Tum Kon Piya – Episode 23 31st August 2016 Written Update

Tum Kon Piya – Episode 23 31st August 2016 Written Episode, Pakistani Dramas Written Update on TheDramasUpdates.com

Ramish comes to inform Neha that Aafan is being handed to parents today and asks her to come to hospital. Neha was packing her bags. Ramish asks what this is. Neha says he had allowed her to check alternate options, Ramish takes her along forbidding her to discuss it with Neha, they will speak later about it. They were leaving, Tamkinat sat down holding her head as she had severe head ache. Neha asks if she should give her a head massage, if she likes it. She stays with Tamkinat at home, and takes her to the room.

Zarbab was thankful to Ramish, Ramish asks him to take care of Aafan and Elma. They leave for home. Ramish gets Neha’s call near the car, who was worried and calls him home soon at Tamkinat isn’t well. Ramish hurries towards home. He brings Tamkinat to hospital where doctor informs him about her situation.

Aafan was crying, Elma was worried about him. She takes some money from the drawer, recalling Zarbab had thanked her once for giving him all her savings, she had bought him today. Elma hurries outside and get the milk bought.

Ramish was upset that Tamkinat can no more move her left hand and leg, she needs physiotherapy and an all time nurse as well. Neha hears Muzaffar say to Ramish he wish they had a daughter who could take care of her mother. Neha comes to assure Muzaffar she will take care of Tamkinat just like a daughter does. Muzaffar smiles watching her.

Zarbab comes to the room and asks Elma if she got milk for Aafan. Elma says she did, she had a bit of money but have ended now. Zarbab felt helpless, and afraid of future. Elma takes him to have dinner, but he wasn’t hungry. He asks Elma to speak to Ramish, may be he can get him a job. Elma tells him that Neha told her Ramish’s mother is really unwell. Zarbab asks why can’t they go to inquire about her help, Elma qualifies Zarbab has really been upset. Zarbab holds her hand blissfully as she takes care of him. He promises to go to inquire about Tamkinat’s health.

Arif asks Sharafat where they have gone, Sharafat tells him they went to Ramish’s home as his mother is ill. Arif taunts at such moments, people must wander around people like Ramish Hassan. Sharafat says he is Elma’s cousin. Arif smirks tauntingly. Sharafat curtly tells Arif that Zarbab is a child whom parents are blessed to get. Arif curtly says he is well aware he can’t be compared to Zarbab at all. Sharafat replies that no one can compare her Elma as well, she isn’t like his English speaking wife. Arif tells Sharafat that Zarbab and Elma will push her out of this house someday. Sharafat responds she doesn’t expect Arif to keep her at their place that day.

Elma comes to Ramish’s house, he was coming downstairs and greets Elma saying he liked watching her here, then inquires about Aafan. Elma says they came to meet Tamkinat. Neha was helping Tamkinat in moving her hands when Elma and Zarbab come in. Elma comes inside and sits beside Tamkinat. She assures Tamkinat that she will soon get well. Tamkinat get weepy as if repenting. Elma wipes her tears.

Sharafat sat alone upset about Arif’s curt words. She suddenly feels nauseatic, her head banging badly. She thinks a person only remember Allah when he bears the brunt of situations. She only thought about someone else’s child when her own children went away from her, Sobia is so far away and she can’t believe Arif is her own child. She now wonders if she has hurt someone else’s child. She comes to sit outside in the terrace, and felt pain. She calls Elma’s name weakly, then thinks the first name that comes to ones mouth in pain is their biggest support. She never considered she is someone else’s child. She calls Elma’s name in severe pain.
Elma advices Neha to take care of Tamkinat, as Ramish took care of Waqar when he was ill. Neha was determined to take care of Tamkinat, she never got time with her mother and Baba left really soon. She will take care of Tamkinat without any greed. Muzaffar hears this converstation. Elma took a leave, when Muzaffar blesses them saying they made him realize Waqar Ali was his own blood. Elma leaves smiling.
At night, Elma walks inside the house and was shocked finding Sharafat fallen on the bed. She was worried and calls Zarbab. He goes to get taxi, and then was worried for Sharafat. Elma assures she will arrange all the money; he must just take her to hospital.

They bring Sharafat back home. Elma makes her bed and drapes her into the quilt. She then inquires Zarbab what doctors said, what they must give her as food. Zarbab tells her they suggested a few tests, and asks her to give bread to her. She asks if he got money, Zarbab tells him Ramish sent him through driver. Elma tells him that it was Neha’s money; they will return her when he get a job. Zarbab says his father brought you sisters really well. Elma goes to get some food.

The next morning, the physiotherapist instructs Neha about a few steps. she tries a few in front of the doctor. The doctor was hopeful that the more she works with exercises, greater are her chances to get well. Rania was fixing a meeting with their business developers. She tells Arif that this work is really profitable. Arif tells Rania that there is really a huge risk in this work; he hasn’t ever seen a crore. Rania was confident about her skills. She forbids him say anything in tomorrow’s meeting.

Neha comes to Ramish with a tea cup. He asks why she is doing this all, he never want to burdenize her. Neha tells Ramish she decided to leave when she couldn’t find a reason to stay here, but when she got a reason she realized love turns a person really powerful, one gets a reason to live with love. Without love, one is like a tree without fruits. Ramish asks where she learnt all this, Neha says Baba taught her. Ramish recalls him as a loving person. Neha asks him for a work, to get their house sold. Ramish was shocked, that house contains memories of their father, they really have an emotional attachment with that house. Neha shares that Zarbab is jobless, and Elma is in financial strains, what if they should give Elma’s share to her. Ramish was sure to do something about Zarbab’s job.

Elma insists on Sharafat to eat a bit of porridge, then sits to feed her with her own hands. Zarbab peeks from outside to call Elma, she nods and keeps the porridge with Sharafat. In the terrace, Zarbab stood lost; he tells Elma that Sharafat’s reports aren’t clear. She must be further tested. He was tensed, as doctors’ fear about… Sharafat comes outside and asks what the doctors are saying. Zarbab denies any serious thing, doctors only wants a detailed reports of her tests. He sends her inside with Sharafat, assuring nothing is wrong.

Zarbab sat lost, Elma asks him to be courageous. Zarbab wonders where he must bring all the money. Zarbab felt helpless, where he would get this money; does she know how expensive is cancer’s treatment and painful too. Elma allows him to sell her jewelry; Zarbab says he would have to sell everything. He was worried how Sharafat will get treated, where he would work with household. Elma says they can even sell this house; Sharafat’s life is the most important right now. They can live in a rented house as well. Sharafat stood outside, recalling all of her behavior with Elma.

Neha was shocked to hear the news. Elma says it is in advancing stage, they couldn’t get it diagnosed it earlier. Neha tells Elma that she has spoken to Ramish about Zarbab’s job. Elma says Zarbab got an interview call, then forbids Neha discuss the matter with Ramish. She hangs up when Aafan has woken up. Elma was in Sharafat’s room, Zarbab comes home to give them a good news about his job. Sharafat blesses Zarbab to get a lot of success in life. Arif comes home, and taunts if this job is a blessing of Ramish or a result of Sharafat’s prayers. Zarbab asks him to take some blessings from Sharafat as well, may be his luck also gets shining.

NEXT EPISODE: Arif asks what the need to spend on Sharafat’s treatment is, they can’t bear the expenses of liver cancer and how much Sharafat will live now even after getting treated. He shouts that no matter what, if they will sell this house he needs his share.

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