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Irtiza speaks to Saba about the beauty of all the landscapes there, still he missed her because she was annoyed with him. Saba says she is no angrier. Irtiza says he bought a lot of gifts for her.

He comes to terrace to Saman. Saman says she was thinking about bidding him farewell, but he came over by himself. Irtiza says he couldn’t leave without meeting her. Saman says pebbles would miss him, he smiles and says he would miss pebbles and Saman both.

Saba was happy at Irtiza’s call, Saba was happy that no one is home right now to disturb them. Irtiza tells her about his arrival on 24th. On 24th, Amma asks Maliha about all preparations for Irtiza’s arrival. Saba peeks from behind the door, Irtiza asks why is she feeling shy.

Amma and Saba were walking in the corridor, Amma discuss that she would find a girl for Irtiza. Saba was ready to marry Irtiza. Amma forbids her discuss her own marriage, Saba responds she is discussing about Irtiza’s wedding. Saba takes Amma outside to the swing.

In the evening, Saba sat in a window recalling her childhood. Her hand was injured and couldn’t braid her hair, Irtiza came to help her braid her hair.
The next day, Saba’s friend says she thought Saba wouldn’t come to college. Saba tells her Irtiza has joined office from today, and shares about all the gifts he has brought for her. At night, Saba was conscious about her looks before taking the coffee to Irtiza’s door. She knocks at the door, Irtiza asks since when she has started to knock at his door, since when his best friend got sensible. She inquires if he didn’t like her this way, he says he still likes her as much as he did before. Saba tells him she would still behave the same. Irtiza compliments the coffee, Saba says he must now take her out for ice cream. At the ice cream parlour, Irtiza says they would eat another ice cream after this one. Saba denies.

At night, Saba comes to Amma’s room. She tells Amma she was making coffee for Irtiza, and discuss she talked a lot with Irtiza over dinner, he hasn’t changed a bit. Amma heads to lay down to sleep.

The next morning in office, Zafar discuss with Irtiza that he doesn’t want to join office right now. He wants to get admission in PhD in atomic physics. Irtiza was sure he would get an admission. Zafar challenges Irtiza for a badminton match.

Shafique was sitting tensed in office when Irtiza comes in. He tells Irtiza about Saman’s call, the plane in which Ansar and Talat were travelling for Germany has crashed. He asks Irtiza to leave for US, as Saman must be alone there.

At home, everyone was crying. Amma consoled Maliha who cried for Saman. Irtiza says he got a flight and would bring Saman back. There was a Quran Khwani at home for Ansar and Talat. Amma comes to Maliha in her room and asks her to come downstairs where people are asking about her, she must be patient. Maliha discuss she is worried about her daughter only and cries. At night in US, Irtiza arrives at the doorway. Saman runs towards him crying.

Saba stood in the window upset at night. Amma asks if she doesn’t feel sleepy. Saba was worried for Irtiza, Maliha and Saman. Amma says when her grandparents died, Ansar became a father for Maliha and fulfilled all his responsibilities for Maliha. Irtiza has already lost his parents, no one can understand Saman’s pain better than him. Saba confirms if Irtiza would bring Saman back, Amma tells her that Saman is now ready to return.

The next morning, Maliha discuss with Shafique that Saman is alone there. She has cried for her parent’s all night long; she is even losing her house. She was upset that she prayed her Saman back, but was unaware about the pain in which her prayers would get answered. Shafique advices her to console herself and be strong in front of Saman, she has lost her parents, her friends, her house as well.

Irtiza and Saman arrive in Lahore. Saba wakes up at night to find Saman crying in bed. She hugs her and both cry together. Shafique speaks to Saman that they want to share a truth with them today. Amma says she loved Ansar like children and for Maliha he was a father, Maliha felt the pain for her brother and sister in law and handed her daughter to them. Shafique says she is their daughter. Saman replies she knew about it, her parents told her in childhood. She forbids Maliha to be shameful, she is so lucky to have two families.

In the room, Maliha asks Saman why she was never angry with them. Saman says she got so much love from mummy and papa and always thought her decision was a good one. Maliha requests her to call her maa, Saman finally calls her Maa.
Saba was happy that Sanam is her real sister, she asks why she didn’t even tell her about it. Saba was excited about her love for Saman, they hug each other. Saman cried in the bed, wondering why mummy papa left her, she doesn’t like anything without them. Saba assures they are all there, and unfortunately Zafar is her elder brother as well. This house belongs to her now, and it hurts them all when Saman cries.

The next morning, Saman comes to kitchen when Irtiza greets her. Saba comes asking what she would take for breakfast. Irtiza says Saman likes traditional cookings. Saba goes to get parathas made for everyone. Irtiza and Saman share a smile. Saman sat upset in her room alone.

In the college, Saba denies going for lunch with her friends. She was worried for Saman who is always upset without her. She comes home to find Saman sitting outdoor in a swing. Saman says she is reading a magazine, Saba snatches it off her hand and hurries her inside. Irtiza returns home to find Saman sitting with Amma. They greet each other. Saba comes there and tells Irtiza they want to go out today. Irtiza goes to get fresh. Amma makes up she is old and won’t eat ice cream. Saba tells her to go check Amma’s fridge. In the ice cream parlour, Irtiza notices Saman rarely speaks now. He suggests her to check his study, then asks her to join university. Saman considers it a good suggestion. Saba was excited to go to university together.

At night, Saman and Saba speak to each other about getting used to this night talk. Saman asks if she doesn’t get disturbed by her presence. Saba says she used to live alone earlier, because there was no one. In the evening, Amma was oiling Saba’s hair while Amma told them about their grandfather being really strict. Saba tells Saman that they had a love marriage in those times, and Dada used to bring sweet paan for Amma then.

In the kitchen, Saman was teaching cooking to Saba. Irtiza comes home, Saba tells him Saman is cooking Chinese for them and wonders how this girl is so talented. She can cook well, is good at studies and what not.

NEXT EPISODE: Saman comes to Saba and irtiza. Saba says they are making a pot for her friend’s nephew. She notices Irtiza and Saman’s smile. Later, Saba scolds Saman. She thinks that Saman should leave, she must not take what’s her for always.

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