Teri Chah Mein – Episode 12 6th October 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 12 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Faisal gets a call from Mehwish in office, she asks if he has spoken to Zara. She informs Faisal that Zara is ready to meet the guy but only in his presence. He assures to reach in time. On the way back home, Faisal was thoughtful. During the evening tea, Mehwish tells Faisal his name is Shahmeer, she has spoken to him on call and he seems to be sensible. He asks Faisal to convince Zara if he is a nice man. During the meeting, Faisal asks the boy about his likes and dislikes, Zara only laughed at him. Later, Faisal and Zara mock Shahmeer for being so feminine. Mehwish scolds Zara for making fun of him, Faisal asks Mehwish if she didn’t realize even speaking to him on the call. Mehwish says his portfolio was a nice one. Faisal insists that Zara is a live human. Mehwish tells Faisal that Zara idealizes him actually and she is doing this all only to bring Faisal back again. They have an argument with each other.

During the drive back, Faisal thinks about Mehwish’s insecurities. He returns to his apartment and realizes he forgot the keys. He was waiting outside, a neighbor lady comes there. She offers him to wait at her house, she will call a key maker.

At home, Mehwish sat on her easy chair when Zara comes to the room. She requests her to eat something, else she will fell ill. Mehwish was annoyed with her and sends Zara away.

There, the lady serves Faisal with snacks. They speak about her mother, Faisal asks her to try the phone once more. She tells Faisal that he isn’t receiving, she takes his permission for a personal question; why his wife doesn’t stay with him. Faisal smiles she lives with her daughter. The lady asks if her daughter isn’t his daughter as well. Faisal shares she wants to marry Zara first. The lady shares she doesn’t seem to be a mother of such a young daughter. The key maker calls the lady to inform he is on his way.

Faisal comes to his apartment thinking that Mehwish considered his and Zara’s presence under a roof as insecurity for her. She had questioned him what right he has over Zara, who is he to be concerned for Zara. He comes to the kitchen; there was nothing in the refrigerator, except bread. He eats it with tea. In the college, Mehwish complains Rizwana for sending Shahmeer for Zara’s proposal. She asks if she would marry Zara to anyone. Rizwana says after what Mehwish has done, Zara getting married would be a blessing.

In the office, Faisal wonders what he is doing; he didn’t marry her to fight. She is a woman and any woman is as possessive for her husband as she is and he needs to understand this. He comes with a bouquet and rings the bell, then unlocks the apartment. No one was there inside, he places the flowers aside. There is a door bell; it was an old lady who asks for a favor. She asks him to bring a cake for Amber’s birthday; she says they will celebrate Amber’s birthday together. Faisal assures to get it soon after changing.

At home, Zara suggests Mehwish to speak to Faisal and not hurt herself. Mehwish was angry at Zara. Zara asks what she has done, Mehwish curtly replies no one has done anything, it’s only her mistake.

Faisal and Amber’s mother sing birthday song for her, Faisal presents her with flowers. Mehwish was trying Faisal’s cell phone but he was busy in dinner with Amber and family.
The next morning, Mehwish comes to the apartment calling Faisal but he wasn’t home. She calls on his number while he was in office. Mehwish asks him to come to apartment; Faisal says he can’t come right now. Mehwish complains about not receiving her calls, Faisal says he was a bit busy and suggests about the lunch together. Mehwish hands up without replying. In the beauty salon, Mehwish was having her hair done. Faisal returns and calls Mehwish, she disconnect his call.
Amber’s mother pants and coughs badly, while she comes to answer the door bell. Faisal was concerned and supports her. She says she has fever since last night, and was about to call Amber. Faisal asks if she has eaten something, and insists on her to have something. He calls Amber who was on her way, Faisal tells her that her mother is still not well after taking medicine so he is taking her hospital.

At home, Zara was celebrating Kashif’s birthday with his photo. She recalls teasing him while his sleeps, and when he woke up she wish him birthday and demanded him for a party. Kashif requested her to leave him alone, while Zara wasn’t ready to let him sleep.

Mehwish comes to apartment calling Faisal but he was still not home. She comes out and knocks at another door. She return to Faisal’s apartment, when she hear Faisal speaking inside Amber’s apartment. Amber informs that she wasn’t home, and Faisal had taken her mother to hospital. Mehwish insists she must take her responsibilities by herself. In the apartment, Faisal tells Mehwish it’s wrong and his neighbours have some rights over him too. She asks for tea, Faisal goes to prepare it for her. He had come to shut the door and watches the doctor leave. He asks Amber, Amber tells him that Ammi was unwell since last night. Faisal asks why she didn’t inform him, Amber says his wife dislikes about it. They hear her mother shouting from inside at once, and run towards her concerned.

Zara opens the door to a man Faizan and his daughter, who were their new neighbours. His daughter Fatima greets Zara well. Faizan requests her cold water bottle. Fatima asks for something to eat, Faizan asks Zara a favor to keep Fatima until he gets something to eat. Zara takes Fatima inside to prepare French fries for her.

In their way back, Mehwish asks Farzana about not willing to go on trip while Farzana suggested her to take Zara along her as well. She gets Faisal’s call that Nafeesa has died. Mehwish hurries towards him.

Zara gets a call from Tahir who informs her that Shehnaz is unwell. Zara felt bad as Faisal wasn’t concerned about them.

NEXT EPISODE: Faisal takes care about Amber after her mother’s death. The people in the society accused Amber for wandering around with Faisal; Faisal was angry and in front of everyone proposes Amber for Nikah.

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