Tum Kon Piya – Episode 25 21st September 2016 Written Update

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 25 21st September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Sharafat cries while speaking to Sobia that she got cursed by someone, how she should apologize. Sobia asks her to apologize Elma from her side as well; they have really hurt her a lot. Sharafat advices not to hurt anyone in life, love every relation related to her life. Humans are born to love.

Elma sat in her room with her wedding photo in hand. Sharafat sat in the terrace alone when Elma comes to her. Sharafat says Zarbab’s father got this house constructed for her. Elma agrees that for a woman leaving her home is not easy. Sharafat looks towards Elma saying with increasing pain, she is repenting her sins and mistakes. Elma asks her not to take such pain; else a person begins to suffocate. Sharafat looks towards Elma wondering what condition she is in, why hasn’t she made her hair up, why there are no bangles in her wrists. She tells Elma she was afraid of her makeup when she got married, she is afraid even today; then she worried what if she loses Zarbab to Elma but today she fears what if Zarbab doesn’t live with her. She apologizes Elma for taking her happiness from her life. She accepts being very selfish, neither is he ready to leave his home, nor this world. But in reality, man has to leave behind everything. Elma requests her not to cry and hugs her. She goes to get her medicines. Elma returns with the medicines to find Sharafat fallen down. She tries to wake her up, then cries checking on her nerves.

Arif cries with Sharafat’s janaza. Elma consoles Sobia on call, and urges her to pray for Sharafat. Sobia says Sharafat always appreciated Elma as a daughter in law. Sobia complains Arif and his wife didn’t call her. Arif come to inform Elma they have to vacate the house. Elma says Zarbab didn’t get time after Sharafat’s death; they haven’t looked for another house. Arif was indifferent and asks her to call Zarbab return. Elma calls Zarbab as Arif is here to vacate the house. She was clueless where they would go, Arif has gone to get the truck. Ramish comes to Elma’s house then, and asks why she is staring at him. Elma asks if he is really in front of her, or is it an illusion. Ramish shares he is happy she considers him as her own. He tells Elma he came to speak to her in absence of Zarbab. Elma informs Ramish about her worry for home. Arif overheard this conversation. Ramish says he never thought someone could be so greedy and selfish. Arif comes inside, shouting at Ramish. He rudely misbehaves with Ramish, Zarbab had entered home then. Arif accused Ramish to have come to meet Elma in absence of Zarbab. Ramish slaps Arif, Zarbab comes to hold Arif back. Arif accuses Elma’s character. Ramish and Elma explain Zarbab they were only talking about vacating the house. Zarbab tells Arif to get lost.

Ramish asks Zarbab if they have any arrangement, Zarbab says he is clueless. Ramish asks him to load their luggage, he know where they are going. They arrive at Waqar’s place. Ramish says he was the one to buy this house, few places have great association with a man’s emotions. This house is important for him because of Waqar. From today, this house belongs to her and Zarbab. Elma consider it as his property, they have no right over this. Ramish tells Elma houses are turned to homes by its residents. He came here many times, but he found it empty. Today, its walls are also smiling, as they recognized her. Zarbab was thankful to Ramish. Ramish wish them to enjoy each others company, and set this house.

Zarbab walked in the yard thinking about Arif’s accusations. He had warned Zarbab to cry, a vision comes in Zarbab’s mind about Ramish holding Elma. Zarbab wonders what people must be thinking about her, after Arif’s accusations. Elma tells him people there were aware of Arif and her character, she doesn’t care about people but only what Zarbab think. He nods. Elma asks Zarbab what he thinks about her. Zarbab asks her to go and look for Afnan. Elma assures she and Afnan are happy here.

Arif sat in his house, thinking about Zarbab’s slap. Rania comes to ask about the payment of business installment. Arif hands her a cheque, she was delighted to see the full payment cheque. Arif says he won’t share the amount with Zarbab, until Zarbab pays off for each and every insult he bore there.

At night, Elma asks Zarbab to have food. Zarbab thoughtfully asks if Ramish bought this house how he distributed their share, and if he bought it himself why he returned her. Elma says few people in this world are like Ramish, who are ready to bear loss for others as well. Zarbab asks if these gifts are only for their family. Elma replies she is unaware about it, she just know he does the same with everyone. Zarbab says a person is selfless only in love. Elma counters that relations are tied with love; love, trust and loyalty are all connected. Zarbab leaves the matter to Zarbab, and was thankful they got a house to live.

At night, Elma was praying when she hears Waqar calling her. She comes into Waqar Ali’s room and sits on his bed till morning. Zarbab wakes up at Afnan’s cries and calls Elma. Elma was walking in the yard outside, Ramish appears in front of her saying all happiness have returned to her. Elma wonders why happiness turns around from her. Ramish promises never to let it happen again. Elma replies just as time can’t be turned, happiness can also not be returned. Zarbab goes to the crying Afnan and carries him out. Elma shares she used to come here before marriage, the mornings are really beautiful. Zarbab was uninterested, as he has no time for such talks and asks her to prepare breakfast for him.

He was getting ready when he gets Javeria’s call, she complains about him being disloyal. Javeria was restless to speak to him; Zarbab gives her time in the evening in a restaurant, and asks her to come in time. Elma stood with the breakfast behind, and heard the conversation. Zarbab asks why she is staring like this. Elma says sometimes looking at a photo seems good, some people are like portraits who spend life with you, but they always keep themselves in a frame. She informs Zarbab that Seema is coming tonight, will he be at home. Zarbab doesn’t promise, he will come here if he gets free.

Ramish comes home to, Sumbal was happy to meet him and his enlightened eyes. Ramish agrees he is happy about her return, and asks if she met his parents. Sumbal says she want to spend some time with him. She asks him to go to some place where they can talk for hours.

Seema and Neha come to Elma at their father’s house.

Zarbab was waiting in the restaurant. Javeria arrives finally. He complains about waiting for an hour. Javeria comments he has been curt when he became a husband. She informs Zarbab she got transferred to Islamabad. Zarbab wonders how she would stay in Islamabad alone. Javeria says they will live there together, as there are a lot of positions vacant there.

Ramish and Sumbal come to the same restaurant, Ramish notices Zarbab. Javeria was after Sharafat’s death, no one is there to interfere between them. She doesn’t consider Elma worthy of anything, and speaks clearly about Zarbab’s second marriage. Zarbab was shocked. Javeria says if he still backs up, there won’t be anyone as shameless as he is. Zarbab says there was no commitment of marriage between them, Javeria was offensive she isn’t someone to play in his lone time. She leaves saying she will only meet him when he has taken a decision.

NEXT EPISODE: Elma inquires Ramish why he is worried. Ramish tells her Zarbab is involved in another lady. Zarbab questions Elma if she is suspecting him. She asks if she shouldn’t. Zarbab counters how true are the accusations Arif has placed on Elma then?

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