Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 5 9th September2016 Written Update

Saya-e-Diwaar Bhi Nahin – Episode 5 9th September2016 Pakistani Dramas Written Updates on

There is a call and Tabassum appa picks it up and after hearing gets shocked and runs to Bibi Jaan saying that Haider was in an accident and they both start to make arrangments, Biibi Jaan is in her room when Sheela comes begging her to take her with them but Bibi Jaan is not to be moved and steps out of the room shella follos her and again requests but she says that Haider got in the accident because of her and she will not go anywhere and leaves.
Shah Sahab is in the hospital when Bibi Jaan and Tabassu appa arrive and he explain everything to them.

Tahira’s is praying and when she finishes it her mother says that Allah has heard her prayers and Haider has regained consciousness, she asks as to how did she came to know of this to which she says that Shah Sahab called her father and explained everything to him.

Shella is standing and thinking of what Bibi Jaan said to him and thinks that she cannot take Haider’s life because she loves him, Ruquyya comes and asks him to pray to which Shella replies that even Allah doesnot listen to her and everyone thinks that she is responsible for this and it is because of her that everything happened.

Tahira is standing by the window and decides to call Hiader and after picking it up he asks for her name to which she gets amazed as he did not recognize him to which he says that he did not and after conformation says that he is alright and puts the phone down.

Bibi Jaan asks Ruqayya to give some money to their servant for Haider’s welfare and also warns her to stop pumpin Shella and make her stay away from Haider, she also yells at Shella to correct herself and also informs her that she will marry her as soon as Haider comes back, Shella asks her as to why is she doing this to which she says that she wants peace in this house and will not tolerate this.

Shella’s niee runs to her saying that Haider came home hearing this she runs to Haider and starts to say that she got very scared seeing this Bibi Jaan stops her and takes her out of the room forcefully, Hiader and Tabassum aapa both get very tensed as to what is happening.
Shah Sahab comes to the room when he greets Bibi jaan and after whoch she comes to sit with him and tries to conform and says that they should marry Shella as soon as possible. He says that he will forst confirm and then marry her.
Mansoor is with his father and very tensed about hs opponent to which Malik says that their opponent is a student of Shah Sahab and will take off his name even at the slightest order of Shah sahib to which Mansoor says that he should arrange for the marriage as soon as possible.
Shella comes into the Haider’s room at which he says that she should stop coming in to which she says that she will not as she loves him and will always love him even after he death, Shah Sahab is listening to this conversation, Haider says that they both must respect the decision of Baba Jaan as he has done a lot for the both of them and she must leave him as they both are to soon depart ways. Shah Sahab s listening to this and ask Allah to gant him more self-power.
Malik comes with his son and calls her wife saying that he has a good news and fixed the marriage with Shah Sahab’s son , she gets amazed as to why did Shah Sahab did not even come but his father says that his mother is not so intelligent and he must not give attention to her decisions and words.

Shella is sitting in her room when Bibi Jaan comes and says that she is to be married to Malik Mansoor but she doesnot listen. Shella gets tensed and comes to Haider’s room asking for his decision to which he says that she knows his decision after which she tries to take her life at which he calms her down and explains to her the matter.

He also says that they cannot destroy the reputation of the family after which he takes a promise from Shella that she will marry Mansoor and she is left speechless.

Bibi Jaan is sitting with Tabassum aapa and they are both looking at some jewellery when Ruquyya comes and ask s as to what she has to make in the dinner and also ask as to what is happening to which Bibi jaan says that they are marrying Shella and then she asks her to leave and prepare a food.

Malik’s mother is in the house preparing the things that she is about to give Shella when her son comes and asks her to what she is doing to which she says that she preparing these things for his wife and requests him to give her a different life then what his father gave her and he says that he will do what she wants and nothing more.
Tabassum aapa comes and tries to make Shella eat something but she is not to be moved and does not eat anything and when Tabassum aapa tries to make her drink milk she spills it on her clothes and so she leaves.

Haider is sitting when Tabassum aapa comes and tries to explain to him that he must try to explain to Shella that she must accept what is happening and not do anything which is wrong because the respect of this family and their father lies in his hands, Haider says that he understands this and will not do anything of the sort.

Hader takes food to Shella and tries ot make her eat food saying that everyone is tensed because of what she is doing and she must now eat food and then he leaves, Shella still does not touch the food and cries.

Haider is lying on his bed and is wondering when Tabassum aapa comes and says that Baba Jaan is alone at the moment and he must be with him but Haider does not move an inch.

Next Eposide: Malik Monsoor gets angry at Shella. Haider asks Baba Jaan to ask Manssor to divorce Shella to which she asks that of he divorced her then will he marry her to which he says that he will.

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