Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 7 21th September 2016 Written Update

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Haider is thinking of what Shella said to him about if Mansoor left her then would he marry her, then Tahira comes and asks him to come and eat but he asks her to sit down as he has to say something. He tells her that she knows the relation between him and Shella and he thinks that it is because of him and when he thinks about what Mansoor will do to her if she goes back gives her chills and he thinks that he is her criminal and he cannot see her die every day and wants to marry her. Tahira’s face turns white with amazement and she asks him as to why is he punishing her and what has she done, Haider remains silent ad she says that if he wants to marry her then he will have to divorce her saying this she leaves, Haider is left even more confused.

Mansoor and his father are siting when Malik says that he will become a successful politicians he has done a good decision. Mansoor says that he knew Shah Sahab’s business reputation and only after that he made the deal. Malik says that Shella has proved to be a good fortune but Mansoor says that he does not believe that Shella has a good fortune.

Mansoor gets a call from Shella who is very angry and demands to know the reason for demanding the mill but he says that Shah Sahab presented the mill himself and gets angry saying that she will not let this happen, Mansoor says that if she does not want her father to give the mill then he will not let her enter the room and then ends the call.

Malik asks Mansoor to talk in a polite manner with Shella but he says that he knows how to talk with his own wife.
Shella comes and asks Shah Sahab if he wants to get rid of her and that is why he has agreed to transfer the ownership of the mill but Shah Sahab says that he is only giving what belongs to her and he has made a promise to Mansoor but Shella says that if he goes on with this deal then he will have no relation with her, Haider asks Shella to calm down but she says that she wants to know how much he loves her.

Shah Sahab asks Haider as to what did Shella says and what will he do, they both are standing when Shah Sahab gets a call from Mansoor who says that if Shella does not want to come then he should not force her but shah sahib says that he will talk to her and he will calm her down, he asks him to come tomorrow and take Shella.

Tahira is sitting and thinking of what Haider said to her about marrying Shella.

Bibi Jan is sitting with Shella and saying that women are more beautiful in their own homes but Shella says that women do not have a home but Bibi Jaan says that she knows that Shella has patience and she will melt the heart of Mansoor.

Shah Sahab is sitting with Mansoor and talking to him about Shella, he says that he only agreed to take Shella home because of his deal with him otherwise Shella is not worthy of living in his house, Shah Sahab says that he should not talk this about a daughter in front of her father.

Haoder is constantly trying to ask for forgives from Shella but she is not to be moved and goes away, Haider at this get angry and starts to break the decorations in the house, Tahira also sees this and is left heat broken.

Shah Sahab says to Mansoor that he has fulfilled his promise and now Mansoor must keep to his word to which he says that he should worry about it and he will take care of her. Bibi Jaan is walking towards Shella’s room when she comes down and hugs her before taking her to Shah Sahab and Mansoor where Shah Sahab also gives her his blessings. Mansoor asks for their leave and takes Shella with him.

Shah Sahab sits down and says that he killed his own daughter by his hands and is asking for her blessings but Bibi Jaan asks him to have patience.

Manoor and Shella walk in the house when he says that although he brought her but she has no place in his house and she also no longer has a relation with the Sayed family.

Tahirs is checking the drawers when Haider comes and she says that she has set the table of breakfast, Haider thanks her and feels ashamed of himself.

Shella brings the breakfast of Mansoor and pours him water, he says that when he told him to not bring it then why did she bother to which she says that his mother told her at which he gets angry and starts throwing things around the house, when her mother comes and slaps Mansoor but he says that she will not believe that she is his wife and leaves.
Bibi Jan comes and asks Tahira as to what is the problem to which she says that if the relations are made in heaven then why is she being punished.

Mansoor is with another girl and they both are talking how much they love each other and that Shella has no value in his life and he will always love her.

Shella is sitting when her mother in law comes and asks her to what the matter is to whuich she says that Mansoor does not love her and will never take her by his side. She sits down and asks her to what was the relation between her and Haider and then Shella tells her everything.

Haider is sitting when Tahira comes and asks her as to what is her fault to which he says that she did not do anything wrong and he feels that he was the one who did wrong as they should never take on the relations which they cannot fulfil.

Mansoor comes to the room and lies on the bed when Shella sees this and takes off his shoes, he gets up and starts beating up, seeing this she also starts to fight with him and then finally runs out of the room to the main hall when his mother and father come and stop him but he still says that he will not live with Shella, Malik asks his wife to take Shella to the room and then says to Mansoor that if cannot control it then he must not drink. Mansoor sits on the couch.

Bibi Jaan says to Shah Sahab that she is feeling a bit worried regarding Shella and asks him to call her then he calls and Mansoor picks up but does not let then talk to her and Shah Sahab says that they should get used to living without Shella as Mansoor will not let them talk to Shella.

Shella is making breakfast when her mother in law comes and asks her as to where is the servant to which she says that she is ill but her mother says that she is also ill and she will make it but Shella insists that she make it, Mansoor starts calling Shella but his mother goes to him and asks hi the matter to which he says that she did not iron the clothes properly,Shella says that it was Bushra but Mansoor taunts her and then she also gives him a reply at which he gets angry and comes to beat her when his mother stops him and says that she is expecting, hearing this he stops and leaves.

Next eposide: Tahira says to Haider that she is expecting. He apologizes for taking the largest moment of happiness from her life. Mansoor says that Shella is only the mother of his children but not his wife.

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