Tum Kon Piya – Episode 26 28th September 2016 Written Update

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On the way back, Sumbal apologizes Ramish for bringing him out when he wasn’t well. Ramish gets a call from Neha and assures to pick her up in a while.

Neha tells Elma at night she wants to stay here. Elma says there is no problem now, she can stay here. Seema argues why is Neha leaving, Neha tells them that Ramish’s parents depend on her now; initially she depended on them but now they depend on her. Elma doesn’t stop her, Seema tells Elma it’s a wedding at her in laws. Ramish comes home, and demands Seema to make tea for her. He sends Neha along, and inquires Elma about Zarbab. Elma says he is often late. Ramish advices her to question him, it’s her right; though she gives away her rights to others but somethings aren’t worth sharing. Elma tells him she feels ashamed to ask for a right that others give as a favour. Ramish says Elma is also responsible for an innocent child now; if she doesn’t raise her voice now else there won’t be anyone to hear her screams as well. He tells Elma that Zarbab has been involved with some other lady, he inquired about it and it’s true. Elma tells Ramish that girl is Javeria, they are old neighbours and loved each other but Sharafat forced Zarbab to marry her. Ramish asks why is she ignoring this, marriages change priorities of a person. Elma says she can’t fall in front of someone, to ask for the honour and respect she deserves. Ramish says she has a complete right over that person, she has to protest. He assures he will be with her.

At night, Elma tells Zarbab Neha, Seema and Ramish were waitng for him for quite late. Zarbab makes up he got a bit late. Elma asks about any name for this late, if Sadia, or Javeria. Zarbab calls it a bad sense of humor. Elma says if he doesn’t get serious, they would lose a lot. Zarbab questions whose words is she speaking, Elma says Ramish owes them a lot. Zarbab tells Elma he isnt disloyal to her. Elma says if he must be disloyal to the other one, he can be loyal to anyone of them. Zarbab counters asking Elma about the reality of Arif’s accusation, what was her relation with Ramish. If she can suspect him and Javeria, can’t he distrust her. Elma was taken aback.

Rania speaks to the lawyer and was taken aback, she argues this matter has to be sort out as millions have been invested on this project by people like them. Arif comes to ask for tea, then notices Rania worried. She tells Arif that since last week, no one could contact Sabir. None from him or his team is available, they might have undergone a huge fraud. Arif panics, Rania gets a call from lawyer and tells Arif they have been ruined. Arif fell on the couch.

At home, Neha tells Tamkinat to get well, then they will marry Ramish and Sumbal and she would shift with Elma. Muzaffar joins them saying they will marry Neha after finding a good proposal for her. They all were hopeful to get good days back. Sumbal was ready to marry Nisar again. Muzaffar was thankful they have been blessed with the daughter as Neha.

Javeria comes to meet Zarbab in office, she informs she is going to Islamabad. Her mother would stay with her there, until Zarbab takes a decision. She asks him to go out to speak. The receptionist calls Ramish to inform Zarbab left with that lady from office. Ramish leaves home. Javeria apologizes Zarbab for being rude, she asks him to place himself in her position; he might recognize her helplessness. Zarbab says he understands her feelings, if it was about Elma the decision would have been easy but now he has a son as well. Javeria sadly says her mother accuse her of ruining her life behind him, she shows Zarbab an interview call letter from Islamabad office. Zarbab assures to go give the interview, and would consider her proposal. He shares with Javeria that his mother never let him close to Elma, still he never wants to hurt her may be because of her sacrifices and compromises. Javeria tells him that she will wait for Zarbab, if he gets attracted towards her this would show her love won over Elma’s sacrifices.

Arif comes to accuse Rania responsible for everything. Both curses each other, shouting and fighting one another. Ranish push Arif out of the house as this house belongs to her. Arif calms himself down and enter the room, trying to make Rania up. Rania shouts at him to shut up, she has seen his real face. He must pick up his luggage and get away. Arif joins his hands to apologize, Rania deters to get a murder case over him and push him out of her house.
In Islamabad, Javeria informs her mother that Zarbab would live here with them in a while. Her mother warns her that Zarbab would never value her, like he didn’t value his first wife. She can get someone better than Zarbab. Javeria smiles that she knows about it.

In the morning, Elma was walking in the yard thinking about Zarbab’s accusations over her when the doorbell rings. Arif stood outside and came to meet Zarbab. Elma replies he isn’t home. Arif says he will come later. In the office, Javeria calls Zarbab asking if he got a call from head office. She congratulates him about getting a good job, she asks him to get a ticket booked and come to Islamabad. Zarbab gets Ramish’s call then, he asks Zarbab to visit his office for a while in the evening. Zarbab asks what kind of work can it be, Ramish says he would soon know about it. In Ramish’s office, Zarbab tells Ramish he is aware why he called him here, but it’s a personal matter. Ramish asks how is it personal when a lot of lives are connected to it. Zarbab says Elma is his wife and Afnan is his son; he doesn’t need to worry. Ramish says Waqar had left Elma as his responsibility. Zarbab responds Elma is his wife, he knows how to take his responsibility. Ramish clearly asks about Javeria. Zarbab stands up confronting he won’t pay the cost for all favours he did to Elma’s family and leave.

At night, Zarbab comes home to shout at Elma who is he to inquire about him. Elma was sure he must not have said anything wrong. Zarbab argues if he is wrong then? Whenever she discusses about Ramish, she speaks well. Arif enters the house calling Zarbab. He hears Zarbab and Elma arguing. Elma asks if he is suspecting her loyalty, she is just trying to remind him of his favours. Elma reminds him he is living under the roof which belongs to him, he has this job because of him only. He has only demanded his loyalty for his wife. Zarbab says Ramish is teaching her to argue against him. He tells Elma he is leaving for Islamabad tomorrow, and in his absence Ramish Hassan won’t enter this house. Zarbab comes out to find Arif, who fell in his feet and ask him to forgive him. Zarbab questions what has Arif left for others, he and Sobia also had a part in the house he has eaten up. It was Arif who left him over other’s liabilities. Arif cries that he is the unluckiest one. Zarbab says he always tried to fulfil his responsibilities, he spent his youth as an old person and was ruined. He wants to get away from here, where he can neither hear anyone nor see. Arif notices the tension between Elma and Zarbab, he comes to ask Elma why Zarbab got so curt. He gave her examples to Rania, he joins his hands to apologize Elma and cries that he has no one except them. Elma goes to get food for him. Arif thinks he was ruined, and here they are so peaceful. He will ruin their lives as well, and blow out the candle named Ramish Hassan.

Elma comes to Zarbab on the roof, she says she doesn’t understand his attitude Zarbab complains she never tried to understand him. Elma allows Zarbab to go to Islamabad, she and Afnan will manage here. Zarbab asks if this is Ramish’s advice, or an effect of this roof. Today, her looks don’t belong to him. Elma asks if it’s about her attitude only, or has he decided to change his way; if he walking the same path as in past where does she stand. Zarbab tells her to stay where she has been. Elma says she understands, his looks have changed, times may as well. She will always meet him where he will leave her; woman always fulfil her relation.

NEXT EPISODE: Ramish asks Elma about Afnan. Elma looks outside and was happy to see Zarbab standing at the doorway. Zarbab enters asking if she wasn’t expecting him, they must have been left in shock.

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