1st Episode – Bin Roye 2nd October 2016 Written Update

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A car was being driven silently. The lady comes out to look at the house in front, while the man goes to take out the luggage. The lady enters into a vacant house and looks around. A female voice echo in her mind that sea is visible from their bedroom, it looks beautiful but according to Irtiza she is prettier and he only keeps on looking towards her. The lady now enters into the bedroom, the female voice again echo that she loves everything about life and her house since Irtiza entered her life, she has draped her house with their photos. The lady was afraid of the echoing voice now. She walks outside and was about to fall off when Irtiza comes to hold Saba, wondering what happened to her.

In Lahore a lady was waiting everyone and asks about the Zafar’s result. In the kitchen, a girl was still waiting as well. The boys enter, Saba asks the elder if he got the most A’s, he replies Kiran also got some A’s. Dadi scolds Saba for calling Kiran fat. Saba walks outside annoyed, the boy comes to make her up and offers her to take to ice cream.

Dadi speaks to Saba’s mother about Talat and Ansar and wish for Saman. Saba was completing her homework, and goes to take a help from Irtiza. Dadi recalls Irtiza was so young when his parents died. Irtiza was happy at Saba’s birth, he then stopped being sad anymore. She remembers about his father Ghazanfar, as Irtiza is just like him.

Saba comes to window to see Irtiza playing badminton outdoor. She asks to play with them, Zafar scolds her to go inside but Irtiza brings Saba in as he would teach Saba as well. Inside, Zafar complains about bringing Saba inside. Irtiza explains that Saba is young, they will have to teach them and make her joyful. The other day, Irtiza was playing basketball when Saba comes to ask him help her with her homework. One another day, Saba comes to Irtiza’s room and asks for some money to get ice cream. Irtiza allows her to take any money she needs from his wallet. Later, Irtiza was studying with the tutor. Saba comes outside, Irtiza comes out with permission for water. They gossip about developments with their friends.

In the morning, Shafique tells Amma that Ansar is coming to Pakistan with Saman. Saba comes to get her hair made up. Irtiza helps her with braiding. Later, the family was sitting with Ansar and Talat. Saman was a reserved girl, Amma wanted to spend every moment with Saman throughout this vacation. Talat says they have decided to take Saman to Turkey and Egypt, as Saman got a project. Ansar insists that Saman’s education is really important. Later, Talat comes to give an explanation to Maliha that Saman’s education is really important, else she would have made sure Saman spends the whole time with her. Talat understands Maliha had sacrificed a lot when she handed Saman to her. Saman heard this conversation. Maliha assures Talat she has no problems with her. Outside, children sat outside. Irtiza calls her to join them, Saman tells them she has great interest in history and hence her parents are taking her to Egypt and Turkey. While leaving, Maliha calls Saman back and hugs her. Ansar comes to hug Malika and bless her before leaving.

In the market, a boy asks a grownup Irtiza to buy flowers for his girlfriend. Irtiza gives him some money to get bangles for his sisters. In the car, Zafar asks him to get home in time else Saba would fight with him. Amma was preparing for Eid. Amma asks the maid about Saba, they say Saba must be on the roof to see the moon. Upstairs, a maid was calling Saba downstairs. Saba tells her to go downstairs, as she is searching for moon. Saba at once exclaims there the moon is, the old lady asks where it is. Saba says her vision is low, and she doesn’t wear glasses as well; how would she see it. She prays what belongs to her must always be her.

Maliha was arranging flowers when Shafique comes to wish her moon sighting. He sweetly romances about watching this moon daily. Maliha was shocked watching Amma behind, Shafique goes to wish Amma. They ask about Saba, as whenever moon has to sight she always go praying for herself. She watches Irtiza’s car enter, and runs outside telling Amma that she is leaving to get bangles. Shafique laughs that Amma is also among those who ruined Saba. Outside, Irtiza asks Saba to allow him wish everyone inside, but she takes him from outside. In the market, Saba says she would buy many bangles today, and selects with Irtiza’s consent. She hears a woman singing and goes appreciating her voice. The lady recognizes the fire of love burnt inside her as well, she asks her to close her fist and keeps petal in it, then instructs her to ask whatever she wish for. Saba opens her eyes to see Irtiza standing in front of her, he takes her towards the bangle stall. The enjoy with each other. There is a song play ‘tere bina jeena’. They return home late at night, and sneak on stairs, Amma stood upstairs to scold them. Irtiza asks Saba to hold her ears, then makes up Amma as he has brought paan for her. The kids make up Amma easily.

Saba walks to the balcony of her room, she dances on a tone. Irtiza walks to his balcony and smiles as he watches Saba dancing. Saba turns to find Irtiza laughing and was shy.

NEXT EPISODE: Saba asks Irtiza for her Eidi, Irtiza asks what about the bangles. Later, Irtiza makes Saba up that he is going only for a few days. Saba was sad how she would stay without him. In America, Irtiza sits with Suman saying their likes and dislikes are alike.

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