Dil Lagi – Episode 24 3rd September 2016 Written Update

Dil Lagi – Episode 24 3rd September 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Amma tells Mohid and Sabeeha that they will go tonight, with the whole baraat to bring Anmol back home. Mohid asks if baraat after two months of marriage, Amma asks if that was a wedding; now she will fulfill all her wishes.

There, Mishaal asks Anmol why doesn’t she let anyone live in peace. If she didn’t have to stay there, why she even go there. She always hurt Mohid, and is troubling Ammi as well. Ammi comes from behind to tell Mishaal get to work, she informs that Mohid’s mother called, they are coming tonight. Anmol forbids them come, she isn’t ready to do what they want to. Mishaal was angry at Anmol, Ammi was hopeful of her daughter’s Rukhsati. She tells Mishaal to call some guests and ask Dastgheer get whatever she wants. Anmol asks what is happening; Ammi tells her that Mohid is bringing her Baraat today as per desire of every mother. Anmol smiles, then cries hugging Ammi.

Dastgheer was singing, ‘Aaj mere yaar ki shaadi hai’. He then asks Mohid to talk about him as well. Sabeeha comes excited to go to Anmol’s place with her bridal dress and jewelry. Mohid was ready to take Sabeeha, but Sabeeha forbids as he will only go to her home on the horse. Mohid smiles after they have left.

Dastgheer was making arrangements at home, and assures Ammi that he will take care after all the arrangements. Mishaal comes there and informs that she is calling her friends for dholki. Dastgheer was ready to beat the drum as he knows. In the evening, Mishaal watches Dastgheer singing with the girls and smiles calling him crazy.

Anmol smiles looking at her bridal dress. She gets Mohid’s call, and asks yes. She then qualifies he must never think she can’t slap him; she was just reluctant to hit him in front of others. Mohid says she has already killed him, has a right to do it twice. He asks if she isn’t afraid that he can revenge her. Anmol allows, but keep a condition that he must not count them. He asks if it’s her heartbeat that he can here, Anmol smiles it’s his heartbeat. Mohid sadly says his heart has forgotten beating; it is just waiting for her. Anmol asks him to come take her soon.
Dastgheer comes out, Mishaal says he didn’t look good sitting with girls, what her friends would think. Dastgheer informs her that Mohid promised about talking to her mother for their proposal tonight.

Mohid watches the room, decorated in flowers. There, Mishaal kiss Anmol after making her up as a bride. Ammi insists on Mohid to get on the horse, everyone urges her to sit on horse that he denied. They get in the car, while Dastgheer dances along. The girls hurry hearing the drum beatings, Anmol also hurries outside. Mishaal warns this is a bad omen, but Anmol insists that she not only saw her first baraat but went for it by herself. She rushes to the roof to see the fireworks. Dastgheer had been dancing passionately, Anmol shy away. They all bring Mohid out of the car, Mishaal smiles complimenting him as a prince. Mohid finally dances, and looks upwards to see Anmol waiting.

All of a sudden they all hear a bullet shot. Everyone was shocked; some goons flee in the car. Anmol hurries downstairs while everyone had gathered around as crowd. Mohid lay with a bullet shot on chest. Anmol stood there, shocked. Mohid looked at her while her vision got lost.
Amma cried as Dastgheer drove towards the hospital.

Anmol sat on the floor, touching Mohid’s shed blood. Amma and Mishaal holds her inside while she wasn’t in her senses.

In the hospital, doctors take Mohid to Operation Theater. Anmol’s ammi arrive there, watching Sabeeha and Amma cry. Kifayat Ali slaps his man that he must not be saved. His goon replies that he won’t be saved, his condition is really delicate. Kifayat Ali was worried that an injured lion is more dangerous.

Mohid was being operated, while he only thought about Anmol. In the corridor, Amma cries and insists on Dastgheer that he only wants to look at her son for once. Ammi tries to console her and Sabeeha and be patient. She asks them to pray, as this is what Mohid needs the most. Police arrives to investigate, Dastgheer goes along them.

He informs the police that there is no family enmity, he is sure this has been done by Kifayat Ali. He had fired an F.I.R against Kifayat Ali but no action was taken. The police inspector takes Dastgheer to get the record of F.I.R.

Mohid’s operation had been completed. Mishaal asks Anmol to go to hospital, Anmol sat lost. Mishaal cries beside her, while she didn’t listen.

Everyone was crying outside, Fazal advices Sabeeha that it isn’t good for her to cry a lot. The doctors inform them that the operation has been completed, but they can’t say anything until he gets conscious.

Mishaal opens the door for Ammi, Ammi says operation has been done. She tells Mishaal he is still unconscious, no one can meet him in ICU and doctors aren’t much hopeful. She cries. Mishaal asks to meet him, Ammi promises to go there and inquires about Anmol.

Anmol sat in the room, still lost and motionlessly staring outside in her bridal attire. Ammi asks her to go to Mohid. Anmol insists he would come by himself this time. Ammi says he fulfilled his promise, but right now Zulekha and Sabeeha need her. Anmol insists that this time he will come by himself. Ammi cries and asks her to understand, cry and pray to Allah for his life right now. Anmol replies she doesn’t want to plead or cry, this way Mohid would feel she isn’t happy. She is happy, why she should cry. She finally breaks into cry, but walks away Mishaal consoles Ammi to let her go and lighten her heart.

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