Tum Kon Piya – Episode 24 7th September 2016 Written Update

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 24 7th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Neha sat with Tamkinat and says she is much better than before, she rubs the cream and help her move her hands a bit. She appreciates that it has really gone well. Nisar comes to meet her, Neha offers Muzaffar and Nisaar chairs. Muzaffar appreciates Neha’s presence; he never knew Waqar Ali’s daughter will come as their daughter.

Zarbab gives the bad news to Arif; Arif wonders how it happened so suddenly. Zarbab calls it really difficult, he asks Arif for his support. Arif questions how he must support, he is newly married and whatever he and Rania earn is spent; they have no savings. Zarbab accepts that he understands. He and Elma found a way, to sale this house. Arif stands up in rage, wondering how he dare think about selling this house. Zarbab was offensive he has nothing to get ammi treated. Arif shouts there is no need to get Sharafat treated and spend so much over her, she is already old and won’t live enough even after treated. He wants his share in the property anyway. Sharafat hears this, she disowns Arif and disinherit him from her property, as this house is named after him. She curses him to be selfish and greedy, he must get away as she can’t look at his face. Arif says she only see this love from Zarbab and Elma because of greed of this house. He is hated only because he speaks the truth. Sharafat asks what’s good in speaking such truth that hurts a mother’s heart. She curses that Arif may never forget till his last breathe, what he did to his mother. She prays that he gets all her curses. Arif leaves home. Sharafat get on the chair, while Elma and Zarbab support her.

Ramish meets Nisar, he asks about Sumbal. Nisar tells him that Sumbal is still in London, she is mostly upset. He complains Ramish to have taken her daughter away from her life, her happiness and him. He didn’t leave her worth anyone, she wasn’t this way before. Muzaffar was ashamed, Nisar says he only wants her daughter smiling; he has nothing to do with apologies. He leave, Neha hears this silently.

Elma asks Sharafat not to hurt herself more by thinking about it. Sharafat shares that Arif has hurt her, she is worried what if something bad happens to him. Elma tells her that she must pray for him. Sharafat requests her to call her Sobia, Elma says its her last month, she can’t travel right now. Sharafat was upset if she would die without meeting her child. Elma forbids her speak this, it hurts her. Sharafat says she now realizes Elma, her father must be in pain just to have a glance of Elma; and must have taken her desire as a wish. Elma breaks into tears at this. At night, Sharafat makes Elma sit with her, she warns Elma against Javeria. She must try not to let her come close to Zarbab, they must stay away from each other. Elma asks what she can do, Sharafat urges that she can do a lot. She is beautiful, young, loyal and trustworthy, what else a man wants. Elma says may be a man can only realize what else he needs. Sharafat calls Elma to be precious, she urges her to fight for her right, no matter what she has to do. Elma says no one can know her better than her, she can’t even ask for her right and gives medicine to Sharafat.

On the sea view, Javeria congratulates Zarbab for getting a good job. She asks if Elma was annoyed at him about his joblessness, Zarbab tells her that Elma is really supportive. Javeria suggests Elma hasn’t proved to be lucky for him, he spends much better time with her. Zarbab agrees he get a let out from his depression. Javeria wonders what would have been wrong if they were married.

Sharafat speaks to Sobia on phone, she has no greed about her life, but she wants to spend some more time with her children. Sobia was helpless, and consider it a punishment for what they did to Elma. Sharafat cries over phone, asking her to come back some way. Sobia assures to talk to Furqan, doctors might allow them to come back. Sharafat comes to Elma in the corridor and hugs her; asking for forgiveness. Elma asks her to forget about what happened before. Sharafat says she now realizes she didn’t do well to her, she never looked at her like a daughter. She treated her just like a woman treats her husband’s second wife. Elma tells Sharafat she has always respected her like a mother, and since Afnan has come to her life, she wants nothing else. They hug each other, Elma cries while Sharafat blesses her.

There, Ramish comes to Neha asking why is she sitting outside, its cold. Neha wanted to speak to Ramish, he takes her in the sitting area. Neha asks Ramish to get married, everyone is aware that he liked Elma. Everyone feels an anger over her and her sisters just because of this. He must bring Sumbal back in his life. Ramish says he doesn’t want to bring Sumbal here to give an impression that he wants her for his family. Neha takes the responsibility of Muzaffar and Tamkinat; he must only tell Sumbal he needs her. Ramish promises to speak to her.

At home, Arif and Rania were discussing about their project. Arif shares that Sharafat is angry at him and has deterred to disown him. Rania urges Arif to take some step; if his mother dies his brother won’t share anything with him.

At home, Zarbab brings Sharafat home. Elma was concerned; Zarbab says doctors want them to shift Sharafat to hospital. Sharafat doesn’t want to go to hospital and breathe her last at her home. he has already done a lot for her. Elma insists that doctors consider it important that she must get admitted to hospital. Sharafat understands their monetary conditions. Elma assures when she will be fine, everything will get fine. Sharafat boasts about her choice for Zarbab’s life, Javeria isn’t close to dust of Elma’s shoes. He is lucky to have Elma as his life partner. Elma makes her comfortable with cushions. Sharafat says she had heard that to improve her old age she must take her son away from her daughter in law, his love for his wife fades mother’s love. She tried a lot that her love doesn’t fade, but Allah showed her that the old age, for which she kept savings, for which she didn’t let them get close, isn’t in her fate. She apologizes them. Elma cries hugging Sharafat. In the room, Zarbab was tensed and shares with Elma how he must arrange a huge amount. Elma says they have no option but to sale this house. The phone bell rings, it was Arif. Arif asks about Sharafat’s health, Zarbab informs him about doctor’s demand to her admission in hospital. Arif asks what has he thought, Zarbab complains he has to think whatever it is about. Arif demands Zarbab his share in the house, and with their share they can get Sharafat treated. Zarbab says alright, he must sell their house. They can live on foot path, but would get their mother treated. Arif thanks Zarbab, who was curt towards Arif’s selfishness. Elma asks Zarbab if she can sleep with Sharafat, she is unwell. She asks him to take care of Afnan and inform her if something needed.

In the room, Sharafat was crying in pain and calls Elma. She hurries towards her, worried and brings pain killers for her. Sharafat says she is really ashamed of Elma, Elma sits beside her to massage her hair.

Ramish says its been long that Sumbal is gone. Sumbal confirms if he really wants her back, Ramish says really, he feels her absence and needs a friend. Sumbal was happy as real emotions are very powerful. She asks if he loves her, he was silent about it. She says its fine, there would be a day when he will start loving her too.

Arif brings property dealers for selling the house. They inspect the house well. Arif comes to Sharafat and assures he got this house sold in good amount; she will now be treated well. Zarbab sat upset that one can’t get a mother again. Sharafat advices Arif to remember this. Arif leaves, asking Zarbab to hand this house to the new owners this week.

The next day, Zarbab and Sharafat sat tensed on the dining table. He asks Elma to pack the luggage, he would return home early. Elma wonders where they would go, Zarbab says he would look for some rental house. He will help her with packing as well. Elma offers Sharafat with something to eat.

NEXT EPISODE: Javeria was clear with Zarbab that she isn’t doing a time pass with him, Zarbab says second marriage was never discussed between them. Javeria leaves the restaurant. Ramish watches this as he was also in the same restaurant. Arif misbehaves with Ramish in the house.

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