Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 9 6th October 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 9 6th October 2016 Written Update Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

Shiza in her room packing her stuff when Mansoor comes and asks her as to what she is doing to which she says that she is going back as she things that it is not suitable for her to stay here. She does not want to come between him and her children and so she is leaving. Mansoor says that she knows what Shella means to her but Shiza says that she thinks that he loves he and he wants to be with her, he gets angry and says that if she wants to leave then she can but he will not come to apologize to her but hearing this she begins to cry, Mansoor comes and tries to cheer her up but she says that she can no longer live like this and leaves.

Shella is sitting with her son who asks her if she has some money to which she asks the reason, he says that she can go and buy the book which she likes to which she says that she no longer wants it, he says that he will buy her the book when he gets older because she is more caring then their father, She asks as to why he said this then he says that he always scolds them but she loves them and also inquires as to does she also love them to which she says that she loves them all and asks him to go to sleep.

Shiza is in the garden taking pictures of Shafaq in the garden and then they both go and sit on the stairs to see them when Shiza says that all her pictures are lovely, Shafaq says that she is lovely and Shiza that she also lovely and that is why he listens to her, Shiza asks if her faher told her this to which she answers yes but then Shafaq says that he always argues with their mother and does not treat her well. Shiza seeing the opportunity says that maybe its because he does not like her but Shafaq ignores this. She then asks Shiza if she is the best friend of their father to which she says yes she is and may soon be their second mother but Shafaq does not like this and leaves.

Haider is sitting with her daughter when Bibi Jaan says that he must think of Shella because his daughter needs a mother which they all cannot fulfil even together.

Shafaq is telling Mansoor of what they did all day with Shiza and when he asks her if she likes her then she says that she does not like her because she is saying that she will be her second mother he gets angry when Shiza comes and he asks Shafaq to go to her room.

Mansoor asks Shiza to come and then asks her as to what rubbish is she saying to his daughters that she will be their second mother, she says that she does not know what Shafaq said but she did not say anything of the sort to which Mansoor says that he hates liars and his daughter cannot be lying because she is the one who is telling a lie and asks her to get out.

Sahaq is fighting with her brother and sisters when Shella comes and asks the reason to which her son says that Shafaq threw his ball and then Shella asks them to remain quiet and goes to get the ball.

Haider is making his daughter eat ice cream but she says that she is not talking to him to which he asks the reason and she replies that he is not eating his food when he asks her as to what she is saying she says that she wants him to eat his food and then asks him if he loves her to which he says that more than anything.

There is a knock on the door when Shella opens it ,there is a man standing who says that he brought her his book because she likes it but Shella says that she does not want it, he says that her husband does not deserve her otherwise he would have brought her this book, Shella gets annoyed and is about to coe the door when he puts the book on the chair and says that he is leaving it here and when she is done reading she can return it.

In the night Mansoor brings his children home and starts scolding Shella saying that they all irrated him so much and started fighting also saying that she did not raise them well and now knows what she learned from her home and then leaves, Shella then starts yelling at her children orders them to go to their room s and remain there for the rest of the night.

In the morning Mansoor is having breakfast when his servant comes and asks as to what he must prepare for lunch to which he says that he can prepare what his kids like, Shella comes out and after seeing her he gets mad saying that after he sees her the rest of his day always gets bad, Shella sits down and remembers what Haider used to say to her about being the most valued thing in the house of Shah Sahab.

She then goes to return the book at which the owner asks her to come and have a coffee but she says that she is not interested says that she must not spent life with the ones she does not love and humans only have one life and if they does not like it then they should change the ones around them.

Mansoor comes to Shiza door step saying that he is sorry and came to ask for her forgiveness but she says that she no longer cares when he asks her to let him inside and eventually when she lets him he says that he has never asked anyone for forgiveness but she is the most respected. Shiza stops him saying that she now wants him to marry him and then he also says that he will think of marrying her.

Shella is siting and having tea when the servant says that he has seen her somewhere but she says that she belongs to a village in Sindh and then he says that he saw her in the house Shah Sahab to which she replies that she is his daughter then he says that if she ever wants anything he will bring it to her.

Shella gets a call in her room and it is Peter who says that he has brought new books for her but Shella refuses to take them saying that she doesnot want but he insists that she take them but she hangs up, Peter says to himself that he will win her heart.

Haider’s daughter Shella is very ill and so is Bibi Jaan, he gets a call from Shah Sahab who says that is he going to come to the hospital but Haider says that he wants to but Shella is very ill and there is also no servant to whom he can leave Shella with. He asks as to if Tabassum Aapa is coming to which Shah Sahab says that she is on her way and he tried calling Malik but he is not picking his call and so is Mansoor.

Haider is thinking of what Baba Jaan and Bibi Jaan said regarding a mother for Shella.

Shella calls Peter and asks him as to why is he trying to make her life a hell but he says that he is in love with her and will do anything for her but Shella says that he must stop following her and leaves.

Haider walks into the room but Bibi Jaan has passed away and Shah Sahab is reciting verses from the Holy Quran, Haider is left heartbroken to see that Bibi Jaan is no more.

Mansoor asks Shafaq to call Shiza her mother but she refuses and asks him to leave her but Mansoor gets angry and then Shella comes and he gets angry with her and also slaps her.

Mansoor is sitting with Shiza when he gets a call from his father who says that Bibi Jaan has passed away and he must come with Shella and her kids but he says that he has no relation with them but Malik asks him to at once.
Shah Sahab is sitting with Malik and saying that Bibi Jaan’s death was a great blow for all of them, he asks as to why did Shella not come to which he says that they are on their way and will soon arrive.

Shella walks into the room where the body of Bibi Jaan is being kept and is not able to stop crying and everyone’s eyes are filled with tears. Shella is sitting with Tabassum Aapa who says that after she left Tahira passed away and everyone stopped laughing and after that now Bibi Jaan has also passed away, Shella is amazed to hear that Tahira passed away.

Shella is sitting with Ruquyya when Haider comes and asks her to prepare something for Shah Sahab as he has not eaten anything, He comes and sits with Shella saying that she is no longer the one that he remembered at which she also say that he has changed at which he says that after the death of Thaira he was left with nothing. She says that she cannot understand what wrong did they do in their life because his wife died and she is living like a dead person, Haider says that it is the will of Alllah when Haider comes and sees them both.

Next Episode: Haider asks that Mansoor will not treat her well and he must not let her go with him. Shah sahib calls him saying that if he harmed his daughter then he will come for her. Mansoor is beating Shella severely when Malik comes and says that she is not a normal person and if Shah Sahab wishes then he can crush Mansoor like an insect he is.

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