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Zulekha cries watching Mohid in ICU.

Anmol cries in front of mirror, recalling Mohid’s words that he wanted to be hers for all his life; his smiling face flash in front of her eyes. She cries kneeling beside her bed.
The doctors consider the next twenty four hours critical for Mohid, its better he comes to consciousness else they might be helpless. Amma comes inside the room the, Fazal consoles her that the doctors are hopeful he will be conscious soon.

There, Anmol thinks why she is crying, she didn’t have to cry. Amma sat beside Mohid massaging his head. Anmol recalls she had prayed that this man should be taken away from her. Who says love is powerful than hatred, she hated him so intensely that it collided with his utmost love. She cries empty handed now.

The next morning, Zulekha impatiently waited at Anmol’s home, Ammi comes downstairs. Zulekha says she wants to take Anmol along. Ammi says Anmol is stubborn she will only go when Mohid comes to take her. Ammi cries that Mohid has been waiting for Anmol; she wants to save her from any later regrets. Anmol comes on stairs, Ammi cries that she has already made Mohid suffer a lot, how much she want him to suffer more because of her. She requests Anmol to come with her. Anmol walks upstairs. Both mothers stood helpless, Zulekha leaves crying. Anmol walks to her room, and thinks how Mohid had allowed her to be rightful to kill him once more; his wait for her. She braces herself, and goes downstairs.

Ammi sat praying, Mishaal cried what kind of a mother Zulekha is, she talked strange. Anmol comes downstairs to bid them a farewell. Mishaal wants to go with her, but she forbids. Ammi allows Anmol to go, Mohid has a lot of prayers with him. Mishaal shuts the door behind.

There in ICU, Dastgheer spoke to Mohid why they both are stubborn, when Anmol agreed he has turned to a stone. Who is he being revengeful from, he loves Anmol and must not hurt her. He cries requesting Mohid to wake up. Mishaal comes from behind. Dastgheer asks if she came along, Mishaal says she came with Ammi. Dastgheer wonders if Anmol still didn’t come. Mishaal says she left home an hour before. Both get worried where else Anmol went then.

It was night; Anmol reaches the Dargah in a bus. She enters recalling the times she came there with Mohid. Reaching the tomb, she searches for a knot; recalling how she tied one with Mohid and prayed for his death in her hatred for him. Finally, she finds one and unties it then sits there crying badly.

In the hospital, Ammi was worried where must Anmol have gone. Sabeeha questions Amma what she told Anmol. Ammi says Anmol said she was going to Mohid, Mishaal counters she said she was going for Mohid. Zulekha curses herself for making her leave once she had returned home, and wondered where Anmol must be at this time.

An old man comes to beggar, he advices Anmol to be patient as prayers are always answered. Anmol says she wants her prayers back, she asked for something; maybe it was time her prayers were answered. If they were to be answered, why not his prayers; why only her prayers were answered; and cry again.

Dastgheer and Mishaal sat worried for Anmol. Dastgheer assures he would try to find her.
Anmol speaks to beggar that her prayers collided with his, and pushed his back. Can bad overcome good so easily. The old man replies that prayers are to be answered by Allah, if she wants something back she must pray again, whole-heartedly. Prayers made with intensity are never left unanswered. Anmol sat for prayers.

There, Mohid’s conditioned worsened. Anmol prays, while Mohid’s body shivered restlessly in the hospital. Everyone sat upset in the hospital. Mishaal watches Dastgheer crying silently and comes to sit beside him, keeping a hand over his shoulder. Anmol arrives at the hospital then. The doctor comes out to inform the patient is conscious, he is out of danger now; they can meet him. Amma and Sabeeha cries in thankfulness. Anmol closes her eyes for a while. Dastgheer prostrates. Anmol comes inside Mohid’s room, he removes his oxygen mask. Anmol questions if he think only he can ask her from Allah, Mohid was sure she could have fight to get him back. Anmol denies fighting anyone now, specially him. Mohid asks what if he died, Mohid keeps her hand over his mouth saying she would have died either. She holds Mohid’s hand saying it must be mathematics rules that 1 subtracted from 2 leaves 1 behind; rules of love are different where nothing is left if 1 is subtracted from 2. She cries keeping her head over his shoulder. Mohid looks upwards, peacefully.

After a few months, Anmol was getting her makeup done in the car. Mohid smiles watching her. She asks him to look forward, he demands her to come forward as he keeps his eyes only where she is. It’s a blessing to watch her twice in a single look. Anmol asks to stop the car, he asks to come along. Anmol smiles and shut the doors. Some bikers snatch Anmol’s purse, she screams behind them cursing. Mohid holds her hand from behind as he is there. Anmol holds his saying both will. Both run behind the fleeing goons.

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