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At Mannu’s home, Ammi tells Salahuddin what Mannu said, that she would lose him right after getting him. Salahuddin wonders why she left him because of him. Ammi tells him she is thinking about going to university Salahuddin wonders what has got in her mind that she can hurt him. Salahuddin says she was fine before surgery; she likes him but why is she leaving him for himself. Ammi forbids him tell Mannu about it, Mannu heard this last sentence from behind.

There, Saleha comes to ask Ammi what he replied. Mannu comes there, Saleha says she was gathering the toys. The ladies negated her idea about studying, as she would get everything without studying. Mannu notices their restlessness.

Mannu comes to Javed Sahib’s room, he welcomes her into his room. Mannu wants to speak to him about admission, she thinks as if all her family has turned to her enemy, they consider only marriage is a solution to all the problems. Abba inquires which college she wants to read. Mannu wants to live in some hostel, where Tania and Tipu can also live with her. If this time he would let her take her own decision, she will never turn his hopes down.
Salahuddin sat beside the pool upset, murmuring that she had promised not to leave him. He tries to recall what happened. He wonders what the matter is, she promised that she will live with him, trust him and be with him; then recalls her last words that she will keep even her cursed shadow away from him and hurries calling his mother inside.

At Mannu’s home, Durdana and Shahid say they were unaware Mannu is here. Durdana finally inquires what they thought about Salahuddin and Mannu’s proposal. Javed Sahib explains they might not be able to fix this proposal. Salahuddin asks if Mannu said something, Javed Sahib replies she has been through a catastrophe. It isn’t appropriate right now; he might meet Mannu later. Salahuddin agrees, he is ready to wait and takes his parents along. Outside, Bia watches Salahuddin lost. He looks up towards the roof, recalling once Mannu stood there, she had left her house for him. Bia tells Salahuddin that ammi abbu are waiting.

At home, Durdana and Shahid were angry at their insult. They wonder why are Mannu’s parents still so proud, and accuses Bia to be responsible as Salahuddin is no less of any girls. Salahuddin wasn’t ready to leave her, repeating the mistake he committed before. Shahid sahib wonders till when he would wait, everything suits in its right time. Salahuddin leaves.

Salahuddin comes to college to meet Minahil Javed. He sat outside on a bench waiting for her, bribed the guard to inform him if Mannu comes. He returns home, Durdana wonders till when he would look for her. Salahuddin replies till he meets here, there is something he is missing, which he is unaware of. He walks to the room, thinking she took his promise that he must meet her daily, but didn’t come to meet him even for once. He comes to his window and watches Mannu sitting beside swimming pool. He keeps a hand over her shoulder, she stares at him, and smiles. Salahuddin wakes up from his sleep, and realizes it was a dream.

Mannu comes to the college, Salahuddin finally reached there, looking around for Mannu.

Mannu reaches home and calls the caretaker to send her children home. She was shocked to see Salahuddin standing in front and shuts herself inside. He stood outside, requesting to listen to him once. Mannu hears his knock, recalling once she had knocked this door like this. Salahuddin asks if she thinks he would die if she stays with him, he complains he hasn’t been able to live when she is away. It seems as if her lover has died. Mannu recalls he had been strict in the past and told her to leave his house. She tells him to leave. Salahuddin still knocked at the door, pleading her to forgive him, she is a life for him, and dragged him out of his grave. Mannu reminds when he didn’t open the door, when she brought Mikaeel to meet him for the first time he had turned his face over; if he has come to return her moments of her life; what he got to return. Salahuddin was ready to repent, to pay all those moments with interest. He asks Mannu to open the door, else he might die without any poison today. Mannu was worried this time, then finally unlocks the door. Salahuddin says had she not open the door, he would have really died. Mannu hugs Salahuddin.

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