Choti Si Zindagi – Episode 2 4th October 2016 Written Update

Choti Si Zindagi – Episode 2 4th October 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Sohail comes to Urwa asking what he is studying, then tells him that Azra Fayyaz was asking about him, discussing she had been looking for him. Urwa wonders why she was looking for him. Sohail questions him instead, then shares he was really jealoused when she asked about him. He tells Urwa to meet her, Urwa was uninterested. Sohail says she is the daughter of city’s huge business man Fayyaz Ahmed. He insists on Urwa to get up and get ready for party.
In the village, Khurshed and Muzammil were packing with Sakina, Furqan Ahmed arrive and says they have even called Irfan and hurry them up. He goes to hire a tonga and tells Sakina to get ready. Girls were excited as they are going somewhere after a long time.

Sohail and Urwa come to the hall where boys were celebrating, dancing around. Urwa feels uncomfortable. All at once Mr. Nizami comes to meet Urwa, Urwa brings him into his room. Mr. Nizami looks around asking what he is upto. Urwa qualifies he doesn’t know about them, these are film actresses. Nizami asks if he is watching movies in such a short time, Urwa says his room-mate Sohail has pasted these photos and watch films. Nizami says he must tell him about any needs, as he is just like his father. They discuss different matters for a while.

Furqan tells Irfan that Amina is just like his daughter, they must prepare for engagement. Sakina objects about engagement. Zubaida assures to teach her all the household matters. Sakina insists they must let the children study first. Furqan says they may, but later in life they will have in mind about their proposals. Amina had been playing outside, she comes inside to inform Zubaida about the boiling milk and hurries out again.

Sohail laughs at Urwa, as his father arranged well for him in this city as well. He doesn’t accept to remove the posters, but offers Urwa to take him for movie. This way he would lose his fear. Sohail asks if he is really afraid of his father, Urwa says he is really afraid of falling down in the eyes of his father. Sohail comes to hug Urwa saying like his name, his brought up is also feminine. He must be a man; as such advices are only done to daughters. He gets on his bed to roll laughing again; Urwa gets seated with his books.

Furqan Ahmed and family return home. Sakina was off mooded, Muzammil brings water for father. Furqan stops Sakina and asks her to sit down; he asks why she is upset about such a good news. Sakina complains about fixing this proposal. Furqan says he has taken this decision thoughtfully; it’s about his brother’s life. Urwa is his son, he won’t deny. Sakina says Urwa had a right that his consent must have been taken, she argues he is too young. Furqan argues he isn’t marrying Urwa any soon.

Sohail takes Urwa for shopping and laughs at his sense of dressing. He joins his hands to teach Urwa wear his pants lower. They finally agree on one dress. Urwa finally arrive at college in pants and shirt. Rimmy and Azra discuss Urwa looks really handsome today. Urwa notices Azra’s stare, while Rimmy says he must have gotten ready for Azra. Azra was left staring at him while Urwa goes upstairs with a mate.

At night, Urwa was sitting on study table, lost in the thoughts of Azra. Sohail walks in, Urwa advices him to study as date sheet is here. Sohail asks why he didn’t speak to Azra although he got ready today. Urwa says he got ready for himself, he felt strange as everyone in the university wears pant shirt. Sohail tells Urwa that Azra likes him. Urwa forbids him to speak about it, he has to study a lot. Sohail speaks to him about love, and wonders how Urwa doesn’t know about his love. He tells him about Naghma, she brings something for him daily which they share. He sleep for an hour. Urwa again thinks about Azra.

The next morning, Azra was getting in her car when Urwa walks past her car. She calls him from inside the car and asks where he was going. Urwa says he is going to buy some books, Azra offers him a lift. Urwa denies, Azra says there is nothing wrong in going with her. Azra guess he is nervous, and insists on him to come inside. Azra minds, scolding him that one shouldn’t deny a girl straight away. He apologizes and finally gets in the car.

At home, Amina’s friend discuss about Urwa. Amina forbid her tell anyone in the class, else everyone would make fun of her. Her friend thinks her wedding must be a lot of fun. Amina was worried about getting failed in her exam tomorrow.

In the restaurant, Urwa and Azra sat in a restaurant. Azra says it seems there are no girls where he has come from. Urwa says here, girls are different. In their village, girls become friends with girls only. Azra says he must be really happy then, Urwa explains he isn’t like that. Azra laughs. Urwa says he respect girls, specially the one who leave their homes for study. He gets worried about getting late. Azra brings the bill, Urwa was about to make payment. Azra offers the coffee from her side this time.

Furqan was writing a letter for Urwa. In the hostel, Sohail asks Urwa if everything is fine, as it doesn’t seem to be. Sohail says he appears to be changed, and questions where he went after university. Urwa says he went for book shopping and alone. Sohail tells Urwa whenever he is lying, he always stammers. Lying needs practice. Urwa finally accepts he went with Azra. Sohail coughs and laughs rolling down on the ground.

In the college, Azra stops Urwa in the corridor asking where he happens to be. Urwa says his attention is on studies, Azra qualifies her mind has been wandering a lot these days. Urwa says this happens with him as well, hostel room is really hot. Azra says she thought something else, and compliments his dress. He blushes. Azra laughs, and then allows him to speak frankly with her. She takes him along.

At night, in the hostel Rimmy catches Urwa’s letter halfway. Urwa asks him to return it, then runs inside snatching it off his hand. He locks the door and read Furqan Ahmed’s letter. He was upset and goes to wash his face in the washroom, in order to calm himself down. Sohail reads the letter in the room, Urwa comes to the room and snatches the letter off his hand. Sohail hugs Urwa and congratulates him, but Urwa leave the room. In the hall, Sohail laughs congratulating Urwa. Urwa sat seriously staring at Sohail, he asks Sohail to stop this and turns to leave. He curtly says he is going to get poison for himself, Sohail insists on him to sit down. Urwa says he won’t marry with her. Sohail says his father won’t ask him, he will once receive his wedding card here too; if he has the courage to go against his father.

NEXT EPISODE: Urwa return to village. Sakina tells Furqan that Urwa came to speak to him about the proposal. Zubaida advices Amina to get serious. Furqan asks Urwa about his objections, and tells him that elders take the decisions on families.

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