asks who said what? Sanam questions who would she fight for her, and cries hugging her. Sanam’s mother comes angry at Mahgul about misbehaving with Aamir. Mahgul was offensive, Sanam holds Mahgul’s hand. Sanam’s mother angrily scolds Mahgul for not sharing the truth. Mahgul says they have been sensible for last three years, but this time her daughter’s child has died because of Aamir. Sanam cried holding her head badly.

At night, Mahgul stops a girl who was cleaning car glass on a signal. She fixes a shoot with her the next day.

The next day, Sonia discuss with Sanam’s mother that Aamir is ready to apologize. Zain’s mother (Arshi) asks them to finish the matter up. She asks if there is someone else pushing them and looks towards Mahgul. Mahgul clears her throat, then stands up spilling the tea over Arshi’s dress. Mahgul turns to apologize; Arshi asks if this stain would go with her apology. Mahgul replies this stain would never go, and that’s exactly her point. Sanam’s bruises would go away, but she would never forgive Aamir. Sonia accuses Sanam’s mother for being silent and leave. Mahgul sits with her and apologizes, she has been crying because of her behavior. Sanam’s mother replies she isn’t crying for her behavior, she is upset because she was unaware of her daughter’s pains. Mahgul assures time would heal, and she is standing with her.

Mahgul’s mother was cooking in frustration. Mahgul returns to suggest what happened with the cook, her mother says he was wiping his sweat with his own hand and cooking with the same. Mahgul wonders what must be the hygiene when they go out to eat. She says alright, they won’t go out anymore, but couldn’t cook at home daily as well. Mahgul laughs. They discuss about Zain’s arrival, and Mahgul’s duty to show him Pakistan. Mahgul smiles he is really cool and handsome. Her mother complains about not taking her to Sanam’s place. Mahgul replies she was enough for them, she gave a lecture to Arshi by throwing tea over her dress. Her mother forbids her to misbehave, she is her boss’s wife and that cool boy’s mother as well. Mahgul wonders if she should get angry with her? Her mother asks if she told Hina (Sanam’s mother) the truth, Mahgul says yes. She then complains her mother for being late for food. Her mother says they would eat at Hina’s home.

The next morning, Mahgul and Zain go together in her foxy. Mahgul allows Zain to drive, and say this is the first time. She brings him to meet her friend Sona and calls the car washing girl. She introduces herself with her friend and takes her along in the car. In the beauty salon, they get her makeup in school uniform. Zain comes to stand beside her, and asks about its purpose. She tells him to sit and wait.

At home, Hassan (Zain’s father) was eating popcorn while watching television. Zain returns home, Hassan asks if he has eaten something. Zain says he was saved, else he must have eaten in slums. Mahgul is crazy, she is different and has good point of views. He likes her. Hassan asks how serious he is with her, Zain replies he needs to figure this out. Hassan says he really likes her, he has no objection. Arshi come inside saying she is really a rude and misbehaving girl. Zain tells her to relax, Arshi says she has misbehaved with her, Hassan must fire her from office. Hassan demands to keep office and home matters separate. Arshi leaves, Hassan takes his popcorn bowl again to watch the movie.

At night in the office, Mahgul gets a call in the office and hurries outside. Zain meets her concerned, and takes her to hospital. In the hospital, Mahgul scolds Sanam for losing her life because of that low life. She asks when did Sanam begin caring about the world. Zain leaves them alone. Mahgul scolds her for not caring about her mother. She tells Sanam that Aamir isn’t worth it, she and her mother are along her. She turns to leave, Mahgul turns to leave saying she would meet her when she gets well and is home.

Zain and Hassan comes out of the office, Zain sends Hassan home as he watch Mahgul working in the office alone. He comes to her, she asks what’s he doing? He asks what’s she doing at this time. Mahgul replies she is working on feature, Zain asks her to have a break as she has been through a lot. They go for a coffee. Zain asks wasn’t it too much for with her friend. Mahgul says she must have slapped, her friend didn’t think for a while about her? She tells him he hit her. Zain sides her, as there is no question of hitting a female. Mahgul thanks him, smiling as not many people can understand her. Zain says they are a bit alike, then asks if she cried. Mahgul asks how he know? He replies her eyes tell that. She asks if he isn’t peeking into her eyes much carefully, then leaves breaking the eye lock.

At home, she comes to her mother on terrace. She was upset; Mahgul asks if she met Mr. Khanzada somewhere. Her mother says she saw him in a conference. Mahgul asks if she still miss him, love him? She nods? Her mother says there is no question of returning, if he had married in family he must have shared; then why he slapped her upon asking? If he has true love, he must have handled at least this reality of his life. Mahgul asks why she didn’t take a divorce? She replies that her love was true, and she never wanted to go to someone else. Mahgul comes to hug her.

NEXT EPISODE: Hassan advices Zain to handle each other’s moods in love. Mahgul holds the bouquet and suggest either he has a good observation, or he has a special interest in her. Zain accepts it’s the latter case. Arshi suggests Hassan to take Zain’s proposal for a girl. In a party, Mahgul comes to greet Hassan but Arshi leaves. Zain requests Arshi to accept this proposal this time, Arshi was stubborn this isn’t possible.

Update Credit to: Niki

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