Teri Chah Mein – Episode 9 14th September 2016 Written Update

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Chacha tells Zara they have tried to move from this place, for a number of reasons. Zara inquires where they are going, he says they are shifting to Dubai. Zara wonders how she would meet them., she can’t even come to them as she has her finals from next month. Chacha promises to come and pick her up whenever she wishes to come. Zara takes his promise not to worry about her, she is really sensible now. He kiss the back of her hand, saying for parents kids are always kids; still he is happy she is grownup and is sensible.

At home, Zara complains Faisal that it is because of him Chacha is leaving this city. Faisal considers him emotional. Zara suggests him to apologizes him and stop him. Faisal asks if he can stop them, Zara says it depends upon the intentions, he might try for once. Zara was listening to news next morning, Mehwish asks about Faisal. Zara tells her that Faisal went to apologize his parents; Mehwish inquires what kind of apology. Zara says he hurt his parents; they are shifting so he went to stop them.

There, Faisal accepts he has been a disobedient child, he is really sorry. He joins his hands to them; Shehnaz asks if he is ready to accept what he abbu says. Faisal says parents always forgive their children; they sacrifice their own wishes rather than wanting a sacrifice from children. He says he can’t leave her, and realizes he is their only support; he is requesting them not to snatch their support from themselves. Mehwish tries Faisal’s number but it is unanswered. Abbu tells Faisal if he can’t leave Mehwish, he must leave them then; not to test their patience and their grace.

At home, Mehwish comes to Faisal who stood lost in his thoughts. She asks what decision they took, watching his tears Mehwish requests him not to take any wrong decision because of his parents. Faisal says his parents have finished every relation with him, he was crying and wonders how they can do this to him, and he is really hurt. Mehwish holds his arm requesting to look at her, she has bear a pain of death of young son; she is living. He must also show some courage. Zara overhears this and leaves curtly.

Zara asks Tahir about his education, he says he took admission in a college there. he promises to come meet her.

Mehwish and Faisal shop, Mehwish brings the shopping to Zara who was sleeping with her books. Zara asks if Faisal knew about her choice, Mehwish says she was sure Zara won’t wear it but Faisal was sure she will like this one. She then goes to prepare tea. The next morning, Faisal asks if Zara liked the dress. Mehwish was sure she won’t like it, Zara comes dressed up in that one, she appreciates the choice. Zara asks to have ice cream right away. Mehwish says she has an appointment with a few students, Zara insists to go with Faisal now. Mehwish was against it, but Faisal says if she is happy this way he will do it. Zara comes ready to go with Faisal, Mehwish was off mooded.

The next day, Faisal watches Mehwish keenly. He asks her to take an off, it’s a good weather and they can go for long drive. Mehwish says she has to go for a few hours. He promises a long drive in a few hours. Zara comes with their breakfast ready. On the breakfast table, Zara reminds Faisal of birthday. He suggests about keeping a surprise party, she will be surprised. He says he is going to office, and will be back in a few hours, they will then prepare for party. Zara thinks about her father and brother, wondering where they left her in the hell alone, she wants peace.

In the office, Mehwish calls Faisal if he is coming as she is free. Faisal apologizes as there are a few investors here, he promises to call her when he gets free. Mehwish was sitting alone in her office. She calls at office where the receptionist tells her that Faisal left 3 hours ago. In a fast food, Faisal and Zara were eating. Zara tells him to go alone with Mehwish on a table for birthday celebrations. Faisal insists Zara would be there, it feels his family is complete this way.

At home, Alia comes to hand Mehwish some notes for Zara. She calls Zara, Faisal forbids Zara tell her that they are together. Zara receives the call and makes up that she is with Alia. Faisal and Zara complete the arrangements, he sends Zara to call Mehwish. In the room, Mehwish inquires Zara where she had gone, she shows her the notes and scolds Zara where she had gone. Faisal comes inside, Mehwish asks if they were together. He makes up, and agrees they were together. She shouts and slaps Zara, calling them shameless. Zara runs towards her room. Mehwish screams they are making a fool of her. Faisal drags Mehwish out to show, he then complains her to be suspecting him and her daughter. He qualifies Zara was so happy and excited and asks her to go and apologize her. Zara was locked up inside her room. Mehwish apologizes from outside, she curses herself for thinking so wrong about her. Zara was crying inside. Faisal goes to his room.

It was late at night, Mehwish still stood outside Zara’s door, then comes to her room.
Zara thinks Faisal raised his voice against Mehwish for the first time, maybe it’s her first victory. Faisal asks her not to cry. Zara accuses herself for lying. Faisal says she is ashamed of her mistake; he isn’t even speaking to her because she slapped him. Zara says she is upset because her mother suspected her, she is missing abbu and Kashif today, had she died with her Ammi won’t have any problem. Mehwish comes out to accept her mistake. Zara says she doesn’t need any apology from her, she is rightful of beating her but atleast she shouldn’t suspect her. Mehwish complains Faisal about her tone. Faisal scolds Mehwish in turn for being strict with her.

The next morning, Mehwish comes apologizing Zara. She had no idea she and Faisal went for birthday preparations. Zara says they used to celebrate birthdays before as well, her abbu used to plan her birthdays. She only did this to see her happy. Mehwish comes to the room and asks Faisal to drop her to college; her car is out of order. Zara was watching news, Faisal returns home. He asks her for tea. She asks how Mehwish would come, Faisal says he will go to pick her up in an hour. Mehwish was waiting in college, and asks a colleague to drop her home. At home, Faisal was narrating a childhood story of Tahir and a monkey, Zara enjoyed speaking with him. He at once remembers he had to pick Mehwish up, Mehwish had returned then. She says Faisal should have told her if he had returned, and asks Zara for a cup of tea.

Mehwish stood in her room, the scenes of Zara and Faisal being together flashed in front of her. She sat in the hall, still lost in the thoughts when Faisal comes there. He says there are a few scenes from childhood he still remember, her makeup, shining eyes and smile. Today there is nothing. He thought they will be happier together, but it isn’t so. Mehwish says she is a bit tired, she then feels nausea.

In the clinic, doctor says she has written medicines for Mehwish. He asks to suggest some gynecologist. The doctor tells them she can’t conceive because of some complications, she has written medicines for her. In the car, on beach, Mehwish asks Faisal why he is silent, if doctor said something. Faisal says yes, and asks how she is feeling now. At home, Zara brings Mehwish to bed and helps her lay down. Mehwish says she is fine, and tells her to go and study. Zara comes outside to find Faisal still lost in his thoughts. She was concerned and asks if Mehwish is fine. He assures she will be better till morning. She asks about dinner, Faisal says they will have it after s while. Late at night, Faisal was awake in bed. He thinks he had never realized even after getting Mehwish he would be deprived of the biggest happiness in his life.

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