Udaari – Episode 23 11th September 2016 Written Update

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Imtiaz flee in the car with his driver. The car didn’t start in time; he scolds him to move on.

Arsh tells the judge that the medical report of Zebo shows all the evidences of harassment and molestation. The judge inquires the case property investigator if Zebo’s clothes were found in the bag. The inspector replies he didn’t consider that as important, the judge warns him of a strict action against him. Arsh qualifies that police have been biased throughout this case because of political influence. The court orders police to arrest Imtiaz Ali, all the case property be submitted to the court in the next hearing.

At home, Arsh appreciates Zebo to be really strong, many men are unable to do what she has done today. She might cry to lighten her heart, but she should never repent her confession. Zebo was worried that Sajida is angry at her, she won’t even speak to her now. Arsh says there would be a day she will appreciate her for speaking the truth, her anger is just timely.

Meera conducts a press conference with Muneera about child sexual abuse, where they urge their fans and artist fraternity to stand against abuse with children. Muneera urges the government to establish strict punishments against paedophiles.

Zebo and Arsh come to meet Sajida who was angry that Zebo was just stubborn and did what she wanted to. Zebo says they were innocent still they are suffering and Imtiaz is wandering around freely, deterring them. Sajida calls Zebo and Arsh to be living in a dream world, Zebo will realize later that poor never get justice in this world and only her respect will be ruined this way. Arsh calls Zebo as his younger sister, and assures they will get justice. Zebo asks Sajida to speak the truth in court, she might accept a defeat after fighting but not without fighting Imtiaz.

Imtiaz discuss his driver that he must meet Malik and ask him to go abroad for a few days. He never realized they might have registered and FIR and done a medical report as well, he couldn’t even think Zebo can speak against him in court. SSP questions the inquiring inspector why Imtiaz hasn’t been arrested yet, there NGO is behind them and here the judge was angry about hiding case property; now they must not favour anyone but save their own jobs.

There, Malik was getting party pressure and calls from channels. He was frustrated avoiding media, then hears the press conference on television, his name was taken by Muneera leaving him in shock. His worker come to inform Imtiaz has come to meet him, Malik asks him to tell he has gone to America and not let him in by firing in air. The worker forbids Imtiaz to go inside, as this is the most unsafe place for him; police would come to look for him here. Imtiaz decides that he will hide somewhere else, and saves his new number in his phone. Inside there, Malik calls the SSP to arrest Imtiaz in the next 12 hours and his name should not be taken in his case. He must remove any evidence of Imtiaz’s association with him. He then advices his workers not to keep any relations with Imtiaz.
The driver calls Imtiaz inquiring about his position, he informs Imtiaz that Malik has done his work, he has a flight at 8 pm with his visa for Dubai. He must reach the farm house to get his papers. Imtiaz agrees to reach the farmhouse, boasting these mother and daughter aren’t aware about his reach. In the farmhouse, Imtiaz was waiting for Malik’s men. The police arrive at the farmhouse to arrest Imtiaz. Imtiaz says the dogs he fed are here to arrest them, and deters them to leave as Malik is really strong. The SSP asks him to cooperate, Malik is with him and will get him freed. Imtiaz goes with the police.

Arsh calls Meera to inform about Imtiaz’s arrest, their strategy worked and he has lost his political influence after social media publicity of the matter. Meera goes to give the news to everyone. Sheeda curses Imtiaz to have gone like a dog. Ejaz considers it a result of Zebo’s courage. Iqbal was thankful they also got a good news. Sheeda sends him to get sweet from market.

In the lockup, Imtiaz finds the lawyer and accuses him to be of no use. He was curt that Malik has also left for America, else he wouldn’t have got into such a problem. He asks the lawyer to go Malik’s house, he complaint that no one even came to meet him in police station as well. He complains that no one is here to help him.

Malik holds a press conference. He accepts that Imtiaz was a loyal worker, but he has no relations with him until he is proven innocence. He isn’t answerable about any action of his workers in their personal lives. He was with Zebo and any other person who takes a stand to get justice to public.

At home, Meera was in the room. The maid receives a call to inform Meera that there is an Ilyas and Durdana to meet them. Meera instructs her to send them back, else behave strictly with them. Meera comes to terrace where Durdana was arguing that Meera know Ilyas. Ilyas smiles watching Meera on the terrace. Arsh enters the gate then, he watches Meera standing upstairs and leave from the door. Meera was worried and hurries behind him.

Arsh drives the car away, hurt. Meera calls Farzana to go to Arsh’s office right away. Arsh was in his office when Meera arrives. Arsh says he didn’t disturb her because she had some guests, he wanted to update her about Sajida’s case. Meera clarifies that she didn’t call Ilyas here. Arsh calms her down and offers her a seat. He assures she can have anyone as a guest, he is nobody to clarfy as it’s a personal matter. Meera says since he proposed her for marriage…. Arsh asks her to let go of that matter, they are mature enough to understand each other’s consent; that chapter has been closed. They have a very important thing to concentrate, and asks for work. He says judge has accepted his plea to hear Sajida and Imtiaz’s case in the same court room. He informs Meera the case property has been submitted, but the torn sleeve and the pillow cover he pushed inside Zebo’s mouth is missing. Police may not dare to hide anything else. That torn sleeve portion or that pillow cover are important evidence for them, he has left it to Allah. They have Dr. Rabia, Meera and Ejaz has witnesses and is hopeful.

NEXT EPISODE: Muneera wonders where they must bring witnesses and evidences. Meera was ready to come as a witness.

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