Sang e Marmar – Episode 2 8th September 2016 Written Update

Sang e Marmar – Episode 2 8th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on

The girls’s friend come to meet her friend, Saif’s wife insults her for being shameless but she in turn taunts her to marry a girl when she is getting shameless. In the room, she tells her friend that she took all the blame over herself because her sister in law must not have left her alone had they come to know it was here. Saif’s wife over hear this conversation from outside. The girls come to the friend’s house, she wants her to shut her eyes then unwraps a radio. She tells her that this has been a gift from her lover, then brings about a letter. The girl reads it, it was a confession of love. She recalls reading it by the river side, while Gohar stood on a bike nearby. The girl wonders if she has gone crazy, her friend replies he is crazy for her. He brought a gift for her in their first meeting, and it wasn’t even a meeting. The girl ends their friendship, her friend complains what justice is this that she has saved Gulistan Khan’s son’s letter since childhood, and if someone gifts her their relation is ended. The girl sat frustrated at night, trying to write something. She recalls their childhood, when she was struggling to catch fish near the river. Her mother called her from behind as Shireen. Aurang’s brother had come to take her along. Shireen was now crying badly, she gulps a glass of water trying to calm herself down. Her bhabi comes out asking what she is doing so late, she asks her to keep a jug nearby as unmarried girls never wander in open sky at night. Shireen jokes if a ghost would fall in love with her and take her along? Bhabi counters why she always think about love affairs, she never cared about them even after being married and asks Shireen to go home.

Gulistan was getting shave done, Gohar and his cousin sat with him outdoor discussing money matter. They inform him that Khair Ullah’s son denied returning their money. Gohar was ready to kill them, Gulistan scolds him as cowards kill for money, he know already what has to be done to get his money back.

Shireen’s friend was calling her from over the roof; Bhabi interrupts what the matter is. She asks her about a maths question. Bhabi didn’t understand, Shireen then came there arguing it’s her Islamiat paper. Her friend was helpless and tells her that she has her maths paper, now Shireen must come to her place.

Mullah ji stops Gulistan wondering where he is going. Gulistan says Khair Ullah’s sons buried him without paying his debts, now he is heading towards the graveyard.

Shireen asks her friend if this is her exam preparation. The friend explains she arranged for the cells with much difficulty. They play the music that was loud, Shireen asks her to keep the volume slow. They enjoy the music together.

Mullah comes to warn Khair Ullah’s sons that they will soon be disgraced that Gulistan received the debt of Khair Ullah by disgracing his debt body. In the graveyard, Gulistan goes to Baraan Khan’s grave, he shuts his eyes and was afraid to see his father’s feet moving in the grave. Khair Ullah’s son come to request them not to disgrace their father’s dead body, he will return the money and will apologize Shafi Ullah as well. Tora asks him to close his father’s grave now, he has been saved from pigs now he might not get disgraced by dogs. Khair Ullah asks who is the pig, if Gulistan or Tora? Tora replies he has never understood the difference between pig and lion.

Shireen and friend were sitting on the river side. The friend was playful with the thoughts of love. Shireen wonders if her lover was somewhere around, and complains that love has turned her shameless. Her friend says even Adam loved Hawa, it’s not a bad thing. They hear a car’s engine; Mullah calls from upstairs that madrassah students are coming, girls must leave. Her friend was sure that her lover would come here for sure. Gohar followed the girls; Shireen was in disbelief that he is following them but could see his face. She forbids her friend turn around or point anything towards her. Shireen walks further while the friend stays. Gohar throw a letter towards her and run backward.

At home, she reads the letter to Shireen. He had discussed that he dreamt during a nap after prayers that she is there with him on the motor cycle, she has henna over her hands and they are shopping in the market. Shireen takes a letter and reads further that he inquires about it from Mullah who gave him hope of marriage soon. She suggests that this boy isn’t a wanderer and must be pious.

There, Gohar sat in the cock fight, while Mullah cursed him to be non-serious.

There, Shireen reads that he would wait for her near a black mountain venue friend was thankful that someone loves her as well. Shireen calls her crazy as her life would be endangered. Her friend shares that there is a proposal for her by her brother’s friend, who is 50 years old and has two daughters of her age. He is ready to pay 5 lacs, Shireen inquires what her brother replied. She tells Shireen he demanded 10 lac.

Gohar was sitting with mates, and discuss the girl has taken his gift home. Now he would take the cost of it as per his need. His friends wonder how he get the courage to get into another village behind a girl, Gohar boasts his mother feed him with this courage. He takes his gun from the bag, the music begins to play.

Aurang was sitting alone, when his amma joins him. He says he has been thinking about Bhabi, Ammi assures that Shafi Ullah takes a lot of care for him. Aurang says she isn’t fine, Ammi thinks she might have got black magic. Aurang insists she isn’t well, why can’t Shafi Ullah take her to city and get her inspected by a good daughter. Ammi leave inside laughing. When Shafi’s wife was done with prayer he asks why she doesn’t ask Shafi to get her inspected by a doctor. She replies that she is fine, she just had fever for last two days and has weakness. Aurang insists she isn’t well, she hasn’t been able to pray properly. She asks him to speak to his brother by himself, she doesn’t have such energy and he must not mention her name in front of Shafi.

Tora was laying under a tree, while the man whom he had saved in the farm was massaging his legs. He complains about Gohar, and tells him that Gohar is behind a girl and is wandering in the neighbor village. Tora bribes him to get complete news to him.

NEXT EPISODE: Aurang asks Gulistan to let him get her to doctor, she denies to be ill in front of Gulistan. There, Shafi says whoever went to city for treatment never return alive. Bano warns her sister in law to stay away from Aurang. Bhabi watches Shireen and her friend leave late at night.

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