Udaari – Episode 22 4th September 2016 Written Update

Udaari – Episode 22 4th September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Arsh inquires Imtiaz what he works, Imtiaz says he works for a famous person Malik Iftikhar. Arsh asks what he worked at the time of incident, Imtiaz tells them that he had a mobile shop. Arsh asks Imtiaz about his visits to Dubai, Imtiaz says he owned a taxi there. Arsh points that he frequently travelled between Pakistan and Dubai, he would have earned good; then why he started living in the village. The prosecution lawyer objected this time that was sustained. Arsh asks Imtiaz about his behavior with Zebo, Imtiaz says she was his daughter, he bought her food and loved her just like a daughter. He swears he never beat Zebo. Arsh asks if he even didn’t harass Zebo using a matchstick or a knife? The prosecutor objects, it was overruled. Arsh insists that Imtiaz has harassed Zebo a number of times and even deterred that he would kill Zebo and his mother. The objection for pressurizing Imtiaz was sustained. Arsh was done.

In the corridor, Imtiaz warns his lawyer Rana and not to take him easy. Rana assures Imtiaz that Arsh has no experience yet, they need not worry.

In the office, Arsh informs Muneera that he didn’t let Imtiaz judge they are taking Zebo’s rape case there. Muneera tells them that Dr. Rabia Rizvi reminded about Zebo and even her condition, she also found the medical prescription. She assures Arsh about using her sourses to get the medical report from police surgeon as well. Arsh warns Meera and Muneera that they shouldn’t discuss the matter to anyone, else Imtiaz might use his political influence to get the report removed from records. Muneera informs them about hiring a therapist for Meera as well, so that she get the courage to face the public and narrate her story. She then appreciates Meera’s efforts about taking Zebo to hospital at the right time.

The inspecting officer was being witnessed at the court. The medical reports presented the knife with thumb prints of Sajida, her clothes and the cloth that was used as a cover to throw them in a nearby dumb. Arsh defends if the inspector is sure there was nothing else in this bag, and repeats the question thrice. He was sure the case property wasn’t submitted in the court with complete honesty. The police inspector vows, Arsh had nothing else to ask.

The prosecutor demands the court to punish Sajida as she attempted to murder his client Imtiaz. Imtiaz had married her to protect her and her daughter. Arsh then stands up defending that all the accusations over his client are fake, this case was investigated with partiality from police, a number of factors involved in the case were unveiled. He requests the court to present some important witnesses the next time. The prosecution objects, but the court allows defense to bring their complete evidence and witnesses.

Imtiaz stood in the corridor when Raja sahib walks out. He stops Rana Sahib complaining what this matter is all about. Rana was sure defence has no witness; they are only dragging the case. Imtiaz reminds him of paying him with heavy fees, he only needs his work done in time.
In the car, Arsh gets Muneera’s call. Muneera gives her good news that police surgeon called them. Arsh was hopeful that they got the medical report. Muneera was going to hospital with Zebo and invites Arsh over there. The doctor finds Zebo’s report which is handed over to Arsh.
At the next hearing, the judge asks the defence to present the witnesses. Arsh takes permission to present a witness, who is the only daughter of Sajida, Zebo. Sajida was shocked. The judge calls Zebo to witness box. There, Zebo tells Ejaz that she is not nervous at all. She was called in the court, and as she walks to the witness box she assures herself that she won’t be a victim but a survivor, she is strong and will revenge her culprit. Sajida asks Zebo to return, the judge calls Zebo in the witness box. Sajida forbids Zebo, judge orders her to stay silent. She takes a vow to speak the truth here. Ejaz joins Iqbal in the court room. Sajida shouts at her again. The judge asks Arsh to take her witness, he asks Zebo’s name. Zebo replies Zebu un Nisa. She narrates the story, she and Sajida lived in the village and after her father’s death Sajida cooked at someone’s house. She married Imtiaz over his proposal, but Imtiaz kept an eye over her after a few months. The prosecution objected, but it was over ruled. Arsh asks about Zebo’s age, Zebo says she was ten. She never shared anything with Sajida as she was a child but she always disliked Imtiaz’s touch. He used to buy her chocolates and other eatables. Arsh inquires further, Zebo says Imtiaz raped her that day. Arsh asks if he used to hit her. Zebo says he deterred her to kill her if she share this with anyone. Arsh inquires if Sajida was aware, Zebo says a few days later Sajida came to realize Imtiaz’s behavior, she left her job and stayed at home with her. Imtiaz stopped giving her any money, so that Sajida needs money and join her job again. He used to beat Sajida at home and harass her as well.

There, Muneera speaks in a meeting that they need to support Zebo and Sajida. She vows that they at Kashf will start a campaign in favor of Sajida and Zebo and against Imtiaz, they will use print media, social media as well. Meera will involve her fans using star power. When the whole public will be against Imtiaz, his political support will be helpless.

Arsh asks Zebo about the whole situation that day. Zebo says she and Sajida were hungry, and Imtiaz returned home. Arsh narrates Imtiaz’s story. Zebo denies, saying Imtiaz lied in the court. She already told the court, that Sajida had already left the job. Arsh asks what happened that night. Zebo says Imtiaz beat Sajida, he clarified that he didn’t fear Sajida and will rape her again n front of Sajida. He dragged Sajdia and locked her in another room, who kept pleading. He raped her the second time that night, and beat her badly; slapped her face, punched her with fist. The prosecutor objects, that was again over ruled. Arsh inquires clearly from Zebo, prosecutor objects that this is a false witness. He requests the court to allow that this is to distract the court. Imtiaz loved Zebo as a father, Zebo insists that she prays no father ever loves his daughter the way Imtiaz did.

Arsh presents Zebo’s FIR against Imtiaz where he was nominated for rape against Zebo.

Meera assures Muneera to speak about this case on twitter and social media. She then asks her organizer to conduct a press conference today. They can’t let Imtiaz get a single chance; specially his relation to Malik Iftikhar. Imtiaz should be introduced as Malik Iftikhar’s special worker. If Malik’s reputation is ruined he would hold his support from Imtiaz. A rapist and peadophile specially doesn’t deserve any leniency.

Imtiaz was restless, while the prosecution considers the FIR to be counter and filed yesterday. There was no such offence. The prosecution demands what is the evidence that Zebo was raped on 21st April. He presents the medical report, the medico-legal report shows the real date of the rape. This case was partially investigated by the police. The investigation officer must be inquired again, if the bag didn’t contain Zebo’s torn clothes, or bleeding shirt; the pillow cover that Imtiaz stuffed in Zebo’s mouth or the stoller that was snatched off her neck at the time of rape. Imtiaz leaves the court, hiding his face outside.

NEXT EPISODE: The judge orders for Imtiaz’s imprisonment. The SSP instructs his team to arrest Imtiaz in next twenty four hours. Sajida was angry at Zebo from behind the bars. Imtiaz was arrested by the police.

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