Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 10 22th October 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 10 22th October 2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Shella is sitting with a servant when Haider comes and asks Ruquyya to prepare some food for Shah sahib as he not eaten anything, she leaves then Haider asks Shella as to what she has done to herself and she is no longer the Shella that once lived, she also says that he is not the Haider to which he says that facing the tasks of life has changed everything. He says that he has forgotten to live to which she says that she has also forgot to live and she does not understand as to why is this happening to both of them and they both are not happy, he says that it may be because of Allah when Mansoor comes and sees them.

He is angry at Shella when she tries to tell him he slaps her seeing this Haider gets angry and they both start fighting and beating each other when Shah Sahab comes and stops them saying that a funeral was taken from the house and they should respect it, Haider says that Mansoor slapped Shella to which Shah Sahab says that if he ever did this again then he will cut his hands off to which Mansoor says that they both were romancing to which Shah Sahab gets angry and asks him to not say anything like this ever again, he asks Shella to come when Shah Sahab also asks her to go and lets her leave,Haider asks him to not send her to which he says that he cannot bear any more pain.

Shafaq and her brother are sitting with their grandmother and asking for Bibi Jaan,she says that she was a great women to which they ask if she loved them to which she says that he loved them very much, they ask as to why did they never go to meet them, then suddenly Mansoor comes beating Shella his mother tries to stop him but he is not to be moved but then Miraj comes and also slaps him asking his wife to take Shella and the children inside, he says that Mansoor never cared for the respect of his family and ancestors.

Haider is sitting with Shah Sahab and Tabassum aapa and they ask him to call Malik Miraj to which he says that it is very late and he will call Malik tomorrow but Haider insists.

Malik Miraj asks his son to not be foolish but Mansoor says that he is not scared to Shah Sahab to which he says that he should be then the phone rings and it is Shah Sahab who says that Manoor has his daughter his belonging to which Miraj says that he will take care of her as she is also his daughter then Mansoor takes the phone saying that he will kill Shella, Shah sahib hearing this gets very angry then Miraj takes the phone and Shah sahib asks him to tell his son otherwise he will not let him get away with this. Miraj hangs up and asks his son as to what he was doing Mansoor answers that he is not afraid of Shah Sahab to which he asks Mansoor to leave and then throws him away.

Shella is in the room crying over her fate and is not stopping, and thinking of what Mansoor did with her in the past and how badly he treated her and never gave her respect, she gets angry thinking of it then her son asks her to drink water but she does not respond to which he says that he is scared and remains quiet

Mansoor is on the phone when Shella walks in and he hangs up, she comes in and takes off her engagement ring saying that she wants a divorce but he gets up saying that the words came to her mouth, she says that she can no longer live this life, he says that she wants to go back to her Haider but he says that he will not let her go that easily.

All the children are walking in the hall when Mansoor’s mother comes and asks the reason for crying, they say that they cannot find their mother to which she asks them to go to the room and she will talk to their grandfather.
Shafaq is taking water when she hears her mother voice and then she goes to free her.

Shah Sahab is walking when Tabassum aapa comes and asks him as to where he is going to which he says that he is going to meet Shella because he is worried about her then she says that people are still coming to offer their condolences but he says that he must go and that Haider is with her at home to which she says that he went to Bibi Jaan’s grave he then asks her to not tell him otherwise he will come after him and he does not want that anymore should happen.

Shella is sitting with Shafaq, telling her that even if her mother and father do not live together she must be the mother of her little brother and sister and even if her father marries again then she must be the one to protect her brother and sister, Shafaq asks her if she going anywhere to which she says that she does not know herself and then she asks Shafaq to go and get water and starts to cry then when Shafaq returns Shella is gone ,she is in the car and thinking of Masnoor and his bad habits.

Shafaq is sitting with her grandparents and then Shafaq says that she told her to care for her brother and sister, then Mansoor steps in and asks his mother to take children to their room, Miraj asks him to go and find Shella as otherwise it wil be bad for them.

Shella is walking when Peter is closing the door and she says that she left everything and wants a place to live.

Shah Sahab is sitting with Haider saying that Shella is a mad girl and does not care for anything but he says that Mansoor treated her very badly and it was bound to happen because no one can bear so much pain and disrespect but Shah sahib says that they have to find her no matter the cost.

Mansoor is standing with his Shiza who ask him if he feels bad for his wife but he says that he deosnot because she held no respect in his life and he did not care for her like he does for Shiza.

Miraj is watching the news and then suddenly calls his associates saying that he wants the new of Mansoor’s f I R on the news and he wants it to stop, his mother comes and asks Miraj as to what happened then he says that Shah Sahab has launched a Fir against him then his mother is worried but he says that what Shah Sahab did is wrong.

Mansoor comes home wth Shiza then he gets a call from his father who says that a Fir has been filed against him and asks him to come home.

Shah Sahab is sitting with Haider and he says that a Fir has been filed against Mansoor but there is no news of him and Shella is also not to be found and that is the reason of him being so worried to which Haider says that he is also worried, Shah Sahab gets a call from his students who says that he saw Shella in Murree and asks him to come.

Miraj is sitting with his lawyer when Mansoor comes and is presented with a set of divorce papers but he is hesitant to which Miraj says that if he does not divorce her then he will be arrested and if she is no longer his wife then he will not be held responsible for the charges against and so he signs the papers.

Shah Sahab is getting ready when Haider says that he also wants to go but he says that he will go alone and Haider must stay back, Tabassum aapa comes with a set of papers addressed to Shah Sahab and he opens it, after reading them he is shocked and sits down ,Tabassum aapa asks him as to what it is to which he says that they are the divorce papers of Mansoor and Shella.

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