Udaari – Episode 24 18th September 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 24 18th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Imtiaz was fuming at his lawyer to get him out of jail. He wonders why Malik went to America, the lawyer informs him that Malik is in Pakistan, and he did a press conference that he would only be with justice in such a case. On the other side, Meera is a super star; both these people against them have changed public against them as well. Imtiaz denies accepting anything against Malik, he was sure Malik won’t let him in jail for long as he promised never to raise his hand from over him. The lawyer takes a leave from Imtiaz.

Meera and Muneera conduct a walk against child abuse. Muneera tells the media they are here with Zebo who stood against her rapist. Malik join their walk.

In the court, Imtiaz’s lawyer asks Zebo if Imtiaz locked her and her mother in another room, what he did then. Zebo says he beated her, she was screaming for help. The lawyer says alright, this is why Sajida couldn’t come for help. The lawyer asks her to narrate the whole story, Zebo says he threw her on the bed and stuffed the pillow cover into her mouth. The lawyer questions what else Imtiaz had done to her. Arsh objects that this is inappropriate, it was over ruled. The judge instructs the lawyer to respect the ethics, but continue with his questioning. Zebo witness against Imtiaz, crying. The lawyer then questions if Imtiaz unlocked her mother’s room after that, if she attacked you all at once or sometimes later. Zebo was silent, the lawyer repeats the question. Zebo was reluctant to reply, she says she doesn’t remember. The lawyer considers it strange; he asks if she doesn’t want to tell about it. Zebo tells the court she wasn’t conscious. The lawyer gives a winning smile to Imtiaz.

Afterwards, in jail Imtiaz again accuses lawyer to be useless. Imtiaz was counting Zebo’s witness; the lawyer assures Imtiaz that Zebo can never prove that he raped her. The lawyer was sure that the medical report proves that Zebo was raped; they can never prove if it was Imtiaz. He is now determined to ruin Zebo and Sajida’s respect that may be Sajida sent Zebo somewhere for money. Imtiaz asks about Malik, the lawyer says Malik changed his group and is no more against Imtiaz. Imtiaz was annoyed and insists he won’t spare anyone, as he is aware of their secrets.

In Arsh’s office, his colleague informs him that Ejaz and Sheeda would be their next witness. Ejaz is an eye witness to Zebo’s first rape and Sheeda will tell the court how Imtiaz teased Meera once as well, and that Sajida and Zebo came to her place 7 years ago. Meera tells Arsh she also wants to be a witness against Imtiaz.

The lawyer assures Imtiaz he hasn’t lost a single case since today, Arsh is an inexperienced person. Imtiaz was worried about involvement of NGOs and Meera. The lawyer tells him this case is really important for him now, for his own reputation and career. Imtiaz was restless to get out of here.

In the office, Arsh warns Meera that she can get negative critics against herself. Meera says for her, getting Zebo justice is important than her own popularity. Zebo sat in yard thinking about Ejaz’s witness, who accepted he loves Zebo and hates Imtiaz. Arsh and colleague discuss that Ejaz was easily trapped by Rana. Arsh says Ejaz’s witness is no more weighed. His colleague insists Rana takes the case personally, this case a lot of media conference. She has heard he calls Arsh an inexperienced lawyer. Arsh leaves it to Allah, Rana is fighting for his ego, while they are fighting to get a mother and daughter justice. Ejaz comes to sit beside Zebo, she complains he has make a joke of her in the court. She wasn’t ready to accept any explanation from him, then leaves herself.

Meera arrives at the court for witness. She tells the media she is here to witness for an innocent, they are sure to get justice from court and goes inside. Meera witness in court, that Zebo was unconscious and badly hurt. She insists it was Imtiaz, as he tried to harass her as well. Rana inquires who is in her family and makes an issue her whole family is against Imtiaz. If her family has an enemity against Imtiaz, Arsh objects, which is sustained. Rana says the court can’t accept a 12 year old boy who loves Zebo, of court would accept the witness of Meera and her mother who are personally against Imtiaz. He request the court to dis-credit any such witness.

In the office, Rubina was worried where they will bring a proof. Muneera was also worried, while Rubina informs Muneera they went to village, everyone there say Imtiaz’s behavior with Sajida and Zebo was outstanding. Meera asks Arsh, Arsh wonders where that torn piece of Zebo’s sleeve went, which could prove Zebo was raped within that room. Now, the court can prove if Zebo was raped, it might be in the way after they had left the house. Meera was hopeless that they would lose the case, and Sajida would be proven right that they should have hide Zebo’s secret. Arsh insists their courts also provide justice, they only need proof.

A man sat with a grave in the graveyard, crying. The caretakers there discuss they have been watching this man here, daily since years. He sits beside the grave of an 8 or 9 years old girl.
Zebo was looking way for Ejaz who comes inside angry. Zebo tells Ejaz she was aware of this all when she went to witness in the court, in world people are same. Ejaz wasn’t ready to listen anything against her.

In the court, Sajida is called for witness. Arsh objects, Rana says its important to inquire her. The court allows. Sajida accepts and cries what a mother should have done when she could hear her daughter’s screams for help and couldn’t save her respect. She accepts that she attacked Imtiaz with a knife and would do so again if she ever get a chance. Rana demands the court to announce strict punishment as Sajida has confessed her crime about attempt to murder Imtiaz and Imtiaz must be released from jail.

The man cried sitting beside the grave.

NEXT EPISODE: Rana assures Imtiaz he would be free soon. There, Arsh still looked for some strong proof against Imtiaz.

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