Teri Chah Mein – Episode 10 21st September 2016 Written Update

Teri Chah Mein – Episode 10 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Faisal was standing beside the window, lost in thoughts. Mehwish comes to him concerned that he seems upset for a while. Faisal replies its some office issues and leaves.

Faisal drove the car thinking about doctor’s words again. During the meeting his colleague discussed a feasibility report with him, he gets a call from his wife about his child’s behavior. He speaks to his son about not teasing his mother and eat well. He discuss with Faisal his son Usman is really a blessing in his life, he loves his child the most. He shows him the photo of his son. He then invites Faisal to fourth birthday of Usman with wife, Faisal says he would bring Zara too.

Zara comes to wake Mehwish in her room, she goes to get food. Mehwish insists she would eat with Faisal. Zara leaves. In the office, Faisal gets Zara’s call; she informs Faisal Mehwish isn’t eating without him. Faisal tells her he is busy, Zara will have to handle her like children when they are ill, so she must manage to feed her. Zara brings food for Mehwish in her bed. Mehwish was stubborn that she won’t eat without him. Zara gets sentimental that she has also not eaten, Mehwish was concerned and agrees to eat at once.

The next day, Mehwish was sitting outside when Faisal arrives, complimenting Mehwish to be looking beautiful. Faisal tells Mehwish its Imran’s son’s birthday. Mehwish agrees to go, and discuss about buying a present. Zara wonders what she would do there. Faisal makes her up that there would be innocent children. Zara says she would feel awkward, Faisal insists he would feel good as she is also a part of his family. Mehwish comes to defend Zara, she has to study. Faisal gets sentimental that only their words work in this house, he has no importance. Zara goes to get ready.

In the birthday party, Faisal introduces Imran and his wife with his wife and her daughter. They welcomed them coldly. Zara walks outside, Mehwish also silently leaves. Imran sends Faisal to get Mehwish, he comes to her and calls Zara inside as well. A lady compliments Faisal’s wife and calls him really lucky. Faisal enjoys the party well. Imran’s wife stares at Mehwish which she dislikes.

At night, Mehwish wonders why everyone behaves so estranged knowing she is his wife. Faisal discuss he was impressed by that child, he wish they had a child like this. Mehwish calls it a stupid desire he shouldn’t think about. Faisal thinks he has been composing himself for so long that not everyone can get all from life. Mehwish sat on rolling chair, thinking about Faisal’s words.

On breakfast table Zara discuss she needs to go for paper till 1. Mehwish says it would be difficult for her to come by then, Faisal promises to come for her. Outside examination hall, Zara hears some boys speaking about her disturbed family life. After the exam, Faisal and Zara were discussing about it. Mehwish comes there and was shocked to see them there. Faisal goes to order for Mehwish, Mehwish notices Zara was upset. Faisal comes to inform Mehwish some boys teased Zara about their relation. Faisal calms Mehwish as she was enraged.

At night, Faisal brings milk for Zara who had been studying. Mehwish watches him coming from Zara’s room, he explains he went to give Zara a glass of milk as she isn’t eating anything these days. At midnight, Mehwish wakes up to find out Faisal wasn’t in bed. She walks outside, and peeks through the door where Zara and Faisal sat together. She wakes up from nightmare, and wonder why she is thinking so.

The next morning, Zara brings tea for Faisal. He says he had a head ache, Zara offers to massage it. Mehwish hears this from behind. Faisal asks her not to ruin him, what will happen if she gets married. He inquires if she likes someone. Zara says he is her ideal since childhood. Mehwish loses her balance. At night, Zara stood concerned for Mehwish. Faisal assures she would be fine, they are doing ECG for their own satisfaction. At home, Zara asks Mehwish for food, she was thankful ECG report was normal. Faisal comes to her; Mehwish was upset and asks him to leave her alone. Zara and Faisal discuss Mehwish is being stubborn because of something else, its not just illness. Mehwish thinks in her room she is only left with Zara and Faisal in life, how she should rule out this worry.

Mehwish demands Faisal to move out for some time. Faisal asks if she doesn’t want to live with him. Mehwish says till Zara gets married, he must live away. Faisal asks if Zara is the problem. Mehwish says for her it’s a huge problem, him and Zara being under a single roof. She insists on him to understand.

At night, Mehwish bring milk for Zara. She complains that she has made Faisal really disturbed. She herself is also upset. Mehwish tells Zara that she didn’t like Faisal and Zara being together, Faisal isn’t her father, he can’t ever be.

Zara comes to Faisal saying she tried to explain to Mehwish a lot. Faisal says it would be useless. Zara was concerned where he would go, Faisal couldn’t understand anything. Zara lay in the bed awake, she comes out the next day and suggests Faisal to get her married as soon as possible, then he won’t have to leave anywhere.

Mehwish asks Faisal about his friend’s apartment that is vacant, until he returns from Dubai Faisal should shift there. Zara comes to Faisal, he informs her about leaving. Faisal forbids her discuss anything with Mehwish, and promises to be in touch with her. Mehwish was happy when Faisal informs her that his friend would be away for a few months. Faisal asks if he would be able to adjust there. Mehwish offers to come with him to drop and settle him there. In the car, she asks Faisal why is he silent, she understands he isn’t happy with this decision, she herself isn’t. she requests him to understand her position.

Zara comes to her room.

Mehwish remembers a lot of memories in this house. Faisal demands her companionship. Mehwish assures she is with him, it’s a reality and not a dream.

Mehwish returns home, Zara suggests he must be worrired. She tells Mehwish she did wrong by sending him away. Mehwish shares people didn’t accept her marriage with Faisal, she had thought for the first time in life, she has a right over her life. Now, she realizes Zara is the most important for her, after Zara gets married people will forget everything, everything will get fine. She sends Zara to get tea for her.

Faisal was painting in his apartment when he gets a call from Mehwish. She asks him not to think he is alone, she is with him. Faisal says for him, she is always around. Mehwish shares he has provided her the courage to face the world. Faisal shares he wants to return to her. Mehwish was upset that not now, she asks him to sleep now and promises to come tomorrow. Faisal says he would wait.

At night, Zara completes her study. Faisal was sitting in his bed, thinking about his proposal to Mehwish. He recalls about rejecting Zara’s engagement, Kashif being offensive. He had told Mehwish later, he didn’t come to propose her, he just came to tell her he wanted to marry someone like her.

Zara sat in bed, recalling once she had caught a girl’s message in Kashif’s mobile. Her father being ill and coughing badly.

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