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Years ago, in a village of Sahiwal….

Abba brings some religious books to Urwa He advices him to read a few of them daily. His sister asks Abba if he would study engineering books or religious ones. Sakina was crying, Abba asks her to stop crying, he is just going to city. He says it’s just about 4 years, his sisters tease what if he fell in love with a girl there. Abba boasts about his brought up, and trusted completely on his child. He heads to leave, while sisters insist on Abba to wait for some more time. Sakina asks Muzammil not to stop him, he might get late. Abba goes to hire a tonga. Sakina advices him to take care of himself. Abba calls Urwa from outside to hurry, he leaves with his bags.

One the fields, some girls were singing as they headed towards their schools on tonga. A bicyclist fell down following them. It was Multan, when the girl return home asking his mother for food. Her mother asks her to change first.

In the train, Abba gives some money and shares with the fellow travellers. Urwa thinks Karachi isn’t far away, he could have travelled alone. Abba says he trusts him, still couldn’t send him alone.

In Multan, Amina mother (the school girl) calls her to bring tea for her father. Amina takes leave to go to her friend. Zubaida calls her childish, and shares with her husband she is thinking about engaging her somewhere. Their father says she is really young right now, then asks Zubaida for a cup of tea, as Amina will return late.

In Karachi, they reach the college, walking upstairs. Abba says what a time this is, Urwa says time has changed. Abba advices him to remember his family, his brought up, values and morals. He is responsible for his sisters as well, Nizami uncle would visit him regularly. They head towards his hostel. They enter 8 number room, Abba was shocked to see girl’s posters on a wall, where Urwa’s roommate was smoking. Abba hugs Urwa and advices him to take care of himself. He leaves finally. Urwa wipes his tears, and enters the room.

In the village, a lady Batool congratulates Sakina, she might be upset as her lone son went away. She makes her afraid that her nephew went to city, he falls in love with a girl and married there. Sakina was worried all at once, she says boy would live where he would work. Batool says they marry where they work, and their wives don’t let them return. She hurries home, while Sakina was left worried.

Urwa unpacks his bag, while his roommate asks if his name is Urwa. He says he thought how they could give the space to a girl in his room. Urwa introduces himself as Urwa Ahmed. The roommate says he is Sohail Bhatti, and asks isn’t Urwa a female name. Sohail asks about his discipline, while Urwa eyes the posters on the wall. Urwa tells him he came for civil engineering. Sohail says he has been studying electrical engineering for last two years, but always wanted to be fashion designing. Urwa says he always wanted to be civil engineer since childhood. Sohail asks if he has grown up, the way he was eyeing these posters. He then takes Urwa for smoking downstairs.

At Nizaami’s office, Furqan Ahmed asks for reassurance to take care of Urwa.
At night, Urwa was making his bed. Sohail says it seems Urwa never worked at home. Urwa accepts he never worked. SOhail tells him that here, he must even wash his toilet by himself. He then lights a cigarette for himself and asks Urwa for one. Urwa says he never take cigarette, his Abba ji forbid him. Sohail laughs.

At the dinner table, the waiter brings food to Urwa. He was a lady like person, who offered Urwa to shift in his room as Sohail is really an ill-mannered person. Sohail comes from behind, the waiter goes to flirt with him. Sohail takes Urwa to canteen for tea and forbid the waiter to follow. Outside, Urwa asks Sohail about that boy. Sohail asks which angle he seemed to be a boy, he is the only brother of seventeen sisters; in the whole university he has all female friends. He is always there with Azra as well.
In Sahiwal, Furqan and Sakina share their worries with Urwa.

Urwa comes to the corridor, Sohail asks why he missed the class. Urwa tells him Nisaar said there is no class today. Sohail says it was a joke, a minor one and could be some major as well.
Amina sat on a swing at home, her father return home and tells her he isn’t well today. The doctor has written him a few tests, Zubaida asks him to get them done. He was tired and worried what if doctors suggest something adverse. He was worried about marrying his daughters as well. Zubaida assures Allah will be there. He shares he has been unable to walk much, and thinks about sharing it with Furqan. Zubaida asks him not to worry, he must tell Furqan when the reports are there.

Sohail calls Urwa to a group of girls. Urwa greets them all with a Salam, they sing a reply. Sohail introduces them to Urwa as his roommate. He then introduces Urwa to Jimmy (the waiter), Naghma, Fouzia calling her wow-lady, Faiz, Tayyaba and Azra introduces herself. They all laugh at Urwa’s name, Azra calls it a nice name. Azra forwards her hand to shake with Urwa’s, Sohail forces him to shake hand with her but he thanks. Azra offers him to join them to canteen, Urwa thanks them as he has a class. They all say they have bunked. Azra wonders why he is so nervous, Sohail makes up anyone would get nervous watching a lady like her. Urwa takes a leave. Azra calls him really cute. Sohail taunts at her to adopt Urwa.

Sohail comes to Urwa saying they enjoyed a lot in canteen. Urwa says he had to finish a book, he comes to university to study. Sohail asks how can he be connected to books only. Urwa says these books would help during exams, not girls. Sohail asks if some girl betrayed him, then asks if he never was a friend with any girl. Sohail suggests him to think about some girl now. Urwa says this only wastes time. Sohail tells him he would be going to watch movie with Naghma today.

Furqan gets a call from Amina’s father. He returns home, Sakina was worried and calls Khurshaid to bring water. Furqan tells her that he wanted to speak to Irfan but Irfan is really worried. He is ill for a few days, doctors suggested a few tests and has been diagnosed as diabetes. He was really worried about it. Sakina was tensed, Furqan says Irfan was worried for his wife and children. Sakina remember they just shifted to Multan 5 years ago, Amina was 11 years old then. Furqan suggests about going to Multan, they plan to go along with Muzammil and Khurshaid to leave for Multan tomorrow.

Sohail comes to Urwa who was studying. Urwa says this is time to study, Sohail asks him to grow up now. He tells Urwa that Azra Riaz was asking about him.

NEXT EPISODE: Furqan and family pack to leave for Furqan. Azra offers a lift to Urwa till market. Sakina was upset that Furqan has fixed Urwa and Amina’s proposal. In the college, Azra and Jimmy discuss Urwa to look handsome. Urwa thought about Azra.

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