Tum Kon Piya – Episode 28 12th October 2016 Written Update

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 28 12th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

The doctors ask Ramish to pray for Elma and take her home, as they are hopeless. Neha was upset that they are also losing hope now, only Zarbab’s call can bring her back now. She is only waiting for Zarbab. Seema asks Ramish to bring Zarbab back and take his accusations back.
Zarbab gets a call, he shouts how dare he called him, he is really shameless. Ramish informs him that Elma has been awaiting him, may be if Zarbab comes back she begins to live again. Zarbab was indifferent and tells him that he would never return to that disloyal Elma. Ramish tells him that Elma is in coma, she may only be waiting for his voice. He requests him to come back to meet Elma and Afnan. Ramish cries and assures he shares a pious relation with Elma. Zarbab informs him about his job in England, he is leaving with the next flight.

The next morning, Ramish and Neha stood in the hospital. Ramish says you live for your loved ones when they need you more than yourself. Neha must take care of Afnan, as he needs her. She must wipe her tears. Neha wonders how this all happened, her lively sister turned into a stone idol. Ramish says when your loved one leave you alone, you turn to such an idol. Neha questions if Elma would always be angry with us, Ramish asks her to pray Zarbab realizes his mistake and return. Neha was upset that Zarbab is so selfish. Sumbal had arrived in the hospital and hear their conversation. Ramish takes Afnan’s responsibility. Neha considers it a huge responsibility, and will burdenize him. Ramish tells Neha he is the one who always comes upto his responsibilities and love. Sumbal leaves without meeting them.

There, on the breakfast table Tamkinat discuss with Muzaffar that Ramish has taken a huge responsibility of Elma and Afnan. He can’t realize this is the huge testimony. Muzaffar says they can’t go against any of Ramish’s decision. Neha has served them as a daughter, Elma is Neha’s sister and they can’t leave her. This is nature’s game; they had always tried to keep her away from their house. It would have been better to bring that happy Elma into Ramish’s life; time is a huge judge and gets justice to everyone.

Ramish carries Elma’s wheel chair to garden and sits beside her. She lay motionless in the wheelchair. Ramish speaks to her that it really hurts him watching her this way; she must forget the person who brought her to this state. Sumbal hears Ramish. Ramish says to Elma that he is sure she can hear him, and requests her to come back for him, Afnan, Neha and everyone.

In the room, Tamkinat wasn’t ready to let Sumbal go. Sumbal tells her that she has taken a decision, she can’t marry Ramish. Ramish is a nice person, but someone as emotional as her can’t walk with him through the way he has chosen. He know how to fulfil his responsibilities and love. Tamkinat was sad she couldn’t take Elma off Ramish’s heart. Ramish comes outside the room and hear the conversation. Sumbal tells Tamkinat she doesn’t want to gain his love forcibly, and would prefer a smiling farewell. Tamkinat was sure she must have taken the decision thoughtfully. Sumbal advices Tamkinat to marry Neha and Ramish, this would be a solution to all their problems. Those who have same destinations should walk the same paths.

On the pool side, Ramish questions Sumbal about her decision when they have mentally accepted each other. Sumbal shares she has complaints with her own self, she is jealous with a girl on wheel chair. She is ashamed of her own emotions, and doesn’t want him to get away of such a great cause but can’t even help him in such a cause. Its better they bid each other farewell. Ramish was ashamed he couldn’t share anything with her, but rid her of her time, emotions, and love. Sumbal says Ramish has taught her to live, meanings of love, trust and faith and that love is a name of giving. She is backing up to take him away from complications, and only he has taught her to back up. Ramish drops Sumbal home, Sumbal thanks him for all the beautiful memories, great time and for dropping her home. She forwards her hand that he shakes.

At home, Ramish was upset that Sumbal was really disappointed. Neha brings Elma and goes to get coffee. Muzaffar smiles that daughters own a great place. Tamkinat discuss about what Sumbal discussed, Muzaffar says Sumbal’s suggestion holds a huge weight. Tamkinat says that time has proved that Neha was a blessing in this house, they have accepted this fact and Ramish must also accept the decision. It’s better for all of them. He has taken a responsibility of Elma and Afnan, Sumbal denied to accept this responsibility; any woman would. Tamkinat insists that they have also got used to Neha; Muzaffar asks who would take care of Afnan if they keep Neha as a daughter and marry her somewhere else. He wants to be Afnan’s father; he must also consider who would be his mother. They are unsure about Elma’s life. Neha hears the decision of Tamkinat about marrying him and Neha.

Upstairs Neha follows Ramish saying she can’t imagine this and won’t die. Ramish says its painful for him as well. Ramish says that his parent’s reasons are strong and valid. Neha questions who would be with her then? Ramish assures he would, but she must also stand with him. They have one thing in common, Elma and Afnan; no one else can share love with Afnan and look after Elma and none other than him can share fatherly love with Afnan. They have no other option but to be with each other. He forwards his hand that Neha finally holds.

At the wedding ceremony of Ramish and Neha, Neha was brought on wheel chair. Ramish thinks that Neha must be a witness that he did this for her and Afnan. Elma replies he owes her a lot. Ramish questions if she is happy, Elma thinks a lot. The Nikah ceremony takes place.
After 5 years, Ramish calls Afnan on breakfast table. Neha gets him ready. Muzaffar asks how old Afnan got; Ramish replies he is six years old. Tamkinat asks Ramish to get them their own grand children as they want his children to play in this house. Ramish takes a leave. Neha hears this from outside. Neha comes to the room where Elma was taking care of Elma. She sends the nurse outside and speaks to Elma why she is waiting for a stone hearted person, her presence is hurting them all. She requests Elma to return to life, this wait has been very long and she is really tired. If she should run behind Elma’s love; Ramish’s selflessness; or the dream of a loving husband and her own children. She is sorry that she wandered around, she prays that Elma’s wait is soon over and they can again see her happy.

Zarbab was in the car, thinking about his first night with Elma, Ramish’s expensive gifts for Elma and Arif’s accusations. He thought about Javeria’s disloyalty. He returns home to Sobia, Sobia says Furqan’s friend works with him and was aware of his return. She asks Zarbab why he stays hidden from everyone. Zarbab wonders who is there for him. Sobia complains he didn’t contact her as well. Zarbab says life turns to be a burden when there is no one to trust. Sobia tells Zarbab he is wrong about Elma, Elma was a great lady and he was lucky. She asks if he wasn’t disloyal with Elma and was with Javeria. Zarbab curtly says she is also a lady and would justify Elma. He stands to leave, then tells Sobia that men aren’t bound to be loyal to a single woman. Elma was a woman and was bound to be loyal to him only, the day he left Elma he realized how much she loved him. His emotions only belonged to Elma, but she was disloyal and broke his heart. He wasn’t able to face himself, and might have suicide to get rid of such memories. He requests her not to discuss about Elma again. Sobia stops Zarbab, saying she never wanted to increase his pain by sharing the truth. She tells Zarbab that Arif lied to him about Elma, his jealousy from Zarbab, Sharafat and Elma ate them all. She asks if he know where is Arif, and takes him along to meet Arif; then he must decide by himself who was true and who was lying.

NEXT EPISODE: Zarbab comes to a passing ambulance, where Ramish and Neha watches him. Elma was unwell in the ambulance.

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