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Last Episode – Udaari 25th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

Arsh asks the court for another date to present some more evidences, he will prove in court that Imtiaz harassed Zebo twice. The court allows Arsh, and orders to complete their defence by next hearing.

The man was still sitting beside the grave crying. At home, his wife finds him stuffing his bag with notes. She forbid him leave Imtiaz’s side, he worked well in factory in Dubai and Imtiaz’s company isn’t a good one. The man was greedy, he wanted to give his daughter education. His wife asks Jamshaid to fear about his goals. He thought this all at the grave side. He recalls returning home after the argument with Imtiaz that day, he was determined not to spare Imtiaz who ate up all his savings. Shano came to him, Jamshed had promised to get her dolls and other toys as well. Today, Jamshaid cried badly beside her grave.

Arsh was hopeless in his office that he still has no proof. He shares with Meera that Zebo trusted him and went to court for justice, if he can’t prove this rape against Imtiaz how he would face Zebo, won’t her eyes question him why he couldn’t get justice to a sister’s culprit. Meera consoles him that he has been trying hard, she can’t see him breaking. Allah is evident of his loyalty, and Zebo’s helplessness; He would surely help them.

The next morning, someone comes to meet Arsh in court. He stands up to welcome Jamshed. Jamshed says he is the witness against Imtiaz, he is an old companion of Imtiaz and used to be friends, then he stabbed him at the back. On 21st April, he entered Imtiaz’s house with intentions of stealing. He witnessed him harassing Zebo. He has been following the case against Imtiaz since its beginning, he is aware that next hearing Imtiaz would be set free and he would again become a criminal in hand of Zebo and his Shano. He was powerful that day, but he had only witnessed it as drama. Later, when the drama had ended he stole everything from Imtiaz’s house and left Imtiaz injured. He was punished the next day, on 22nd April his house was on fire. His wife and daughter died in the incident, his daughter complained had he saved Zebo she must not have died. He wants to be witness against Imtiaz, to gain respect in eyes of his daughter Shano for once again. He cries that he wants to assure Shano that his father isn’t a bad person. Arsh offers him a glass of water. Jamshed qualifies we are indifferent for other’s daughters, then why it hurts when our own daughter’s suffer. He brings out a pack from his pocket, saying his conscience never let him waste these evidences.

In the next hearing, Rana meets Imtiaz in the corridor and assures him about spending tonight at home. Imtiaz wonders which witness he would bring this time. Rana was ready to confront any weak witness Arsh would present in court. Sajida also stood in the court, everyone take seats. The hearing begin, judge asks Arsh to present his witness. Arsh announces his next witness is Imtiaz Ali’s old friend Jamshed, Zebo turns to look at him. Jamshed confronts Imtiaz before coming to witness box and takes an oath to speak the truth only.

Arsh inquires Jamshed if he would like to tell the court what he had seen in the court. Jamshed accepts he was enemy with Imtiaz who stole his money, he went to steal at his home. Jamshed tells them Imtiaz had shut his wife in a room where she was shouting and pleading. From another room, a girl cried for him, he peeked through the window and could see Imtiaz harassing a little girl. Arsh confirms by showing Jamshed the childhood photo of Jamshed, he recognizes. Imtiaz had been hitting this girl, he stuffed pillow cover in her mouth. Rana objects, but over ruled. Jamshed insists he is true, Arsh shows 10 year old Zebo’s photo. Jamshed is a witness to that molestation that night. Jamshed tells the judge he shivered witnessing the whole scenario. Zebo was upset. Meera and Muneera were still conducting the walk in front of Zebo. Jamshed says Imtiaz opened his wife’s room door, he deterred he would do this daily. His wife seems psychopath; she had to be watching this happen with a daughter. Imtiaz lay down to sleep, his wife attacked him with knives and flee. After they ran away, he stole his watch, ring and some money from the house and collected in a torn sleeve. Arsh show the court Zebo’s torn sleeve piece. Jamshed accepts. Imtiaz shouts at him to be a liar. Arsh asks the court to inspect this sleeve and other shirt pieces, the blood stains on this shirt have been matched and chemical report shows its Zebo’s blood. Zebo hurt Imtiaz on neck with nails, Imtiaz’s blood stains are also here. Jamshed tells the court Zebo’s amulet and slippers were also there. Imtiaz reminds Jamshed about gambling in factory with him. Jamshed accepts his daughter bore all his sins, he is ready to get punished for all he had committed.

Imtiaz boasts in court to be a special person of Malik, he can go anything and even get the courts shut. He accepts committing all the sins he has been blamed for. He should have killed Sajida and Zebo the same day. Arsh asks the court to notice Imtiaz has accepted his own sin.
The reporters ask Muneera about her expectations. Muneera tells media they are here to support Sajida and Zebo, to assure them that Pakistani population are with them.

Arsh asks for permission to speak. He says if a mother attacks a sexually greedy paedophile to save her daughter’s respect, would she be punished. She loses her respect and bear punishement as well. If Sajida hadn’t attacked this man and flee, he would have done this to Zebo every day. Courts never take decisions over emotions, but he requests the court to keep in view the condition of this mother as well. We must try to figure out why a mother never went to court to file an FIR against the culprit, if people don’t have to listen to Police harassment while filing such cases. We need a thorough reforms at lower levels of Police so that weak and poor people all feel free while reporting such crimes.

The court announces the decision, considering Imtiaz a culprit of sexual abuse for which he has been announced a life time jail. As for Sajida, she has been recognized as a culprit of attempt to murder. The court considers Sajida’s days spent in the jail as her punishment; therefore she must be freed as soon as possible. Imtiaz hid his face, while Zebo and Sajida cry in thankfulness.

Outside the court, media run towards the gate where Arsh come out. Arsh announces Imtiaz has been punished as life time penalty. Sajida was punished, but it has been kept very low. He announces this is a new day to their judicial development. He takes a leave from the media. Meera wipes her tears and move towards him. She comes to his car, asking if this celebrity lawyer is leaving. He asks if she has been stalking him. Arsh accepts he has been fed up of this fame. Meera reminds that years ago when he had decided to be a lawyer, he thought maybe he would get respect this way. Arsh says he didn’t fight this case for fame. Meera accepts she loved him, but today she respects him as well. Arsh stares at her. She asks him to let her confess, she has loved him for all these years. May be she had got a connection with him when they sang their first song. Now she wants to tell him she doesn’t accept a life without him. Arsh confirms if she is saying this all because he saved Sajida. Meera shows him the ring that she brought with her. Arsh asks what if he had lost this case, Meera replies that he must have to buy the ring himself. They smile, Arsh put the ring in her hand.

Sajida was being congratulated by everyone on her return.

At night, Sajida watches Zebo studying. Zebo asks her to go and sleep, she is no more afraid of sleeping alone, of dark and of nightmares. Sajida boasts at her to be really brave, she accepts about being wrong at teaching her cowardice. Zebo taught her bravery and courage. Zebo assures she has left all the fears behind; she is keeping foundation to a new organization with Muneera. She is determined to save every child who is, or has ever faced child sexual abuse.

Imtiaz sat in the jail; he could hear Zebo’s cries around him and went hysterical.
Meera and Arsh named a concert after Zebo, who gave courage to a number of children to be able to raise their voice. Arsh and Meera sing, “Bol k labb azaab hain tere; Bol zubaan abb tak hai teri”.

The show has ended

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