Tum Kon Piya – Episode 27 6th October 2016 Written Update

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 27 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Javeria laughs at Arif, he considers himself to be the biggest support for her. Javeria was ready to pay off all what he owes her. Arif tells Javeria to keep Zarbab under her influence, he shouldn’t turn to look back. Javeria asks why he is doing this, Arif tells her he is among those who won’t let others stay happy when he himself isn’t happy.

Neha was concerned that Elma and Afnan are left alone. Ramish comments on Zarbab to have gotten more than he deserves. He tells Neha to go to live with Elma until Zarbab realizes his mistake.
There, Elma’s mother’s friend was there. She advices Elma to either call Zarbab here, else not allow anyone inside her house. She advices her to keep Arif away from her.

Javeria congratulates Zarbab as the company has directly appointed him for UK. Zarbab was worried as it’s a 24/7 job, Javeria got him stuck here and he had to leave everything. Javeria says Zarbab couldn’t get near to Elma because she was already close to someone else; every relation in his life has always hurt him but she is the most sincere person in his life.

At home, Arif poses to be the most thankful and obedient to Elma. Elma requests Arif not to come here, it doesn’t seem suitable. Arif wonders where he should go, Elma says she talked to Ramish about his job and he would get a hostel there too. Arif says this house seems to be his own, Elma says she is helpless but until Zarbab returns he must avoid coming here. Arif returns and says Zarbab did wrong to her. Elma replies that the relation of a husband and wife is really strong; it has to pass through many hurdles to reach the peaks. Arif warns her of falling down halfway, and then leaves. He spots Ramish come to Elma’s house. Inside, Ramish wonders how Zarbab took such a huge decision without thinking over. Elma says Zarbab wasn’t happy in his life; she wants him to stay happy wherever he lives. She considers herself lucky to have lived her life for someone else. Ramish calls it strange that your stars don’t match with the one’s our thinking matches; but the paths intercedes with those whose hearts don’t match. Ramish speaks to her about sending Neha here, he would manage Tamkinat. He again advices Elma to call Zarbab and force him to take her and Afnan with him, she has a complete right over Zarbab.

At night, Neha discuss she restlessly await her wedding with Ramish. Sumbal says she has found a younger sister in Neha. Neha was upset, and shares she is missing Elma. Neha says their love with each other is an inheritance of their father. She shares with Sumbal that Elma once chose to love than being loved. She says she has to teach nurse everything before leaving for Elma’s house.

On the dinner table, Javeria’s mother says that Javeria has ruined her life behind Zarbab, he must value her emotions. Zarbab gets a call, it was Arif. Arif says he feels ashamed to tell him about it, he can’t witness his Elma being disloyal to him. Ramish visits her daily, and Elma has forbidden him to come to her home. He only tried to talk to her that she shouldn’t meet Ramish so frequently. Zarbab was enraged, he assures to look after this matter himself. Javeria’s mother was distrustful for Zarbab. Javeria smiles calming her down, and goes to Zarbab. Arif suggests Zarbab to come here uninformed; it would make it easier for him to decide. Javeria comes to Zarbab; he tells her that he has to finish some incomplete chores. Arif laughs victoriously after the call. Arif’s words echo in Zarbab’s mind when he gets Elma’s call. Zarbab says he is fine and happy, why she cares for her. Elma asks who else she has except him or Afnan. Zarbab was curt, as he isn’t as filmy as she is. Elma says he never had such complains with her. Zarbab says he was busy with his own complications before, Elma feels sad there have always been curtains between them. Elma asks when he would come; Zarbab tells her he has no plans to come any time soon. Javeria knocks at Zarbab’s door and give him his tickets. She sits with him, that she begins to melt whenever he is going away from her. Zarbab assures he is going for a single day. Javeria informs Arif about Zarbab’s flight the next evening, he must do what he can.

The next day, Elma was sitting in the yard. Ramish appears near her, she asks if he came here again. Ramish says her loneliness drags him close to her. Elma says this path has no destination, he must not come here; he shouldn’t respond to the calls of her loneliness. Ramish promises, then advices him again to call the one she waits, who is a remedy to her loneliness. She must call him back, else he might step somewhere else. Ramish disappears.

Arif calls Ramish and says Elma wants to meet him. Ramish was concerned, Arif says Afnan isn’t well. Ramish assures about calling Elma. Arif smiles evily. It was a stormy night; Elma was alone when the door bell rings. She wonders who it can be. She takes an umbrella and brings Ramish inside. Ramish tells her that Arif called him to say Afnan is unwell. Elma was clueless. Ramish gets the lie and wonders why he did so. Meanwhile, Zarbab arrived home. Elma tells Ramish that Arif behaves strange since his divorce; he must try to arrange for his job. She turns around to see Zarbab and was excited. Zarbab asks if their breathes haven’t been held. He holds Ramish’s collar asking what he is doing with his wife, in his absence. He accuses Elma for being ill charactered, she has broken his trust and ends his relation with her. Elma pleads behind Zarbab outside and clarifies herself; swearing him of Afnan. Zarbab even denied his relation with Afnan, Ramish slaps Zarbab for calling name to his son. Zarbab shouts he isn’t blind and can see anything. Elma had lost her nerves, Zarbab leaves saying he doesn’t care if Elma lives or not. Ramish turns to see Elma fallen on floor and goes to help her.

The next morning, Javeria receives Zarbab’s call. Zarbab says he is coming to her house, he returned from Karachi forever. He has left everything for her, as per her desire. Javeria cheers about it. Javeria’s mother ask what is the matter with her, she just said there is a boy in office who wants to marry her. Javeria calms her mother down, as this is the last episode of this chapter. Zarbab comes calling Javeria and says he has returned, forgetting about everything. Javeria smiles and asks if for her, when the desire for him has faded in her heart. He must not link his return to her love, he has broken and ruined his life. Zarbab says it was Javeria who called him here. Javeria says she is in her senses, and asks what’s in Zarbab’s heart. Zarbab says he left everything to marry her. Javeria says she didn’t want to marry him, she just wanted to reject him when he has left everything. Zarbab shouts, she shouts back that she had pleaded in front of him. She could never forget anything, neither her insult nor his rejection. Today her revenge has been fulfilled. Zarbab shouts that she has ruined him. Javeria calls him a coward and indecisive who couldn’t decide whom he has to be loyal. She shuts the door over Zarbab’s face.

In the hospital, Elma lay open eyed. Ramish tells Neha and Seema that Elma is in a deep shock. Doctors consider it a state of comma, she can’t hear or see; her heart is beating but she has a single relation with life only. Neha was sure Elma isn’t as weak. Ramish says this time, the pain was stronger than Elma, he wonders who would win.

Zarbab think about Elma and Ramish in the way. He stops by a tree, recalling about Javeria’s revenge. He thinks he doesn’t need anyone, everyone must go away as he can live alone.

NEXT EPISODE: Muzaffar asks Ramish who would give a mother’s love to Afnan. Tamkinat wasn’t ready to let Sumbal go. Sumbal says she has finally reached a decision.

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