Teri Chah Mein – Episode 13 19th October 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 13 19th October 2016 Written Update Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Mehwish comes to console Amber advicing her to gain courage, she inquires her about her family. Amber replies they are all in Islamabad; her aunt has called her to Islamabad after three days.

At home, Fatima speaks to Zara; she tells her that her mother has died. She lives with a Bua and father, Zara changes to topic to her teachers. Faizan comes in to take her back, Fatima insists on staying, and then asks to come in evening. Zara thinks this minor must be missing her mother. At night, Zara denies going on picnic, as its her group going. Mehwish insists as she can’t leave her alone, but Zara doesn’t listen.

Faisal comes home late at night, then goes to see Amber as lights were also off. Amber was crying, she was frustrated of no electricity. Faisal insists on her to have dinner with him, he understands her loss is huge. Her mother was pious so Allah called her soon. Amber goes to warm the food.

The next morning, Zara speaks to Tahir on call that Mehwish is insisting on her to come Quetta, she doesn’t want to go with her. Tahir suggests her to go as she would get fresh there. Faisal calls Amber asking if she had breakfast, then invites her to his home as he is preparing. He advices her to gain courage, Amber was upset that she only heard her mother’s cries all night. Faisal serves her breakfast, and asks her to take a little from it.
Mehwish was restlessly waiting for Faisal, and calls Zara to get ready. The cell phone was in another room. Later, Faisal thinks Mehwish’s cell phone goes off, it seems she has left already. He goes to answer door bell, Amber was crying that she is really alone, her mother’s face wanders in front of eyes. She requests him to take her to her grave, Faisal keeps a condition that she would gain courage later.

In the graveyard, Amber cries while Faisal prays.

At night, Mehwish complains him about not coming to meet up. Faisal says he has decided to take a leave for a week when they return. In the evening, Faisal finds Amber composed. Amber says all her courage and strength was because of her mother, her aunt has invited her to Islamabad but she doesn’t want to be a burden for her. There was a door bell which Faisal goes to answer. A neighbor hood lady angrily says she had brought food for Amber.

The next morning, Faisal and Amber return from grocery. They speak about Mehwish, Faisal says she has gone for a conference to Quetta. Amber asks about Zara’s proposal, and says she will go to office from tomorrow. There was an alarm ringing, Faisal says it’s the bill date. Amber remembers hers bill which Faisal promises to get paid.

Faisal was on his way, Mehwish calls him to ask him recheck if her doors are locked or not. At Amber’s home, Faisal discuss he was really tired and this tea is really refreshing. Amber was upset that her landlord asked her to vacate the apartment; she was worried that they have been settled for three years; where she would go alone. Faisal promises to talk to a few state agents, later they come to see a few apartments as well. In a restaurant, Amber dislikes any apartment. Faisal asks why she doesn’t marry. She was insecure, and says she would get married if she finds someone sensible. Faisal remembers that he has forgotten to lock his house’s back gate.

At night, they were at Mehwish’s place. Amber asks about a family photo, Faisal says he was his Taya Jaan (uncle), he replies Mehwish was his wife. They return to apartment, the ladies were there to accuse the character of Faisal and Amber. Faisal stops them from speaking any further, and sends them away. Amber goes inside with a heavy heart. At home, Amber was crying when Faisal comes inside. He says he didn’t think her weak that she is crying. They speak about another apartment, Faisal asks her to come to his office tomorrow, they will go to see the apartment. Amber says she wasn’t sure Faisal would still be her side. Faisal replies he isn’t weak, Amber says she isn’t either. She was crying as she missed her mother, she never thought she would have to hear so much from parents. There was a door bell, Faisal goes to answer. Some men questioned Faisal why he stays inside, he must not stay like this in someone’s house. Amber comes to reply they have no right to accuse her character and interfere in her personal life. Faisal says if for them, respect is bound to a single relation; he turns to Amber proposes her for Nikah.

At the time of Nikah, Faisal was lost in thoughts. After Nikah, everyone greet each other. , Mehwish was at home and calls Faisal, his number didn’t respond. She was curt, then wonders how to inform him she would arrive in the morning.

At Faisal’s apartment, Amber was upset that she interfered between him and Faisal. Faisal says Mehwish herself brought these differences. Amber says she would always respect that she is his first wife. Faisal asks her not to worry about anything, he is on her side always.

The next morning, Amber brings tea for them both. Faisal recalls making tea for Mehwish. Amber hurries him to get ready for office, then goes to get ready for office. Mehwish comes to the apartment calling Faisal, she dials his cell number. Faisal takes the call and asks if she was free. Mehwish says she has left already; Faisal was concerned and asks when she returned. Mehwish says she is here, what he would take for food. Faisal replies anything and holds his head for a while.

Mehwish finds the door of the room locked, and the keys weren’t in place. She answers a door bell, it was cable bill. A lady comes to ask Mehwish who is she to the man, Mehwish replies she is his wife and slaps the door. In their way back, Faisal asks Amber for sometime to tell Mehwish about her. Amber asks him to drop her to her friend, he thanks her. At lunch, Mehwish was really tired and asks why his room is locked. Faisal says the keys got misplaced. Mehwish asks about Amber, if she has left. Faisal replies he doesn’t know. Mehwish takes a leave, saying she would come tomorrow.

At night, Faisal was tensed at which Amber gets concerned. He gets a call from his friend, and informs Amber they have to vacate the house in two days as Habeeb is returning. They had come to a site to see the house when they meet Zara. In the café, Zara congratulates them, then insists on Faisal to share this with Mehwish and take his newly wed bride to home. She requests Zara not to divorce her mother, its his life and he has a right to marry but he must atleast not leave them alone. Faisal says he can’t live with her in one house. Zara blackmails him to remember her whenever he thinks about her. She was about to leave, Faisal decisively announces they are coming.

At home, Zara brings Faisal and Amber home. Mehwish asks who is she, Faisal says he married her. Mehwish was offensive, and pushes Faisal back. Zara decisively tells Mehwish not to over react, they will stay here. Mehwish was about to slap her, Zara holds her hand and tells Mehwish this house isn’t named after Mehwish but her. She will decide who can stay here and who can’t. She takes Faisal and Amber inside.

NEXT EPISODE: Faisal assures Amber he would always be her side, still everyone was worried. Faisal argues with Mehwish that she was the one who let him go away from herself and this house. Later, Mehwish shouts that Amber can’t live here, Faisal says he would also leave with Amber the next morning then.

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