Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 8 29th September 2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 8 29th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

In the house Tahira comes and greets Haider at which he asks as to where she went and she says that she went to meet the doctor as Bibi Jan wanted her to, there is a moment of silence after which Tahira says that she is expecting Haider’s face lights up and then she leaves.

Mansoor is talking with someone on the phone when Shella comes and he asks her to knock before coming in at which she says that she is sorry if she disturbed his privacy, she goes to sit on the bed and he says that she should take care of herself because he wants that their chid be a healthy one.

Bibbi aan comes and ells Shah sahib that he is going to be a grandfather at which he gets happy saying that he feels like disturbing sweets when Bibi Jaan says that he should wait for the child to come into the family then they will do everything for the child.

Sheela is ironing Mansoor’s clothes when his mother cones and asks her to stop as she is not well and has to rest but Shella insists on doing it.his mother says that she understands her pain because she herself bared it at the hands on Malik Miraj and she should remain steadfast.

Tahira is in her room when Haider comes and gives er the tablets ,she says that’s eh has them at which he says that he checked and they were finished, Tahira asks him to stop caring this much as she cannot give him the happiness to which he says to stop thinking like this.

Mansoor is sleeping when there is a sudden knock on the door he opens it and is amazed to see his mother, he asks her as to what the matter is to which she says that Shella is ill and they must take her to the hospital. He says that he tired and is going to sleep his mother forces him to come with her.

Mansoor is in the hospital when the doctor is walking away when he asks her as to what the matter is to which she says that his wife is okay but his child is in a critical condition and he should pray for his health.

Shah sahib tells Bibi Jaan that Shella has been blessed with a child Bibi Jaan says that she wants to meet her even if anything happens, Shah sahib says that she should not go but Haider and Bibi Jaan say that he should not stop her from meeting her daughter

Bibi Jaan is in the room with Shella and asking the reason for not telling her when Mansoor comes and starts to say that she has no relation with Shella and must leave,Bibi Jaan says to Mansoor that he has no respect for anyone.

Mansoor is with other women who is very angry and saying that he has rejected her but Mansoor says that he has only accepted Shella because of his child. She walks away and says that he has rejected her but he says that he is for her only then she asks him for a diamond set.

Malik Mraj has a set of pictures and says to Mansoor if he knows what will happen to his political image if these went into the hands of the opposition but he says that he has not done anything wrong. Mansoor goes away when Malik says that he should eave this women to which he says that it is not possible and if he must then he will leave Shella but not that girl .Malik explains to him that shella is the reason of him wining the votes and then he says that he will think of this.

Bibi Jaan is sitting with Tahira and saying as to how beautiful her daughter is she asks her as to what name has she decided to which she says that she wants her to name Shella to which Bibi Jaan says that t is not possible to which she says that it is her wish and the reason for it is that she wants her daughter t be named after the women that Haider loved and so Bibi Jaan also gets tensed.

Shah sahib is calling someone when Haider comes from the back and greets him saying that he became a grandfather, Shah Sahab says that he wants to meet his granddaughter to which Haider says that he will take him the next day but he insists when Bibi Jaan calls saying that Tahira’s condition has gotten ill and he must come right away. Haider tells Baba jaan the situation to which he also gets ready to go.

Bibi Jaann is crying when Shah sahib comes and asks him as to what the matter is to which she says that Tahira passed away and the he says the prayer.

After the passing of ten years Shella has three children,Mansoor is getting ready to go to Islamabad when his daughter comes and asks to come with him then he also agrees. They all go to get ready he walks towards Shella saying that he is only taking her because of his children.

Shah sahab ,Bibi Jaan and Hiader are haing breakfast when Haider’s daughter comes and greets everyone and also asks Hiader to take her to school,Bibi Jaan asks her as to what is the hurry to which he says that she has a competition today so he wants to take her early and so they set off. When they leave Bibi Jaan asks Shah sahib is they should find another wife for Haider because it has been ten years. Shah sahib also agrees but says that he will not force him because the last time he did Haider was left with no one.

Shella is having breakfast with her children when her eldest daughter says that they want to go out and she says that she will talk to her father.

Shella takes breakfast for Mansoor when he is with the other girl and says that she should knock to which she says that the children want to go out and he says that he will take them out.they all are having fun when after that the go to a book store, he buys everyone a book but when Shella brings a novel he gets angry and scolds her and then eaves leaving her crying.

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